Breathing Techniques Exercises For Asthma Patients.. Increase Lung Capacity With These Tips

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Helpful Breathing Techniques For Asthma Control. There are some breathing techniques which
can be applied by asthma patients to relieve their condition. Some of the popular breathing techniques are: Belly breathing. This technique involves staying in a sitting
position or lying down, and then, slowly breathing through the nose. In this technique, inhalation is marked by
a bulging of the abdomen while the abdomen contracts during exhalation. Pursed-lip breathing. During an asthma attack, air is confined in
the lungs due to the constriction of the bronchi. This is the reason for the wheezing and breathing
difficulty experienced during such asthmatic episodes. The pursed-lip breathing technique can be
particularly beneficial in such scenarios. The technique involves breathing in through
the nose and breathing out through pursed lips. Buteyko breathing technique. The main objective of the Butyeko technique
is to slow down the rate of breathing. For this technique, the person will have to
sit upright with the abdomen and chest muscles relaxed with the eyes closed and facing up
while focusing on the breathing. Inhalation is to be done slowly through the
nose with the mouth closed while exhalation should be done after holding the breath for
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