Breo iDream5 Head Massager Review – Ask Doctor Jo

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hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and the folks
at Breo Company Limited sent me this product inside this pod. what is it?
let’s get started and find out. so what is it? it’s the Breo iDream5 head
massager. so this is really cool and you can see the cool case it comes in. so if
you do happen to have tension headaches. if you get eye fatigue. if you work a lot
on the computer all day long, or if you read a lot all day long, a lot of times
you’ll get those tension type headaches. you might feel them in your temples. you
might feel it up on your scalp or even back in the the back part of your neck
like like where your head comes into your neck that occiput area. and so this
has three different massagers in those specific areas which is really cool. so
you can see on the inside here this is for the scalp massager up on top.
this piece that actually comes off and you can see through here where it has
the eyepieces. so you can actually see through it. it’s not like it’s blocking
your whole sight when you’re looking through. and so it’s really nice and this
component also is really cool because the the massaging part also has the heat
component. and then it also has the piece in in the back here and so that’s for
that neck that upper neck area for that occiput area where a lot of times people
have had you know that tension here, tension here, and tension up here. so
that’s really nice that it has all of those. and you can see
again that I took off the eyepiece and you can do that. it also has a heat
component which is really really nice because if you’re really fatigued, kind
of right through here, your sinuses area, your forehead area, it heats it up. and so
make sure you know if you have any issue with heat or something like that that
you want to make sure and be careful. and then as you can see here, this is the
back part. it has a little button release and it opens up to the fullest width
possible. and so when you put it on that’s how you want to put it on. and
then once you put it on, you start turning the knob to tighten it so it’s a
nice comfortable fit. not too tight because you want to make sure that it
has the ability to do that massaging part. this is the on/off button
here, and you can see the little LED screen, and if you you hear it there’s
music and everything in there if it’s on that. you have a hard setting and you
have a medium setting, and if you hold it completely that’ll turn it off. so the
medium setting or the medium mode has air pressure, warmth, and the music. and then
the hard mode has increased pressure which is air pressure, warmth, and then
also the scalp massage on top. so as you can see here this is the button for the
scalp massage and you can turn it off by this button on top. so that’s really cool
too. so I’m going to turn it on here and you might be able to hear the music and
the massaging as it goes, but you can see the LED mode here that’ll tell you if
it’s on the medium or hard mode. what’s also really cool about this head massager is
Breo has an app that goes with it. and so it’s a Bluetooth connection, so once you
turn this you have to turn the unit on first for it to recognize it, and then
you just hit whatever your’s is, the iDream5. and then once it connects,
you can actually control all the functions with the app which is nice
because then you don’t have to worry about pressing things, you can just use
your phone in front of you. so you can see it has the music component here, so
you can you can play the music, and then you can either increase the volume or
decrease it there. you can change the music as you go. if you don’t want that,
you can you can absolutely pause it. it’s got the heating, it’s got the acupoint,
and it’s got the pressure on there as well. so you can do all that from your
phone. what’s also nice is you can put, it comes with earphones, so that’s really
cool so if you want maybe the music a little bit more in your ears. there’s the
jack right there where you can plug that into, and then so you have the the sound
directly into your ears if you like that kind of encompassing sound. so that’s
really nice as well and then also back here this is where you charge it. so you
just kind of pull this up and open it and that’s where the the USB charger is
that it comes with. and so you can charge that up as well. so this is again as you
can see a pretty cool thing. it’s really nice and
what I like about it before I put it on is you can really feel that pressured.
I don’t usually when my headaches come on, they’re not quite tension headaches,
but those those temple headaches, and those like forehead, scalp headaches
especially those that are right at the base of the neck there, that’s where that
pressure is. I can really feel and it feels really good. it’s nice and relaxing
and then if you like the music and the heat components you can add all of those
as well. so it’s really cool. so when you first put it on, you want to kind of tilt
it back just a little bit and then get it into the comfortable position where
it’s here and then in the back. and then you just take that knob and you start
gently tightening everything up. so again you don’t have to do it super tight
because once it gets started then you’re going to kind of feel everything. and so
you know just make sure it’s comfortable. and then you can turn it on here. and if
you want to use that app you can, but you don’t have to. I have that music going on
now, but I like the heat component and a
little bit more pressure, so I’ve got it on the hard mode right now.
and so through here through here and then around through my eyes, I’m feeling
all of that. but see I can still see you. I can I can see through it ,so it’s not
one of those things where you you can’t see anything. but it does kind of darken
things a little bit and help you get a little bit more relaxed. so you can see
it’s it’s kind of fun, and its new age, but it’s really a great way to help you
relax, get rid of those tension headaches, and
all that good stuff. so now if I’m done you just hold the button down for about
two seconds and it automatically turns off. and then this button back here is
that quick release button where I can just take it off really quickly. so it
doesn’t take a lot to set it up. you know you can play around with it a little bit,
and like I said use the different functions how you want it. you know if
you want more pressure, you can do it through your app or here. if you want
less pressure you can do that as well. if you want the music on, if you want the
music off, louder, lower, you can use the headphones and all of that. so it’s
really really a nice way to have all of that going on just to help you relax at
the end of the day. they do recommend you not having glasses, contact lenses on,
or any kind of hair accessories on while you have it just because it is doing all
that pressure motion and things like that. and there are some precautions and
contraindications, so make sure you read the manual. make sure you read the
instructions online before purchasing to make sure that it’s appropriate for you.
so if you’d like to purchase the iDream5 head massager from Breo, make sure and
click on the link up there. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down
there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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