Building an Epic Zipline Catapult over Water | DD Squad Vlog 5

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Alright, so today the plan is to build a
Y zipline. Which is, basically, a zip line that goes into a Y. *rock music* So, the basic plan is to
build the V of the zip line first – let’s call this the anchor of the V; and drop both ends from the cliff. Then we have to attach the actual zip line to the anchor, and drag the cable to the other side. This is gonna be, probably,
one of the most difficult parts here. So, we have, like, 50 kilos of cables right
here. Umm, and we need to carry this 400 meters into the woods. We’ll set first and the left anchor point here, and the right anchor point, like, 40 meters … *beep beep* *rock music* Have we ever set up the zip line, at all? Except for once for the Russian Swing. Oh, I remember! *childishly* You meemee? *laughter* Once we set, umm … You remember? The zip line into the cave. *rock music* Gap the rowing machine connecting the two banks. *elevator music* *laughter* *screaming* *elevator music* *laughter* *elevator music* *grunting* *elevator music* *water splashing* Got stuck in the mud. So we are on the other side of the river now, we’re making the starter anchor, and it’s gonna be high up in an old oak tree. I have one try, Mevži has one try. And if we don’t succeed, repeat. *leaves rustling* Ooy! *laughter* I did not succeed. *leaves rustling* *grunts* *leaves rustling* We decided to go innovative. *rock music* The projects we’re doing here with DD Squad are just endless struggle for survival – or at least safety. *rock music* Mostly it was me hanging up, up there on
the wire, and I was there for hours and hours, till my legs were numb. *drilling* *rock music* We’re gonna make the top anchor here in
the trees. Uh, the other two anchors are on the other side of the river. *rock music* F**k yeah! Did you film? Woohoo! We used three systems to get the zip line tight enough. One was just pulling by hand. The second way was to strap it with a
truck strap. And the third way was with a winch. *singing* Waiting for the winch. That was the final stage of tightening. I suppose we’re pushing the
limits of this winch, because it’s made for 500 kilos and we don’t really know
how much force is on it right now. *whispers* Fingers crossed. So, we are guessing now which, which part will … break first. I’m guessing that the blue strap on, on the tree will break first. What do you think guys? I’m not sure about that winch. The break on the winch is … sketchy. We’re going to abseil the the boat and the captain to do the depth check. This rock is super loose. And I hope I don’t hit Jani down below me. The visibility of the water is really, really bad. We have to do a depth check. We’ve figured out that the left is a no-no zone, and the right is alright. *rain* The weather is not on our side anymore. It started raining The water is getting dirtier. And we’re still not finished. The neighbors across the street they were super nice! They gave us – Super friendly! – everything. They rented us, like, their workshop. *rock music* *sawing* *drilling* So now we just modified our pulley system. *rock music* Our Y zipline is done! If you think the idea is dope, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and be ready for more! *rock music* Umm, the way up this 15-meter cliff is umm … It’s not really a staircase. A super-safe rope ladder. A head full of dirt. This rope. Trees, half broken. Roots. But either we go here, or we swim another 500 meters. *rock music* I’m going to be the test bunny to test how much weight this, this monster can carry. Now, the first try for real! 3 … 2 … 1 … Woop! Woohooo! *zipline* And here we go! Yeah boy! How’s it looking? Okay, pretty awesome! Pretty awesome. So first try; I think it was a success. What can I say; this is what we’ve been working for for two and a half days. Well not exactly – this is the test we’ve been working for. See ya! See ya! Woohoo! *zipline* *laughter* The first try went well. The pull is really strange, you have to wait till it pulls you up. And I think it’s gonna go good. It looks fine, so now we are ready for a full-out test in a wetsuit. *rock music* Jan is going first. He’s the test bunny. *rock music* I could do a double for sure *laughter* That thing is super strange. You don’t know what to expect. One shot, one bellyflop. *clicks tongue* We’ve made the first tests. Uhhh … The swing is not as perfect as we expected. We have to do some improvements, my man. *rock music* I didn’t get the rotation I wanted, so I landed on my ears. I’m not satisfied. The first jump was exciting! The drop here is kind of weird, because you have to, like, step over the rock. *hands slapping* Yes! *rock music* A lot of friends tried the swing as well. Uhhh … There were a lot of belly flops. I’ll die of fear before I hit the water, but that’s okay. *rock music* *laughter* Nice rotation! Woohoo! I’m really scared, but I’m also excited. Let’s go! *rock music* *music* I didn’t see cuz the water was really
reflective. And I landed on my – a little bit on my stomach. I was out of my breath for a while. Okay, 3, 2, 1. Doing good, doing good! Ou, drop, drop, drop! I hope that I can manage to hold us for … at least two seconds. I don’t know what we’re doing, but I’m not scared at all. *music* Yeah! *cheering* *music* What’s Maks doing? It’s hard to see from up here, but I am in the middle of an 80-meter wide canyon. It’s 30 meters deep, and half of it is submerged underwater. You shouldn’t underestimate fender sender. Never. *music* One flip off that swing is almost impossible, so I did, like, a double 360 belly flop. It was cool. *music* I was like, every time I was in the air with too
much rotation, I was like “F**k, not again!” *laughter* *music* Maks and Mevži. The wide triangle swing. The wide triangle. F**k they only went once, and they they had, like, perfect timing. Who went front flip, Maks? Maks went front flip, and Mevži went backflip. And they were super close in the air. We had the safety boat in the water at all
times, and it did come in handy, twice. *wind whooshing* *splash* *laughter* With way too much rotation, way too much height. Perfect execution, but, you know, just the landing was a bit off. So he got knocked out, uh, he lost his memory, he got a concussion, we had to take him to the hospital. Look at this beautiful canyon. Ohh, ohh, ohhh. It just got disgusting. We said, like, we need a ladder. The sketchy – That’s really dumb. We need a ladder. *music* So Jani goes in the first swing, and I – when the swing goes back – I do the second jump. But we were twisting the way around, and I was, like, calculating where I’m gonna be in 10 meters *laughter* I’m bad at math. *laughter* The sounds of suffering are real. Many times I was on the ladder prepared for the jump. I was scared as f**k. Yeah. These adventures that we’re having here are just amazing – and not just because, you know, the stunts we’re doing, but also – all the rigging, it’s just so many new experiences we’re learning on the way. And besides that, we’re seeing, you know, Slovenia, places we’ve never seen before. And we’re meeting people, you know, from the country – like really, really good people. You know, the whole experience
wouldn’t be … it, without these people, the locations, the, you know, rigs. And, of course – the acrobatics. So we modified our pulley, so it won’t get stuck. And … let’s test it out! *chicken clucking* What about new gimbal? *chicken clucking* *laughter* This we’ll use for steady shots, you see. *chicken clucking* *chicken clucking violently*

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