Bronchial Thermoplasty: Treatment for Severe Asthma

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Franciscan Health Indianapolis Dr. Faisal Khan,
board-certified interventional pulmonologist We’re talking about
asthma today. What is asthma and who suffers? Astham is a disease of airways
where there’s a reversible restriction to airflow, typically caused by exposure
to certain triggers in the environment which a person may be sensitive to:
dust, smoke, exercise. The good news is there is treatment for asthma. There are the breathing inhalers which could be what we call controller medications. For people with severe asthma there are other treatment options, both in terms of
drugs and a procedure available now for severe asthmatics. Franciscan Health offers bronchial
thermoplasty. Bronchial thermoplasty is a procedure
which can be offered to people with asthma but a very small subset of
asthmatics what we call severe asthmatics. What this procedure does
is that in asthma the muscle layer in the airways is very thick so when the
muscle contracts there is a significant reduction in the air flow because the
air tubes are narrow. What this procedure does is it thins out that muscle. In turn, that causes less severity of symptoms.

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