Bronchial Thermoplasty | A new therapeutic treatment option for severe asthma

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regular notifications. Bronchial thermoplasty What is bronchial thermoplasty? It is a novel minimally-invasive procedure that helps to clear airways and improves breathing in patients with severe asthma. Bronchial thermoplasty is A day care procedure, not a surgery not an inhalation or medicine How does Bronchial Thermoplasty work? In Asthma patients, cells in the airways swell and block the airlow. These swollen cells are shrunk by delivering heat via a thin, flexible tube inserted through the mouth. This relaxes the airway and the person is able to breathe easily. Patient outcomes Decreased asthma attacks, fewer hospital visits, improved quality of life Is Bronchial Thermoplasty right for you? Not everyone is eligible. The pulmonologist decides whether Bronchial Thermoplasty is the right option for you. You may be eligible, if you: Are between 18 to 65 years Have stopped smoking Have severe asthma not controlled with medicines. How successful is the procedure? Bronchial Thermoplasty is clinically proven to Reduce severity of asthma by 32%, reduce absentism by 66%, and improve quality of life by 79%. [Music]

5 thoughts on “Bronchial Thermoplasty | A new therapeutic treatment option for severe asthma

  1. Very informative.This is new to many people and must reach many like me who are suffering from Asthma.A sincere suggestion is to have a voice over so that it reaches more people.

  2. I suffer from severe asthma and have spent so much time studying how to reduce it. I will definitely enquire about bronchial thermoplasty.

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