28 thoughts on “Build Your Health To Build Your Wealth | Dr. Mark Hyman and Lewis Howes

  1. Since last 2 months ..After watching your video series .i started to wake up at 5.am in morning..and do exercise…i have 2 hours more to work,to focus from the same day

  2. I am so thankful that I came across your channel (through Matthew Hussey). You are truly inspirational and I have learned so much from watching your content. I don't know if you have one, but I would love to see an interview with yourself and Professor Tim Noakes. He is my hero and I do believe that I would never have known about LCHF and keto if it was not for the nonsense he had to go through. I am greatful to all people who are not scared to tell the truth.

  3. Great interview That is why you have to take care of your own health no one is going to do it for you. Educate yourself as much as possible when it comes to real foods and stay away from the garbage ingredients in foods.

  4. Man this is sad (but also amazing) at the same time!! Great to see leaders like Dr. Hyman & others pushing for positive changes that affect everyone at every economic level & from across the world.

    Thanks for sharing Lewis!!! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

  5. Mark Hyman thank you for the fight you are doing against our food system! He is right we all need to strive to make it better to!

  6. So great to have Mark back on the podcast! His knowledge and mission about health is inspirational. Thanks for the episode Lewis.

  7. Love Mark's optimism when it comes to fixing the food system. It's so needed right now. Enjoyed the conversation between you two.

  8. Lewis love your videos, but have you ever noticed you tell your guests to shut up a lot? Not sure if you've noticed that or not. Maybe it's not that big of deal.

  9. Great convo, I really hope that people are going to wake up. I have shared some of that info with people, but many are so brainwashed. Thanks, Lewis!

  10. How much does it cost to see Dr. Hyman? I am Canadian and I’ve never heard of a functional dr in Canada.

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