Broncihal Asthma in short

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In the name of Allah, peace be upon you all Welcome to a new video Today, we are talking about Bronchial Asthma as promised last week Let’s start then, Bronchial Asthma is a chronic medical condition. It’s inflammation in the airway i.e swelling and profuse mucus secretion so the airway becomes obviously narrowed accompanied by sever cough and wheezes a characteristic breath sound causes of bronchial asthma Unknown, but there are some theories could explain this disease one of those theories is the immune system Hyperactivity and over reaction of the immune system which is higher than normal or usual this immune hypersensitivity against the particles entering the airways throughout our breathing asthma symptoms will eventually show up another explanation; Genetics, especially genes controlling the immune response One more explanation is environmental triggers a patient could have been exposed since childhood may directly affect may have a direct effect on having the disease or exacerbating it for example, smoking, cold weather air pollution, fumes inhalation, chemical dust, some professions like carpenters painters, miners, cotton and wool industry these triggers may be present inside houses pets especially those with fur vaccum cleaners without air filters, dusters, insects cockroaches, it’s a famous example I received a message on my facebook page asking a man said he used to live in a dirty house with insect infestation especially cockroaches he is an asthma patient and he was always using his inhaler in that house and the symptoms kept increasing but if he moved to stayover by his friend his parents symptoms disappeared he stated that his house was infested by cockroaches dropping their wastes allover the house so those droppings exacerbate his asthma thus he had to use his inhaler more frequesntly insects may make your asthma symptoms worse especially the cockroaches Some medical conditions which my be associated with Asthma like history of having allergies like eczyma or other allergies the patient may also have a history of food allergy drug allergy, pollens these my provoke a very potent immune response which is in turn responsible for asthma symptoms Obesity sometimes may have a worsening effect on asthma symptoms Race Black and Hispanic people are are more liable to get Asthma more than the white Women more than Men Boys more than girls one more important thing to considered people with low socioeconomic level get Asthma more than those living in a higher socioeconomic levels. Asthma symptoms may be similar to some other diseases like cough with or without chest pain chest tightness also noisy respiration but what makes Asthma so special is that symptoms may appear and disappear in the same day, it may get worse with some other medical conditions like , flu and common cold and increases with physical efforts or in presence of other medical allergic condition like Eczyma with cold weather and emotional acts excessive laughter and crying may precipitate asthma symptoms next point is, is Bronchial Asthma curable? Until now no cure for Asthma but could be tightly controlled, how? avoiding triggers we talked about earlier, then medical treatment with drugs before we talk about drugs, I would like to emphasize that we should be aware that Asthma is divided into more than one stage 4 general stages we need to understand them so we can be more specific about the treatment plan First stage: in which the patient show mild symptoms as Asthma symptoms will show up 2 times in daytime per week or two nights awakening because of the symptoms per month treatment is just short acting B2 agonist inhalers taken on need the most famous example is Ventolin Symptoms may increase to take the patient to the next stage Second stage symptoms show up more than twice during day time per week not less than once per day and 3 -4 night awakenings per month Treatment the same short acting B2 agonist inhaler plus a low dose of steroid inhaler symptoms may increase to take the patient to the third stage symptoms will show up everyday during day time per week more than one night per WEEK but not everynight notice that in the third stage we compare the frequency of the night symptoms in the first two stages we were talking about frequency of night symptoms during night per month but in the third stage how frequent the symptoms are during the week more than twice and more than once per day per week during day time and more than two times per night per week but not all nights of the week well, how the treatment goes; short acting B2 agonist inhaler plus double the dose of the inhaled steroids plus long acting B2 agonist inhaler Symptoms may increase to take the patient to the Fourth stage symptoms come everyday during day and more than once and everynight 7 nights per week 7 days during daytime per week 7 nights per week treatment is more condensed as we give all the previously mentioned drugs plus oral steroids either pills or syrup. consulting your doctor regularly is very important to specify which stage you are in and what is the suitable treatment plan. the patient’s status moves among all of these stages according to his condition and frquency of symptoms treatment plan would change to downgrade or upgrade the patient. when to go to the emergency if the next happens: symptoms increase aggressively as the patient is unable to breathe normally or the patient cannot complete a sentence or the patient feels so unwell increased heart rate or respiratory rate the extremities turn blue and in sever cases, gradual loss of consciousness or complete loss of consciousness and coma in such case the patient should be immediately taken to the ER what should we do to avoid Asthma symptoms exacerbation if you are an asthma patient or make the exacerbation less frequent? It’s all conservative measures the first and the most important is smoking cessation do not stay with smokers while they are smoking Take the seasonal flu vaccine to decrease the severity of asthma symptoms if you catch cold we talked about this before when we talked about the flu vaccine Healthy food eating habits some light exercises to regulate your respiration Avoid the triggers Visit your doctor Regularly for the proper treatment and to be able to prevent regression Do not refill your medications unless you see your doctor Do not take any drugs prescribed for another patient what is suitable for others might not suit your condition the last point we talk about is Bronchial thermoplasty This means After failure of the abovementioned treatment The symptoms are no longer improvement so we get to the Bronchial Thermoplasty الرأب الحرارى للشعب الهوائية to clarify you should know that the tiny muscles that control the diameter of the bronchioles got thicker than normal then they become less responsive to treatment so we have to go inside the bronchial tree within the lung through a bronchoscope. The patient is admitted in the hospital Lungs functions are tested for postoperative comparison Steroids are give intravenously and orally then the patient is generally anesthetized Bronchoscope is introduced under general anesthesia in different areas of both lungs exploring the bronchial tree muscles. the target is to apply some heat to the those thick muscles Heat means less than a warm cup of tea or coffee People may misunderstand heat for ablation or burning, this is not happening just applying low grade heat less than a heat of a warm cup of tea to soften the thick muscles and make them thin throughout the sessions time so the patient would get a better response to therapy The patient is given 3 sessions with 3 weeks apart the session last for less than one hour or even one hour then the patient rests postoperatively for 3-4 hours before lung functions are tested again to compare the pre and post operative values to check the improvements. The final evaluation is 6 weeks after the last session. Well, now we come to the end of this video Sorry for keeping you watching for long time but this topic is too long to finish in just 7 or 8 minutes. I wish you all eternal well-being yours Dr. Osama Elsebaei please do not hesitate to post any question or suggestions here down in the comments and on our pages on facebook, you will find the link in the description Peace be upon you all, goodnight

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