Blood Pressure Causes | Responding To Your Comments (2019)

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LI SA I think it’s for Lisa will you
marry me well Lisa I don’t really know you we don’t know each other you don’t
know me I’ve never met you you don’t know why I’m like I don’t know what
you’re like so I’m afraid the answer is no Lisa it’s not gonna work out
hey everyone I love reading through your comments so I thought to myself why
don’t we make a monthly segment where I can respond to your questions and we can
have some fun so without further ado let’s jump straight into it real fluffy
then smiley face bruh or Bru bro is it brew or is it bro can you let me
know someone leave a comment B are you H do you pronounce that bro or brute so
the real fluffy says bro the first time I tried that salt water thing I puked
long so the salt water thing is something that I recommend for sore
throats the real fluffy my best advice for you is maybe put a bit less salt in
there and you just say half a teaspoon but if it’s if it’s kind of making you
vomit then put less in there so you don’t get so much of a reflux and then
build up slowly April Gail when is the best time for
teens to take multivitamins thanks in advance well April thanks for commenting
the first thing I check is why are you taking a multivitamin do you need to
take them all to bitumen are you bitumen deficient have you had a blood test done
has your doctor told you to take a multivitamin so all these things come
into play but when to take it it all depends what’s actually in your
multivitamin they have various different ingredients in them so for instance if
it has calcium if it has iron all of these need to be taken at certain times
for instance iron should be taking on empty stomach with orange juice
preferably to increase its absorption so the best thing to do for that is check
it with your pharmacist show them the ingredients in the actual multivitamin
that you’re taking and it can check with all your other medicines that you taking
and tell you the best time for best absorption world–love now he is paid to
tell lies this was actually on the measles outbreak video well world–love
now i promise you i’m not paid to make these videos for vaccines this is the
truth that is a measles outbreak in the UK and we’re just spreading that message
for more people to get the measles vaccine zoe Hirano once i was sick on a
plane and i just threw up and the flight attendant said to me in
my mum would you like some cookies I was tempted
to say do you really think I want cookies so I completely agree with you
I’ve been there a hundred hundreds of times maybe not thousands I get motion
sickness pretty much all the time a really disgusting story actually I’ll
tell you because I like this story when I was probably about 12 I was once on a
train and I think I had some McDonald’s or some sort of fast-food and I had like
the bag with me and I just eaten it on the train and then like I felt really
really sick so I went to the toilet took this bag with me the McDonald’s paper
bag and I threw it in the paper bag and then I like left it on the floor now
it’s I washing my hands and washing my face like get back to reality again and
little did I know that all the sick had like seeped into this paper bag and it
lost all its structure and I lifted it from the floor and it was about
everywhere on the floor and I’m literally saying like maybe there’s like
two liters of six that it was disgusting Hawaiian banana my cat snores Hawaiian
banana I actually didn’t know that cats nor can you send me a video Hawaiian
band I sent me a video we’ll put on the next video of your cat snoring you’ll be
oh it would be great I’m sure I’ll get a million views MS OTC 101 or some
educational video out of curiosity how long did it take you to make your
tutorial since you have so many different scenes well that’s a good
question I usually release the video every two
weeks it probably takes me about two weeks to make the video there’s a lot of
stuff that goes in behind the scenes from writing the scripts doing the
research writing the screenplays filming it finding a location arranging people
to come in for a film if it’s needed arranging someone’s a film editing and
then all the YouTube side of descriptions and tags and all this sort
of stuff so there’s a lot of work that goes into it and when you have lots of
scenes as well that individual scenes it increases the work and time to make the
video but it’s all worth it because you end up with a great video Deb start 2005
really like this the first method was excellent fist bump fist bump fist bump
GMTV needs to pick you up as their next doctor Deb start I totally agree with
you thank you a comment but I’m not actually a doctor I’m a pharmacist and
GMTV if you watching holla at your boy Angie stones PhD
do you get these ideas and you are just so funny I missed the UK when I listened
to you well Angie the UK misses you too come and visit again it’s a great place
you will love it there’s so many things to do here where do I get these ideas
from comments really the comments the great comments that you guys all leave
me I get the ideas from also patients when I when I’m working in pharmacy or
when I work in primary care they always ask me all these random questions and
some of them are fantastic for videos which I quickly write down and then we
make a video on later on Clorox bleach if you put me on your head you’ll
instantly not have dandruff this was on a dandruff video that I made please
don’t put Clorox bleach on your head don’t put any bleach on your head you
probably won’t have any hair or skin left so please don’t use it to wash your
toilets and bathrooms with this it’s really good for that and that’s what it
was made for but thanks for commenting Clorox bleach
galahad good God hmm it’s 13 old enough for the salt water gargling thingy
Galahad 13 is old enough the reason we say don’t give it to children is because
they might swallow it and you shouldn’t be swallowing salt water so if you feel
like someone is is old enough and mature enough to do it and they’re able to spit
it out without swallowing it and do it chand Anna Prasad he’s not a man he’s a
tall shelf Welch and out of thank you for your comment well I am 6 foot 2 that
I think that’s quite tall in the world but not SuperDuper tall if anyone else
thinks I look like a shelf leave a comment below let me know I don’t really
think I look like a shelf but be good to know bin caca my mother does not drink
smoke drink coffee at all and take salt very less amount and still have the
pressure is very high so tell me doctor what is causing her blood pressure to
shoot up well bin there’s so many different factors that can affect your
blood pressure so for instance your age your your origin genetic factors how
much exercise you do medical conditions like diabetes kidney disease so there’s
so many different factors it can affect it now if she’s living a healthy healthy
life and she’s fine and she’s eating a little lots of salt and her blood
pressure is still high then you should really see her doctor
she should really see her doctor not you Michelle kawaii cute gaming sorry if I
didn’t pronounce that right anyone else here just hit puberty and has a million
spots just me okay well Michelle I hit puberty a long time
ago well not that long ago I’m not ancient
and I still get spots in fact I’ve got two spots here right now that I’m
covering up quite well by by distancing myself from the camera so I hope that
makes you feel better slow low do you play for tonight slow low unfortunately
not I didn’t actually know what what night was until you commented but I
don’t play it maybe do you think I should play it does anyone else think I
should play it let me know Sam et great video could you do a video
on your background in pharmacy eg University study advice how you secured
your job in a GP an overview on your thoughts on being a pharmacist it would
be very helpful smiley face well Sam et thank you for your comment let’s go one
by one so how are going to pharmacy the journey in pharmacy went to pharmacy
school at the University of Bradford so as in the School of Pharmacy for five
years it’s usually a five four to five year course and then we have to do one
year’s pre-registration training as well after we qualify and then after that we
do an example called a GP HC exam and it’s like the hardest exam ever ever
trust me it’s like all the five years you’ve been studying in one exam and
it’s like from morning to the evening the exams like two big exams it’s like
the scariest exam everyone’s terrified about it in fact when I was doing these
them there was a girl sat behind me who like threw up because she was so anxious
and there’s a guy a few rows ahead of me and he like fainted so it’s a very scary
exam but once you pass that you’re a pharmacist it’s great life it’s mainly
next question how did you secure your job in a GP practice so I’m also
prescribing pharmacists so that means that after you’ve finished becoming a
pharmacist you then have to work for these two years and get two years of
experience and then you can get another master’s degree to become a prescriber
and then all in all probably I’d probably say about seven to eight years
you then become a prescribing pharmacist so it takes seven to eight years to do
that and the way to secure a job the way to become a prescriber is
networking you mean I hate that word I think it’s a terrible work I hate using
it I don’t know why I just used it but what I mean by that is make friends you
know speak to the doctors and your surgery speak to the nurse practitioner
speak to the pharmacy prescribers they can all help to mentor you then and then
you can do your prescribing qualification and it’s very easy to find
a job right now as well the NHS of boosting and really promoting pharmacy
prescribers and nurse prescribers and physiotherapists and many other health
care professionals so that’s my advice so guys it’s getting really dark now so
we’re gonna have to wrap up we didn’t quite plan this out very well thank you
so much for your comments I really love reading them and please keep interacting
with me keep interacting me on the videos leave comments and you never know
maybe next month you’ll be on responding to your comments have a great week hey
guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like
follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly videos
April gale when is the best time for teens to take multivitamins thanks in
advance well gale it’s April okay

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