Blood Donation | Health Benefits Of Blood Donation

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George Allen oh my geebus boom boom boom boom stopped watching George thank you for your comment but who’s Jesus and why
boom boom boom stopped watching please let me know if anyone understands this
code language let me know – please gameplay gaming question I asked someone
this before but it weren’t sure I was wondering if you could reduce your blood
pressure by donating blood gameplay gaming thank you for your
question this is a really interesting question I did read some research not
long ago about a study similar to this that they were testing blood pressure on
people are donating blood and it showed they did drop their blood pressure low
but it’s one of these studies that needs more studies and research into it to
actually prove it because there’s so many different contribution factors that
could have affected the blood pressure so for instance the patients might have
had white coat syndrome which might have increased a blood pressure so more
research neither there’s also research showing that donating blood reduces the
risk of heart disease but again more research is needed on this to actually
prove that so in terms of those blood pressure I mean so it does donating
blood reduce your blood pressure I can’t really answer it the only way to
actually sort of tell if it does that for you is by donating blood by doing a
great thing that donating blood if you’re eligible to and also measuring
your blood pressure with time and seeing if there is a change or a drop in it
RORO olive oil may replace salt in food for people with high blood pressure oh
thank you me comment but really olive oil salt I’ve never had olive oil that
solid maybe you like I have to add like everyone sometimes but never salty what
brand new use let us know in the comment below and if anyone else thinks olive
oil is sort it please let me know maybe it’s my tastebuds
Tony Stark very informative video I do have a question though what happens if
you use both the eye ointment and eye drops but do not wait for five minutes
to pass before applying the other Tony Stark thank you for your comment
although I do think you should know the answer to this because Tony Stark is
Iron Man and he pretty much knows everything with the computer thing that
tells him everything so the reason that you don’t use an eye drop with an eye
drop at the same time you leave five minutes for an eye drop joint Minh is
because the eye can only hold a certain amount of liquid so if I was a point I
drop in now and then I put another eye drop straight away it’s all gonna drip
out and it’s gonna be a waste of your eye drops that I’m really gonna work
properly and so which is why we say wait five minutes let that one absorb and
then the volume of the liquid in the eye wall
as well and then you can add another I drop in also it’s important is life
using an eye open first use the drop wait five minutes then use the ointment
don’t do it the other way around because IOM it’s a very thick and greasy and
take longer to absorb so I hope that helps and I hope you continue to save
the world I’m looking forward to the New Avengers movie Karen would always
worried about washing it all just keep getting new ones from now on washing and
saving resources thanks for that Karen thank you view comment this this guy
made me smile this is only how to use a space the device video that I made and I
discuss on how to clean your space device properly because there is actual
proper way of doing this and it’s great to read because you don’t need to
replace your space device every week or every month you can keep it for about
six months to a year as long as it’s not damaged and then replace it so just make
sure you’re looking after it and then replace it but I love reading these sort
of comments it makes me feel good that the videos make a big impact in a big
change and also it saves on plastic too so thank you Peter Baine just one thing
I was told rinse your mouth out with water and don’t forget to spit at our
steroids can cause rush of the esophagus but good video thanks Peter Baine thank
you for your comment you stir it inhale this cause oral thrush yes they do how
do you reduce the risk yet you can do what you said or what I always advise
patients do it’s a user inhaler before they brush their teeth so use your
steroid inhaler before you brush your teeth and then brush it nicely and clean
the tongue as well and that helps reduce the risk if you are using a spacer
device however that risk is pretty much eliminated but it’s still good practice
to brush your teeth and wash your mouth out after using it and that’s the end of
this week’s episode thank you for all the comments and really enjoying this
interaction that we’ve got going on on YouTube we’re getting over 2,000
comments per month so if I’ve missed you a question or didn’t get back to you
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29 thoughts on “Blood Donation | Health Benefits Of Blood Donation

  1. Yay early squad. Very nice to see how your addressing major health concerns. I also like how you base your advice based on research findings. #Sciencebasedmedicine. #Evidencebasedmedicine.

  2. How does a fan get a chance to meet You? Im going on holiday to London on the 20th and youre one of my favourite youtubers 😊

  3. Great video Abraham! Just curious, do you ever get recognized by people who know you from your channel when you're in a shop or walking down the streets? Maybe even screaming woman…😜😄

  4. 🤔 alternatives to getting teeth white without getting them done by dentist? & Does coffee makes your teeth yellow?? 🙄

  5. This is the Best one😍😍 Also that I m a blood donor too😘✌️👍👍 O +ve❤️….thanks alot dear Abraham especially for this video❤️❤️👌👌👍

  6. Thanks for that info about the eye drops! I’m a nurse and was always really annoyed when I would have patients that would have like 5 eye drops to give them. Especially when they insisted on the 5 minute rule between drops. So time consuming. Now I know the reason behind it and it makes more sense. Thank you!

  7. I’m a 2 time blood donor and considering doing it more

    main question I get ask ‘ is it weird that your blood is pit in another's body ‘
    for me that’s inconsequential it feels good that my blood is able to be aide

  8. I just donated blood a few hours ago and since I’m O negative and my iron was at 14.0 I was told to do the one that requires a machine that takes blood and puts something back. I’m not sure what it’s called but my question is: Is it normal that I have a really bad headache and my heart/chest hurts?

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