Bowel Wars: Hydrogen Sulfide vs. Butyrate

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19 thoughts on “Bowel Wars: Hydrogen Sulfide vs. Butyrate

  1. It frustrates me that all these unhealthy "doctors" promoting bacon as healthy fats are shun in the spotlight, yet healthy, intelligent doctors like yourself are hidden from the masses.

  2. Sulfur dioxide preservatives in dried fruit, sulfites in wine, and the putrefaction of undigested animal protein in the colon can release hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg gas associated with inflammatory bowel disease.

    Watch below or click the link to watch on 

  3. Do you have any insight on people with SIBO who shouldn't eat resistant starches so they don't feed the bacteria in their small intestine?

  4. I am a university researcher studying the effects of H2S on intestinal cell health. The data suggests that H2S donors reduce the symptoms of colitis and irritable bowel syndrome due to its anti-inflammatory nature at physiological conditions. I am currently looking at the protective effects of H2S donors mucus production and protective proteins. In the video posted above, 2 main sources were described for hydrogen sulfide production. Listed were anaerobic bacterial degradation and dietary sources. I would like to mention that humans produce h2s naturally by three human enzymes (CBS, CS, and 3-MST). These are found throughout the body, including in the GI tract where they promote wound healing.

    I also noticed that you posted on your own page that garlic is a super food, particularly on cancer ( I would like to mention that garlic is one of the plants that has exceedingly high ability to donate hydrogen sulfide. In fact, it has been shown that garlic is protective against a wide variety of parasites, viruses, and bacterial infections due to the sulfur content being converted to H2S during digestion.

    I am looking forward to hearing your response Dr. Greger.

    Best wishes,


  5. I've never had such a quick flare up of crohn's as trying to use oats to feed my good bacteria. I'm not buying it. I'll stick with my keto diet.

  6. Dr Greger I got the cold or flu what to do? What can help in plant based diet.? I eat lots of kiwis (not the breathing ones ;))

  7. Apparently fatty meat is low in sulphur. There are high / low sulphur lists online that don't list any sulphur at all for certain meats but I'm wondering how accurate they are. Why exactly are fattier meats lower in sulphur, does anyone know? And what is the science behind this?

  8. I hear keto experts boasting about BHB or beta hydroxy butyrate as a direct byproduct of their diet. Is this the same as the butyric acid (butyrate) produced in the gut on high carb/high fiber diet you would find from plant based eating?

  9. Interesting, I've read that sulfur is important for methylation process and helpfull in arthiritis, that's why NAC, MSM or glucosamine sulfate are helpfull and garlic, onions and cruciferous veggies are healthy. I read also that there is correlation between arthitis and vulcanic sulfur rich soil (never saw the paper).
    I tried moment ago non sulfated apricots, only 3, and my stomach hurts, never got any thing like this before with regular ones threated with sulfur dioxide.

  10. High sulfur foods or sulfites make my ulcerative colitis worse.
    If I feel a flare coming I smoke cigarettes for a few weeks then taper off, while increasing healthy soluble fibers like sweet potatoes.

    Hydrogen cyanide from cigarette smoke reacts with hydrogen sulfide to produce the nontoxic isothiocyanate.

    Smoking is so terrible and hard to quit, I'm thinking of trying adding cassava root to my diet instead, as the edible cooked variety of cassava creates small amounts of cyanide into the gut.

    I really think there needs to be R&D into drugs that mimic this Hydrogen Sulfide neutralizing effect for flare treatment of UC.

  11. And there's also test showing that to much SCFA's like butyrate are bad for you.. Basically everyone needs a balance of all foods….who would of thought!

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