Boyfriend Allergic to Sun? Try Camping INSIDE! •• Fishing Cafe & VW Bus Cafe

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hello everyone, and welcome back! I wanna go camping, dammit! But what do you do when you have a significant other who is allergic to the sun? I’m not saying that to exaggerate or be dramatic. Andy literally has, like, really sensitive skin and being in the sun, or humidity, or heat… triggers it. So really, summer is just not the best time for Andy… he does not like to be outside because it triggers his condition. So…I cannot go camping right now. So I have to wait until Fall, because actually you can go camping in Seoul! And camping is like a community, it’s like a thing you can do in Korea. But I have to wait until Fall. But I don’t want to wait until Fall. I want to go camping NOW. So we are going to have a mini inside camping day here in Seoul, in the summertime, when Andy cannot really be outside for long periods of time. So what we’re going to do, is we’re going to go to an indoor fishing cafe even though I don’t think they serve cafe drinks, I don’t know and we’re going to go inside fishing! I have not been fishing in 10 years, Andy has only been fishing once before in life, but it’s a campy activity! And I…just want to do something camping-ish. so we’re going to go indoor fishing and then we’re going to go to a cafe that has a VW bug inside of it, which is kind of campy because you can camp inside of those buses, and travel the country. So that’s what we are going to do today, little inside camping things. I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Alright, I am walking to our local mart under the disguise of needing to buy cheese to make scrambled eggs in a couple minutes before we leave~ and also to get like, Andy a coffee. BUT, I am also going to try to find… what I can…to make some version of a S’More later for dessert after we get home – and it’s a surprise for him. I don’t know if he’s ever had a S’More before and I don’t know if I can make like a proper one here but we’ll see what I can find. Hopefully… it’ll be enough to construct something…of a S’More. Okay there’s no like literal straight-up marshmellow… but this kind of cookie is really popular in Korea, it has like a marshmellow center. So…..I was going to like… buy a box of these and just like, cut off the cookie part and just use the marshmellow center But they have…not these. These – Hershey’s chocolate version of this. So I feel like instead of just cutting off the cookie and using the marshmellow plus a chocolate bar, I’ll just try to heat this up over our gas stove, maybe? And melt it just a little bit, and put it on crackers. So… That is what I’m gonna try to do. Here is our Korean Convenience Store S’More Ingredient #1. This is my choice for a graham cracker replacement – because graham crackers are not like…like they’re a little sweet, but they’re not like, anything like this, and they’re not like, salty… so I feel like this wheat biscuit is gonna be as good as I’m gonna get. So…Hershey’s pie, hopefully we can get it a little melty on a biscuit. Here we go. This is ah…we’ll see what happens, what comes out of this tonight. Duh-Na!!! kkun fishing cafe~~! Let’s go~~ my hero!!! thank you! Okay, we are now at the cafe that has the camper, VW van inside. What’s it called…HoHo Myul? Andy: Myoll mee-yole? The fishing cafe was fun I don’t know if we would go back. It was funny…but… I kind of felt bad. I’m not really into the sport of hunting or fishing. So it made me… it gave me that campy vibe, camping kind of activity vibe thing… but I don’t know if we’ll go back. But, if anyone coming to Seoul is really into fishing, I would recommend those places, they looked pretty fun (for the right person). So now we’re just going to relax with some coffee and head into this cute place and hopefully we can sit in the VW van! So they have a lot of typical coffee stuff, but also a lot of unique things. Like I think I’m going to get the maple latte. And they have like, coconut coffee, they have Bailey’s and Irish coffee which I’m excited about, but not today. And…. Here’s like the cake…selection. They have…. Kopi Luwak which is the weasel poop coffee that Andy and I taste-tested before. $30. Kopi Luwak. They have some pretty expensive stuff, but that just makes me feel like this is a real coffeeshop, and not only here for the interior. oops They also have…alcohol? And ades. So I think I’m going to get the maple latte that sounds really good! So that’s the coffee of the day you got, the hand-drip? Andy: Yeah~ Yeah? And here’s my maple latte~ So the owner told Andy that he has to taste it like wine. mmm? Is it good? Andy: 7. 7? That’s pretty high for you! It really does look like you’re drinking wine! That’s so funny. mmm, that’s really good That’s like a perfect cup of coffee. The perfect level of sweetness. So much coffee in Korea is over-sweetened… this is like the perfect level of sweetness for me. You can still taste the coffee, it doesn’t taste like syrup And you can taste the milk – this is a really good coffeeshop. Like despite having a really cool interior. This guy knows how to make good coffee. Andy: There’s a sign… Andy: “Call me master.” Coffee master? Andy: Like, you should call me like, “master” So we got Oreo cheesecake we originally wanted to order the New York cheesecake but it was sold out. Here we have… the Oreo cheesecake – it has some… almonds, is this – is that ice-cream?! Andy: I guess It’s icrecream! This presentation is pretty solid. It’s so cute… Wait I love it here! Can this be like our new go-to cafe? This is so cute! I love hanging out in this little VW camp bus. especially because like… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before on the channel, but our new dream – our next dream – after our chapter of life in korea is to get a tiny house and tour the US right? Andy: yeah And I have an aunt who is really artistic, she’s actually a professional glass blower and she has offered to build me a tiny house if I pay her for it? I don’t know, and my cousin, one of my cousins does like flips…he flips houses professionally which means like taking a really old or run-down house and kind of rebuilding it to be like trendy not “trendy”, but just like, what the buyer wants. So I don’t know, I feel like I could get a really good team of family members together to build us like a decked out tiny home so we can travel the country back in America. Get used to it babe! This little bus is our new future. Just kidding, there’s no toilet in here, we need a toilet. This is a FULL VW van just like, inside a cafe. I can’t wait for our tiny home in the future, it’s gonna be so much fun~ But that means we have to wait to get a pet, I think ‘cuz I don’t know what having a tiny home is going to be like with a cat and/or dog or a…….goat cuz I want a goat in the future too but we’ll talk about that later. Andy: Are you talking about the mountain goat…? Yeah, the mountain goat We’re not gonna tour the country with a mountain goat, right? Alright we are gonna head out in about 5 minutes and I will see you guys at home~ Okay so we’re home now, and we’ve had dinner and after dinner I started playing the Witcher and Andy thinks I’m still playing the Witcher but he is in our room, with the door closed watching YouTube, so now is my chance, I think to make him like the S’Mores thing I wanted to make – I told him I have a surprise treat for him but he doesn’t know what it is. I don’t know how this is gonna go but I’m hoping it’s not awful. So while he still thinks I’m playing the Witcher, Let’s try to make… …a S’More-ish snack. So these are the crackers I got earlier and this is… the choco-pie thing so it’s chocolate on the inside, chocolate cake and like, this part you can see here is like a marshmallow filling. So the plan is to melt that, stick it on the crackers, and have um… honestly it would probably be much less messy to just eat it like that but I’m gonna be difficult and try to melt it first. It’s already getting melty I don’t… ah, the chocolate is probably gonna melt so much faster than the marshmallow it’s worth a try anyway, we’ll see! Okay, we can see… the marshmallow has maken an appearance I think I’m gonna call it quits now and just put it on the cracker, I don’t wanna risk anything. Alright that looks S’Moresy! right? Let’s focus please… yeah the marshmellow left on the stick or in this case, the chop stick! Alright let’s present… …present our gift to the beloved who suffered in the heat and humidity today for the sake of… me having something of a camping experience inside. Babe your snack is ready! You smell burning?! That’s the point!! I made you a S’More!! Andy: Thaaanks Be careful, I don’t know if it’s hot or not. You’ve never had a S’More?! Oh so you don’t even know what to compare it to. Can I have a bite? It tastes like a S’More! Oh I’m so happy! My experiment worked! Happy Camping Day~ I love you too…I’m gonna eat your crumbs.

12 thoughts on “Boyfriend Allergic to Sun? Try Camping INSIDE! •• Fishing Cafe & VW Bus Cafe

  1. Im allergic to sun too my doctor said its show up bc i dont spend many time on sun like littelary i spend 2 years in home xD and when i spend to long time on sun i get red dots all over my legs and hands so i know his painnnn just spf is our bff

  2. We don't want any misunderstandings: Andy really does have a chronic condition, and he gave the OK for me to talk about it a little. I'm not being insensitive, and he's not just grumpy when hot. He usually doesn't let it get in his way, but Korean summers are ROUGH man! Luckily we're over the worst of it, so being outside is more comfortable now 💕

  3. I think South Korea main meal is rice that happen think Western people think main meal stuff here think dessert I think focuse that not that sweet

  4. That sucks that Andy has this condition, I hope he looks after himself should the condition flare up 😭😨 Not sure of the name of it, but sensitive skin runs in my own family, mainly from my mom. My dad’s skin is fine so my brother and myself aren’t affected. I am not going to say my little sister has the same condition as Andy but she is extremely affected by the sun, gets horrible bay fever too but also most shower gels. She is still at the age where I shower her, and she breaks out in a horrible rash if I use shower gel, so I just wash her hair with shampoo.

    I never anticipated people in hot(ish) countries would get heat-related skin conditions; I assumed they would be able to handle it and take it in their stride 🤔🤔🤔 Ireland is usually so cold and rainy and as a result, SO SO many people have a vitamin D deficiency and the lack of sunlight lowkey makes us lose our minds when it is suddenly sunny ☀️

  5. And Irish coffee is… dvdjencje not great tbh. I am a lightweight with alcohol but I also have a ridiculous sweet tooth and can’t handle anything bitter 😂😂 I recently graduated from hot chocolate to mochas, and that’s about as much bitterness I can take without pulling a funny face 😂 for the same reason, I don’t drink red wine – only white!

  6. I am not saying this to be patriotic or anything, but it seems like you are suuuper interested in road tripping and camping and all that… I would totally, should the option/choice arrive to look into Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. You basically fly into Ireland and rent a car for a week or so and you drive along the rugged west coast. You pass the Cliffs of Moher near where I live and pass through Galway (busking capital of the world) and couples/families stay in hostels until they get from the bottom (Cork, Ireland) to the top (Donegal). Even just look it up – it is probably our biggest economy booster tourism-wise after the Guinness storehouse factory lol 😂😂 loI understand that, and according to my relatives, that traveling from the USA to Europe is extremely pricey, but I just thought I’d mention it!!

  7. Omg the s’more experiment was so cute 💖😭😭 made my heart flutter. I loved this vlog so, so much. Can’t wait to see more from you!!

  8. Tried to watch your video yesterday, but I had no wifi and no signal so it kept buffering and pausing. Oh well! Guess that means I get to watch your video again! ❤

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