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Woohoo! A storm caught us. Lifted and moved Yeah, baby! This is the biggest trampoline ever assembled. I think it can reach, like, 10 m height. He almost flew off the net. That’s the reason … bridges collapse … and stuff like that. We just arrived at the crane center. It’s like a field of cranes we’ve got like 50 of them here. And in this van we have the frame of our new trampoline that we are gonna build. It’s gonna be 12 by 12 meters big. Let’s get to it! *claps* *rock music* The whole process of setting the thing up is first we had to construct the whole aluminum frame. That’s 12 by 12 meters. Uh, it’s super strong – we hope it’s strong enough for
our double bounces. *metal clanking* The youngsters, they are working. I’m just supervising. Put it there! This is a special net, specially designed for a supernova trampoline. *rock music* The net of the trampoline is fixed to
the frame via springs that are attached to the steel cable, and the steel cable is
attached to the frame with straps. Let’s get some straps in the game! We ordered 32 pieces of these straps to put some tension on the trampoline. We have enough straps. *laughter* We have a lot of straps because there’s a lot of load. We’re calculating that there’s around 2 tons of force, of vertical force while we’re jumping. And the straps need to hold almost twice as much force. So, what makes a trampoline a trampoline are the springs. And we have about 250 of those, and we’re setting them up so that there are more umm, frequent on the center. Cause we’re gonna double bounce virtually almost all the time in the middle. It’s gonna be such a pain in the a** to get this off tomorrow. Yup. *sound of stretching* Sick. Woohooo! Woohoo! Woooo! Oh my goodness! Wobbedly, wobbedly, wobbedly, woop! *rock music* *metal clanking* *rock music* Time to test it! Let’s lift it up, and hopefully everything goes well. *epic music* Huge f***ing structure! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Gap was the first one to check the net, and … the whole thing works. I mean, the trampoline is, like, tight. But the problem is that the crane and the whole structure in between catches the frequency and just keeps bouncing further and further, and that’s the reason bridges collapse. *crashing sound* So that’s why we’re gonna try to use the biggest crane available. *metal clanking* It seems that the bigger crane works much much much better, but we still have to try and put five people on the big trampoline. Woohoo! It’s super scary looking down on these concrete blocks. *epic music* Oh my god. *epic music* Yeah, baby! Woohoo! *air whooshing* So, in the middle of the session a storm caught us. The problem is that the net was basically lifted and moved to the side because the crane is shifting with the wind. This is what I’m talking about. *wind* If you touch the net during the storm, you’re gonna have a bad time. The storm passed and now we’re continuing
with the session. Isn’t that right, Gap? *mimicking British accent* That’s totally right. *upbeat music* Amazing view, amazing drop … I cannot describe this setup. It’s f***ing BOOM!

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