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(cheerful music) – Hi, I’m Andrea from Aromahead Institute. Welcome to my YouTube Channel. I want to show you how
to make an inhaler today, I called it Breathe & Sleep because it’s the perfect inhaler to use if you’re congested at night. And you lay down to sleep,
and you know how that feels. That’s hard, it’s hard to get to sleep if you’re all stuffed up. So this is a great blend for that. All three essential oils are perfect for reducing congestion and for sleep. So we have lavender and we
have cedarwood and orange. And so here’s how I’m gonna do it. The inhaler has this
little white cotton bit and I’m just gonna put it into this bowl. And then I’m gonna add five drops of each of the three essential
oils to that cotton part. There’s another way you can do it too, I’ll show you that after. So five drops each. Fifteen drops is a nice
amount for inhalers. And so, I’m just gonna hold
this and the cotton is in it, and I’m just gonna put it
right on top of the cotton. Five drops. And then I’m gonna do
the same with cedarwood. Now the lavender, of
course, is amazing for sleep and great for reducing congestion. The cedarwood… I love cedarwood with lavender. Cedarwood is really
grounding, really calming. Just very comforting and nourishing and also is gonna really help support decongestion,
support your sinuses. So, five drops of the cedarwood. Great, that’s an easy one
to pour cause it’s thicker, so it comes out slower. And then orange, which is always wonderful to add for blends at night. It’s very comforting and
also great for decongesting and it brings a beautiful, bright, refreshing aroma to the blend too. So we’ll do five drops of orange. And the orange, I really think
about too, in terms of mood. Okay, good. Because it is so emotionally uplifting and when you can rest and when
you can clear your sinuses it’s just so, such a happy feeling. Feels so much better. So I have a little tweezer here and I’m just gonna take that tweezer and grab the cotton and just rub it around to try to get up as much
of the essential oil as possible out of this little container. I can get almost all of it. And then I’ll just take that. And I’m just gonna drop
it right into the inhaler. So now it’s right in there. And then I’m gonna stick the bottom on and give it a nice little push. It’ll click. And then you have your inhaler. It smells incredible, it’s a really nice balanced aroma of all three oils and it does feel like something I would just want to
keep by my bed to sleep and use if I woke up in the night. Now, remember in the
beginning of the video I said that I would show
you the other way to do it. The other way would be
just to put the cotton right in here and drop the drops right in. So if you know your
recipe, that’s super easy. But sometimes you don’t know your recipe and you’re just going drop by drop right in the bowl and it’s perfect. I’ll tell you one more
thing before we finish. Now this bowl has a little bit
of essential oil left in it, so if I just leave this
sitting out in the room, the whole room is going to smell like the essential oil for days. So I don’t even have to diffuse. I can just leave it sitting in the room and the house will smell amazing. So, anyway, enjoy. Talk to you soon, bye, bye.

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