British Heart Foundation – Cholesterol and heart disease

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Hi. I’m Dave Williams. I’m 28. I’m from Manchester. A couple of years ago,
you wouldn’t recognise me. I was 6′ 3″ and 21.5 stone. That was the biggest that I’ve been,
and the worst, really. No motivation. I never really did exercise.
I never wanted to. All I wanted to do
was watch TV and eat. I was 26, and feeling really ill,
and having to sit down and stuff, and it just made me think,
“Something’s not right here.” And I had a diabetes
and cholesterol check, because diabetes and cholesterol
both run in the family. I found out I was borderline diabetic
and high cholesterol. It hits you like a train, and I didn’t want to be on tablets
for the rest of my life, and if I carried on the way
that I was going, I wouldn’t even make it to 35. I was bad, very bad. I had to make changes, and little changes
can make big differences. Instead of getting the bus to work, I got a bike,
and I cycle to work 7.5 miles. At first it was difficult
getting there, bright red, but after, say, three weeks or two weeks,
it gets easier, and you notice it getting easier. You notice your trousers
getting a bit looser, and it just inspires you
to do it even more. In the time it takes me
to get the bus to work, I can actually cycle there, and it saves me £5 a day, and I’m losing weight, so it’s great. For breakfast I don’t eat
as many pastries or cakes and stuff like that. I eat a lot more fresh fruit –
bananas, smoothies. Smoothies are brilliant. – Morning. You all right?
– Yeah. Not bad. So when I get to work, I get
my porridge. I have it all ready. Milk in, stick it in the microwave
for two minutes, get changed. By the time I get back, it’s ready. Then I have stuff
like blueberries or bananas for the sweetness in there, or if I don’t do that,
just a tiny bit of sugar. I work at Manchester Airport. I look after passengers requiring
assistance going through the airport. We take from either check-in
to the aircraft, or from the aircraft to arrivals. – Where are you off to?
– Inverness. That’s what I’ve got on here.
I’ll just go and get you a chair. When you’re pushing some passenger
down to their aircraft, going from one end of the terminal
to the other is quite a distance. Before I was red, sweating,
but now it doesn’t bother me. I just whizz them down there,
and I feel fine. We have an ambulift… When I get in from work,
I put the bike in, get changed into my jogging gear and I just go out, have a quick
20-minute jog around the streets. Whatever the weather, get yourself
out there and just go for it. It’s free and it’s great fun. After I lost a bit of weight,
a friend said, “Do you fancy coming kayaking?
Now you won’t actually sink it.” So I was like, “Yeah, go on then,”
and I went out and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it that much,
I went out and bought my own, and I do it quite a lot now
on my days off. I get out there,
and get my packed lunch, just go, do a few miles,
have something to eat and come back. It’s great fun. Before I used
to really enjoy my food, but it was always the wrong type
of foods that I’d enjoy, like a massive plate of chips, whereas now it’s enjoying
the right type of foods, and I do enjoy my food, but you can have
an even bigger portion now, because it’s not fried,
it’s fresh veg. I’ve got myself a diet plate. What it does is it tells you exactly
what amount of foods to have, and it directs you exactly
to how much you should be having. If you’re eating fresh fruit
or fresh vegetables, you can have a plate full. Whereas rice and pasta,
you’ll have a bit. So it’s great for portion sizes. – So, been busy at work?
– Yeah, did a few bookings today. Depending on work, because I work
until half-seven at night either myself
or my girlfriend, Jaimie, cooks. The changes haven’t been difficult.
She’s been losing weight. So from me doing it, she’s now exercising more,
walking to work and stuff like that, so it’s great the two of us
are doing it together. I didn’t want to have a heart attack or a stroke, and end up not being able
to look to the future, but now I actually feel excited
for the future, and I can’t wait to see
what it holds for me, or what it will bring, so, yeah, bring it on,
that’s what I say. I was a dead man walking. The time has come
for me to take action. I was 17st 2lb, and now I’m 12 stone, and I feel absolutely brilliant. Now I actually feel excited
for the future. You’re told that you have a disease that’s going to be with you
for the rest of your life. It was an absolute shock. I love my life now. There’s a future,
and I’m going to live it.

9 thoughts on “British Heart Foundation – Cholesterol and heart disease

  1. Our livers are capable of producing 400 times more cholesterol than what we typically eat!

    The tragedy with the BHF is that the science that much of their advice is based on was poorly gathered in the first place. We have been told for many many years to avoid saturated fats and cholesterol and what has truly slipped the net is the fact that blood plasma levels of cholesterol are not associated with dietary intake of cholesterol. Cholesterol causes heart disease, we get that but what you don't get is that high cholesterol has another cause. Blaming cholesterol is like arriving at a murder scene, finding the police there and then blaming them! High cholesterol is caused by inflammation in the body which can often be attributed to excessive carbohydrate consumption, eating unnatural processed foods like margarine for example (touted as heart healthy because they are low fat!). Margarine for those who don't know is produced by bubbling hydrogen through vegetable oils at high temperature over a catalyst. The end product is a grey, bad smelling, alien fat that the human body has never seen or evolved to deal with. We eat it after it has been bleached, dyed, coloured, flavoured and stabilised / preserved! Is it any wonder we are on the brink of an obesity / diabetes epidemic?

    The tragedy is that institutes like the British Heart Foundation are too ill informed on the real science that drives our health today. For the real low down on cholesterol and health, look up Dr Peter Attia on here. This man eats a ludicrous amount of saturated fat and cholesterol yet his body fat has dropped significantly, his LDL and HDL ratios are hugely improved, the markers of inflammation in his body are considerably better etc etc. Nobody needs to go hungry or eat some stupid BS diet that is low in fat, possibly one of the most damaging ways to get better from your ill health.

  2. The most important management for heart disease is missing on these videos. Exercise prescription and activity. Lower your risk with activity and exercise as well as medication management – think the videos are giving the message that medication is the 100% management for heart disease. Misleading.

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