Bronchiectasis Disease: Dilated Airways that Cause Difficulty Breathing

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Bronchiectasis disease are dilated airways. The etiology of bronchiectasis disease is
very diverse. In other words, there are many different disorders
that can lead to formation of bronchiectasis disease. For example, pneumonia that has not been appropriately
treated in time, can lead to isolated bronchiectasis disease. Rheumatologic disorders can lead to bronchiectasis
disease. Immunodeficiencies can lead to bronchiectasis
disease. Chronic infections like Nontuberculous Mycobacteria
can also lead to bronchiectasis disease. Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis, a
disorder prevalent in Virginia, can also lead to bronchiectasis disease. So bronchiectasis disease have diverse etiologies. Usually the symptoms are cough and shortness
of breath and sputum production. Some patients present with intermittent fever
and not unusually they see their primary care physician frequently for what they call bronchitis
episodes. Sometimes they can even develop recurrent
pneumonias. In the same time we utilize oral and IV antibiotics
for the treatment of exacerbations.

One thought on “Bronchiectasis Disease: Dilated Airways that Cause Difficulty Breathing

  1. I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis five years ago. I did not understand the condition at all and thought useful life was over for me. After about a year I began to understand how to manage my condition. Now I take a daily walk around a fairly large shopping centre which gives me plenty of exercise, fresh air, interesting things to look at and, very importantly I have a friendly word to say here and there to strangers at bus stops, shopping queues and so on. Most people appreciate a friendly word and a kind smile and am not put off by the occasional bad response, I just quietly turn away. With practice I found that I was listening to their stories with patience and without judgement or being tempted to give advice. Mental health is vital, isolation can be devastating. Helping others, when help is accepted, it extremely uplifting. Most importantly, I do all I can to keep my lungs clear and continue doing as many things that I enjoy. Life is for living. Reading aloud is one way of helping. I occasionally read chapters from the bible and put them on YouTube. It might take several days of trying before I can get a complete chapter out in one go and my voice might be husky. I don't give in.
    Love life and people and contribute in any way you can to the happiness of others, whilst taking very good care of yourself. Look after yourself. God bless you.

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