Breathing Exercises for Relaxation or COPD – Ask Doctor Jo

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(Holding breath). Hey everybody, it’s Doctor
Jo! Today I’m going to show you some pulmonary breathing exercises for things such as COPD
or just to increase your lung capacity if your a swimmer or if your a surfer, if you
want to be able to hold your breath for longer. So let’s get started. So with the breathing
exercises, you always wanna inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. With
your mouth, you don’t want to make kissie face, but purse your lips when you’re breathing
out. So the first thing you wanna do is breathe in through your nose for 2 seconds, and then
your gonna purse your lips and blow out for 4 seconds. Pretty sexy, huh? Now just do that
about 10 times to get the oxygen flowing. Then your gonna start making some movements
with your arms to loosen up the muscles in your chest area as well. So the first one
with your arms moving, bring your hands into clasped in front of you, and you are going
to move at your trunk. So your gonna take in a big breath, and while you are doing your
movements, your going to breathe out. So big breath in, and out. Keep doing that as long
as you are breathing out until you get to the end, and do that 5 times. After that,
then we are going to do the chicken wing. So bring your arms up to your shoulders, and
same thing, big breath in through your nose, and while your breathing out, (circle motions
with shoulders). Makes me feel like I’m at a wedding doing the chicken dance. Now after
all that’s nice and loosened up, you can try some breathing through your diaphragm. That’s
actually breathing in the stomach area, instead of your chest area. A good way to know you
are breathing with your diaphragm, is put your hands on your stomach like this. If your
fingers aren’t moving back and forth, then your breathing up in your chest area. So try
and make your hands move…did you hear that noise? Somebody must be hungry! Same thing,
do that about five times. The very last thing, is a very interesting, kind of embarrassing
one. My brother claims that guys can’t do it, but I think it’s just because he can’t
do it. So what you are going to do, this is going to be a very forceful breathing out.
You are just trying to get all the air out of your lungs, even in the reserved area,
and then once your forcefully get all the air out, your gonna hold your breath and kind
of suck in. It’s going to actually make a little dimple here. So if you are doing it
right, it will almost feel like a vacuum in your throat. So you are going to do this.
Breathe in, and blow out. (Pointing to throat), and hold that as long as you can. When you
let go, it will make a real interesting kind of suction noise, and that’s getting all of
it out. Hold it as long as you can, but since you are on the breathing out, it probably
will only be a few seconds. Oooo, after all that holding and breathing, I feel like I’m
gonna pass out! I hope you don’t feel like you’re gonna pass out. If you have any questions,
leave them in the comments section. If you would like to check out some more videos,
go to Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Remember be safe,
have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!

71 thoughts on “Breathing Exercises for Relaxation or COPD – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. I don't know if anyone ever told you but you remind me of Linda Fiorentino ( men in black). I don't know if you would take that as a compliment or as an insult but I request you to take that as a huge compliment 🙂

  2. I had a ruptured diaphragm and a punctured lung from a car accident 15 years ago….. I've had trouble breathing ever since, I can't sleep on my back because I stop breathing and have to wake myself up. It's a pretty ugly feeling 8/

  3. I really appreciate all the help you provide to people who needs help. My knee had been giving me a lot of trouble of late and the stretching exercise videos you posted helped me a lot. God bless you.

  4. I'll hold my breath until you watch my new video about breathing exercises for COPD. It's also great for people who want to be able to hold their breath longer. Happy Friday!

  5. hi drjo..been dealing with sciatic pain for 2 months ..but I'm getting a lil better..still burns inside my calf..your stretches are my medicine..I like this breathing exercise too..if you're ever in los Angeles please let me like to take to lunch n pic your brain:)..

  6. You're the best Dr.Jo,. I never got a chance to see videos of yours but I've already watched two and they're great, you're very cute and sexy too hehehe.

  7. Dr.Jo. Love your videos. I suffer with COPD due to Enfolded Lung Worked with Asbestos 40 years ago. I have lost 30% lung capacity. I get out of breathing swimming which is no longer pleasurable. Can you suggest a good breathing exercise to help expand my lungs and improve my breathing capacity. I am 71 years of age.

  8. So how many times should i do this a day for how many days, and about how much does it increase the time i can hold my breath?

  9. I've onLy watched 2of your videos so far BUT I've watched MANY others & I BeLieve I've FINALLY FOUND MY GO2 YOUTuber GUIDE…DOCTOR! !!
    I have aLot of physicaL probs & Look forward to yr heLp 🙂
    * chronic back, hip & neck pain. CarpeL tunneL (favored hand)… FibromyaLgia…IBS… Raynauds. .. ohhh aLso my breathing skills…OCD & A.D.D (& 3 young boys Lol) – DONT HELP THE PHYSICAL SHORTCOMINGS :((( *
    Sooo any videos. ..heLp aids…suggestions WITH THOSE LISTED ABOVE WOULD BE APPRECIATED TO THE MAX!!!
    i keep struggLing with getting better (prior workout-heaLth nut) bc whiLe working on 1area it aLmost aLways INCREASES pain for another.

  10. How could I have longer breath when playing basketball? Like when I'm playing, the main reason I stop is because of shortage of breath. How could I play longer?

  11. Today is the Great American Smokeout! So if it's your first day of not smoking, CONGRATS! Here are some simple breathing exercises to help increase your lung capacity now that you're smoke free… or if you're already smoke free 🙂

  12. wow, impressive……….i started a little bit sweating after doing this small exercise..and it almost feel cleansed!!

  13. Hello Doc.
    I have never tried any breathing exercise, but I'll give it a try! I'll drag my husband into too! Then I'll let you know! Thank you!

  14. Dear. Dr,
    i have Breathing problem from 4 years long, what can i do for reduse and sume time in the night 1 am 0r 2am very very hard to gat Breath please give a good idea for relive also i alwese go wthe Doctors just give to me only elergic medcine and cough syrupe 

    this is my Email. [email protected]

  15. I've had a hard time brathing for like 4 days. But only when i want to sleep :'( .
    When i wake up its normal and trough out the day its normal but only when i go to sleep 🙁 I'm just 13 (almost 14) and i really need help 🙁 i've allready told this to my mom and ill tell my dad to get me to the hospital if possible but i really want to try these techinques out first before doing that. If you can give ANY advice to me that would be appriciated ! 😀

  16. I'm 26 years old and currently recovering from a pulmonary embolism that went undiagnosed for a long time. It's very frustrating what little support for recovery is available with this condition! I want nothing more than to get back to the gym and do my favorite activities again, so I'm using your video to aid my healing process. Thank you for sharing it!

  17. hey doc im studying physiotherapy of internal medicine and i got a topic say traditional exercises and there was a type called interval training and i remember the dr says it is the best exersice for copd pt. but i still dont know what exactly it is? i mean how it looks like

  18. Hello Doc – I was a moderate smoker for about 35 years. But, have totally stopped smoking since almost one year. I have started the exercises suggested by you. How long will it take to improve the condition. I am 64 and have some difficulty like short of breath. Pl reply.

  19. I have COPD on oxygen full time, plus Daliresp, Breo Ellipa & Combivent going to start this a a regiment never had PT give me training in this 30 mins of doing this I felt great!

  20. hello I got Copd after my Surgery and never can breath right anymore and getting very annoying and scary at the same time, is there any easy way too breath, well before my surgery I was breathing normally wish I had that way again, I dont want too use any inhalers because of side effects people have, I had my surgery on 2006, thanks! and I dont smoke at all,

  21. Good evening Dr Jo, my name is Praveen from India. Why exhaling through nose in the water has been a big challenge for me rather than mouth. I really feel it difficult please tell me why is it happening to me. Thanks

  22. Hi Doc, I have been diagnosed with emphysema in November, 2015. I was facing difficulty in breathing and if I would explain it technically, I would divide my lungs into three parts: upper, middle and lower lobes. When I used to breathe, I would feel that only middle and lower lobes filled with air and the upper lobe couldn't take much air (infact any air at all) in. This condition would prevail in winters and in spring season. However, in summers, my lungs seem to be working quite fine but I'm afraid that with winters approaching, I would face same condition again. Will these exercises help in alleviating the conditions? And, since I presume emphysema continues to destroy air sacs in the lungs, will these exercises stop the progression of disease?
    P.S. I have never smoked. Cheers!

  23. hey i feel out of breath easily when i play soccer will this help me?
    and how many times do you recommend me to do it? i really need your help

  24. Hi Dr Jo! If a person is struggling to inhale and can only exhale is this a sign of COPD? And if so, are there any other solutions to help when an exacerbation occurs?

  25. QUESTION! Why doesn't my muscles/veins? 'stand out' on my neck like yours [sorta like a V shape] when I breathe out real hard? Am I, perhaps, not doing the exercise properly?

  26. hello Doc Jo,, my baby finds your deep breathing exercises interesting but very funny,, he kept on watching this repeatedly and wont stop laughing…thanks for that charisma….

  27. i am having problem in breathing from few days… The doc didn't prescribe me any meds he just said that's because of stress 😔
    what should i do? i am feeling very uncomfortable. please help me 😔😖

  28. Hi mam, I hav breathing prbm since 5 to 6 days .. am breathing normally but am getting trouble in inhaling and exhaling once in a min… I hav taken spirometry test als .. Doctor said that its only minor issue..He said that it may b due to acidity or stress, but am suffering alot ..I want to come to normal breathing , still I hav breathing trouble .plz help… Appreciate ur help in advance… Thanks

  29. How many times a day should i do these exercises? I have copd but not on O2. Need to use a nebulizer about 4 times a day…

  30. Hi Dr. Jo the part where you interlace your fingers to get a deep breath is very smart. Squeezing the fingers together opens up lung airways by acupressure.

  31. AskDoctorJo I kinda have trouble breathing, like I can feel myself breathing right now, but it just doesn't feel enough, and now I did what you did and like now my hands are stressed they are moving everywhere what should I do please help me. And no I never smoke.

  32. madam in chicken wings exercise. we circle arms in both directions, clockwise and anti clockwise or in only one direction

  33. Thank you jo for this information. And I have a question, I used to do chest breathing, not all times. If I do five diaphragm breath one of them will be chest, like that. So when I do this chest breathing I feel some kind of pain in my wings, my back also some time in my chest, Is really these pains happened because of chest breathing??

  34. when i am talking and any working stop my breathe because my right shoulder lower then left shoulder and i am neurological patient.please suggestion me .

  35. I am suffering from left lung pain due to old plural effusion,2year ago happpend, but now nothing shown in CT scan, CT scan is normal, but pain is still there while taking deep breathing and some exercise, ma'am please advise me what I do

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