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(soft music) – [Chris] It’s way too early. San Francisco, here we come. (laughing) It’s too early. – It is early. Lots of big decisions, I’m very excited. – So excited.
– And we get to try cake. – And we get to try cake. (laughing) (upbeat music) – [Chris] We got a Jeep. We are officially in San Francisco. – South San Francisco.
– South San Francisco, on our way to pick up our first cake. – Is it four flavors or five flavors? – Four flavors of cake, so multiple cakes. – Yum. (laughing) – [Chris] It’s cake tasting weather. Well.
– All right, we got the goods. – We got the goods. – [Brock] Okay I’m not
gonna show the flavors, but those are our samples, they look delicious.
– Our sample cakes. Our first sample cakes. – [Brock] Sample cakes, the whole cake. – The whole cake (laughing) Next stop, the hotel. (upbeat music) Feeling a little stressed. We have a big week ahead of
us in terms of decisions. – I’m not stressed. – You’re not stressed at all? – I have never been stressed. – That’s not true, Brock’s– – I’ve never been stressed in my life. – Brock’s currently stressed. – ‘Cause you’re spending all of my diamond money on booze.
– I’m not spending all your money. On booze?
– You’re spending my– You’re spending my diamond money on booze. – That is absolutely not true, but Brock– – Let them drink cake. – Let them drink cake,
let them drink diamonds. – No. (laughing) – [Chris] Okay, we have
cut them into halves and put them on a silver platter. – And we’re gonna reintroduce
alcohol to the situation. (laughing) – [Chris] Dry January no more. (cork popping) – Here we go, you got a piece? (upbeat music) – Okay. – Okay.
– We’re heading into City Hall we’re gonna get our marriage license. – It’s good for 90 days, so we have until April
26th to get married. – Which is good, ’cause we’re getting
married on April 4th so. – Big day. (upbeat music) – I’m making Chris do all the
writing because mine sucks. – Here we go. – We just got our marriage license. (laughing) Two months ’til the big day. – I am so excited. All right, we have our marriage license. And now– – We’re gonna get cakes. – We’re getting cakes.
– Now we’re licensed to test cakes. – Now we are officially
licensed to get married and taste cakes (laughing) Let’s do this. – [Chris] It’s massive in here. – [Brock] 305, 306, 307. Okay we got the goods. – We got the goods. – We picked up eight
different cake samples from Butter And so hoping we
can narrow it down to three? – To three cakes. – Yeah, excited?
– Yeah, it’s time to taste. (upbeat music) – We interrupt our wedding planning to bring you McDonald’s for breakfast. – We’re hungry. – Okay. – I got the fried chicken McGriddle. – And I got just the sausage
McGriddle, my favorite. – These mine? – We’ll find out. – Look at this. Yum. – I’m so hungry. – I’m here for this. – It’s so good. – I’m tired. – Me too. Drink more coffee. – We need sustenance, I
just needed something to eat before we started tasting the cake. – I know. I feel like it would have
been such a sugar rush. Yesterday was like a sugar rush. – I like ketchup. – On your McGriddle? This would go well with sriracha. Thank you. Interesting. – We’re just in our
Jeep, eating McDonald’s. – I’ve never had ketchup on mine. – Really? – I love hash browns. – All right. – That was good. – I like literally inhaled that. – You did, I know you eat so fast. – It took us three
minutes, so that’s like– – Appropriate. – What’s the average amount of time? – How many bites per second? – All right. – Okay, let’s keep going. (upbeat music) – All right, no vlog would be complete without a mirror selfie. – That’s so true. – So we are in our venue right now. – We’re in our wedding venue. (shushing) – Well part of it, so
this is like a sneak peek, and we are tasting cakes like we told you. – We’re tasting the Butter
And cakes that we got earlier. – And we have eight flavors. – I’m so excited. I’m so excited! – [Brock] Okay, so here’s a sneak peek. Chocolate and salted caramel,
chocolate and hazelnut, banana and cinnamon,
Earl Grey and grapefruit, pistachio and– – [Chris] Rose. – [Brock] Rose, which
I’m super excited for. What is that, matcha strawberry. – [Chris] Yup. – [Brock] Banana and– – [Chris] Cinnamon. – [Brock] Banana and cinnamon. – [Chris] And then dandelion chocolate. – [Brock] Dandelion chocolate. – Love you. – I love you too. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Now let’s taste some cake. – Let’s taste some cake. – So, let’s try the– – Pistachio and rose?
– I wanna try the pistachio and rose. – I love that. The one that I have been gunning for would be the banana and cinnamon. – Okay. – So let’s do that, so
this one right here. I love that. That is so– – That’s good. Maybe I wanna try this
Earl Grey and grapefruit. Sorry it’s kinda loud in here,
they’re doing a sound check. – They’re hosting an event tonight. – Wait ’til it cuts it. – Wow. – When the grapefruit–
– The grapefruit comes through it’s like fresh grapefruit. – That’s fresh.
– It’s so fresh. It’s so light, oh my gosh. Matcha strawberry. – Here’s a big bite. – That was a really big bite, but I’ll do the same kind of bite. – Okay, is that cream? – These are all phenomenal
cakes by the way. Amanda at Butter And, you are incredible. – Okay which chocolate do you wanna go to? – Let’s do chocolate hazelnut first. Okay so, let’s cut that. It’s got hazelnuts on it. I love–
– Tastes like Nutella. – It does. – Dandelion chocolate? – Dandelion chocolate, I’m
really excited about it. – This looks delish. – Wow. – Chocolatey. – That is chocolate. – It’s good. – It’s really good. And then last one is
chocolate and salted caramel. – Excuse me.
– This is so fun, if we did this every
single day of our lives. – Why can’t we? – I would be so happy. – That’s my favorite of the chocolate. – That is really good. I want another bite. My top would have to be– – All right, we have some
big decisions to make. – Okay, we are walking
into our menu tasting. – I’m starving. – I feel good. What do you feel?
– I feel good. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – I feel really good. – We’re getting married in two months. – We’re getting married in two months. (upbeat music)

57 thoughts on “boyfriends vlog wedding planning in San Francisco | BROCK + CHRIS

  1. Ah! What a fun video, I’m living for the content about your wedding. I can’t wait for wedding pictures and just to see it all come together. I remember how much fun planning my own was so I hope it’s been fun for you guys as well. Hope you guys are having a great week!

  2. So happy and excited for you boys!! My hubs and I got married 6 years ago in Honolulu. Planning the wedding and reception was so fun. Hope it continues to be for you both. Brings back wonderful memories. 💕 So fun to see the Palihotel. We stopped for a drink there a couple years ago. We were staying at the Grand Hyatt down the street. It's getting close to your big day! Advice? Just breath deeply and love each other. It will all be great. ❤️🌈

  3. The most important thing is that you both must be relaxed planning the wedding, dont stress by little things because your wedding is going to be awesome!! 😘😊💖💖 And other important thing is to love each other! 💖🏳️‍🌈💒💒

  4. Hello cuties
    Maybe you remember, my bf and marry the same day you do. It's great to see what you're doing, we love you both. Today is my birthday and since today we are finally ready with the bigger parts of preparation.
    Wish you all the best, hugs and love Peter

  5. Love you two so much. Just take each day as it comes, and try not to worry. I hope we’ll be seeing photos or video of the big day.
    Congratulations and lots and lots of love and hugs from the UK 😘😘

  6. Brock, Chris, I'm so excited for you, it's coming up so quickly. All I can say is take a deep breath every now and then and relax. Love you

  7. My 2 favorite (soon to be Wed) youtubers! So happy for you both! Brock and Chris, the cakes looked so good! I enjoyed watching you both taste them all! The McDonald's breakfast looked yummy also! Honestly I'm so happy for you both! Always my full and personal best and full respect for you both always! I'm just so happy for you both 💞! Always! Mark in Iowa.

  8. I was so exited to see that you uploaded another Yummertime. "I'm sooo hungry." You guys eat like you're 20 – what an appetite! And you seem younger and younger every week. I hope you're still at the marriageable age in two months. ;-] And I find out more and more why I love you guys so much. We have a number of passions jointly: for people, for truth, for individuality and authenticity, and simply being happy. Way to go, guys! Enjoy the journey – two more months!

  9. Omg i foodmotional rollercoaster. Eating McDonalds then cake and ending with a veggie dish, we love well roundedness 👍

  10. Wow guys, thanks for this absolutely delicious video! Those cakes look yummy too! All
    jokes aside thanks so much for making my heart smile each time you post! 🙂

  11. OMG! Those cakes look soooooo good! Well, we are getting closer guys!! Just 2 months! Unbelievable… Love you guys 💕💕😘😘

  12. I am totally relating to Why we almost called off the wedding video. Phewww it's so stressful process. I know one thing you are meant to be. So no matter what your day will be most memorable filled with love 😍😍😍

  13. Love this video! That’s for taking us on your journey to the best day of your life! It’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you too! Love you guys! ❤️

  14. Fabulous! Don't stress, celebrate the amazing life you are about to share with the man you love! Everyday is truly a gift.

  15. Chris has the most infectious smile and brock coming through with that iconic hair!! I can't i just cant 😅😅😅

  16. Everything is falling into place it will be here before you know it. Good luck with all of your plans. Take things day by day and don't rush anything.

  17. OMG can't wait 🤩💕 yyeyyy it's a big daaayyyyy 🎉 I'm sooooo exited 🤩💕💕💕 love you both 😍😍

  18. Congrats on the marriage license guys! How exciting! 😙
    P.S both of your skins look flawless! ✨ are you using a BB cream or foundation for day time?

  19. I'm so excited for y'all! As a gay youth from the Bay, it's super inspiring to see an incredible gay couple live their best lives. I hope the wedding goes well <3

  20. I am absolutely ecstatic for the two of you! I hope that you guys can enjoy this time a bit, while preparing for you upcoming nuptials. It's awesome that you were able to video/document everything. You guys are going to marry one day after my birthday. Brock + Chris the food looked delicious guys! SO happy for you.

  21. Chris, I remember watching your coming out video and crying with you. So happy to see how far you have come in life. I wish you all the best in your engagement and future marriage. I can't wait to see the wedding video and have a good cry.

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