Bullies Use Food to Attack Kids with Serious Allergies

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dole is a pretty worthless awakens to
grade school but now police have found a different way to attack kids and what
they do is they look for kids who have food allergies and then they use those foods to attack
the kids uh… senate right yet this is something
that the new york times recently wrote about and apparently in a recent survey of two
hundred fifty one sets of parents and children with food allergies publishing
pediatrics in january roughly a third of the children reported
being bullied further allergies parents knew about the threatening behavior only
hav of the time so in some cases are we have the bully
will try to see your peanut butter on the
face of their students who have to know now that she’s and we don’t have statistics on how
often it happens because this is a relatively new phenomenon but it shows you that this is something
that immediately because now what it goes
beyond being and making fun putting then select o when her nine reply uh… so now it’s not good either and we
should regulate on that too buttttt school extra step in taking the knots or
one of their allergic to and trying to put them in contact with that that is
deadly serious so he’s allergies are really really rough i mean i know uh… friends about it carolyn like needles for their kids to that if the in
olympics was tonight so whatever they got a cinema benito land the whole thing seem friend of mister if
some party as did if i have a kid that’s gotta malathion
luo once the rub piano bar on it kid s got another allergy men i hope the supervisor of the school
or aware of that and need to step on any existing like
this bullet like hot you know the but that sucks for you to get beyond it
right and then there’s a kind of a link that
might literally kill you i don’t know if i’m already so out of
touch from grade school that i don’t understand it but when i was in school it was never this vicious maybe up pretty bad in terms of
name-calling sometimes they would get a little physical but never took went where the bullying
weight put your life in danger yeah i mean i guess you didn’t have a
way of putting your life in danger back in every day when the weather here in
toronto and what are somewhat like a light you might not be doing like that
since indicates that something cancer bushes
creatures until we socialized right if we’d let them they’d be chimpanzees
right and any sucks a lot of parents are
vicious creatures when you get those to the house direct
competition at sino thank that’s where guests terry passer
get a lot of complicated stuff when you get nervous is apparent you don’t want
you know usage your at kids in that situation let my kids three and i worry
about a day care of the four girls push them around right media and he had another under the cover
that i would not scenario million by amin i don’t know what to do but i
got to get them out of that situation and i had a figure i don’t talk to their
parents and say legrand this is way beyond acceptable
because and the kids have to be made aware they are kids they’ve got to be
made aware about how serious is stuff this is like excuse me can see i think
arts no big deal hahaha allergy use these more no in some of these are
very severe you might actually go

100 thoughts on “Bullies Use Food to Attack Kids with Serious Allergies

  1. This will happen until the first kid gets charged for attempted murder or man slaughter. Which is just wrong.

  2. This is just painfully stupid. I don't think people are aware you can have severe allergic reactions that can cause death, via clogging airways,etc. This goes above and beyond having someone commit suicide because of bullying, this would be flat out murder.

  3. I used to teach in schools and the fact is that a lot of the bullies parents are also abusive idiots & that's where the kids get some of their behaviour from. This is why schools and authorities need to penalise the parents more because like the bullies they often get away with it. But if you come down harder on the parents they are more likely to school their kids on how to behave more appropriately.

  4. Blame the 'media', e.g. marketing, advertising, political rhetoric for the proliferation of narcissistic, sociopathic, elitist behaviour which is overriding our empathic response.

  5. Stop thinking so fucking black and white. I'm not saying 100% of kids don't know, and never did, yet you instantly assume that, and try to counter with "SOME kids know!". Yes, I already acknowledged that, in saying that "some kids don't know". Some=not everyone. It's fucking simple.
    Your stupid "hurr charge 100% who do this with first degree murder" does not account for the people who don't fucking know you can die from it. Key word is nuance.

  6. sue the bullies with attempted murder. drop the charges after a month or two.
    Those bullies would be so scared, maybe they would stop being assholes entirely.

  7. Oh yes, and that good whole food is available from so many places! Not. It's all GMO, nutrient devoid sawdust. The US lives off of fast food, because it's the primary option. Not having options for good food is the same as force feeding garbage. Look at all the fat kids shoving burgers in their faces, and the media says it's normal? Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.

  8. Cenk. Children are not vicious creatures.
    The behavior of grown-ups model vicious behaviors.
    Don't blame the children!

  9. Oh, and BTW, we are more closely related in genetic terms to Bonobos than Chimpanzees!
    Yes, chimpanzees are very violent as cultures go.
    Bonobos avoid conflict by having sex!
    Please stop throwing out ignorant references!

  10. My brother has milk allergy, I've been thinking for years how great a story would be if a diabolical villain would put someone with milk allergy in a vat full of milk.

  11. So if someone accidentally gives a person allergic to peanuts or whatever something with peanuts, and the allergic dies, should that person also be considered as bad as the person who guns someone down, knowing they'll die?
    You're in over your head here, because you're obviously wrong. A black and white view of the world is usually wrong – and you're clearly wrong.

  12. And if the bully didn't know giving peanuts to the allergic person could kill? Do we simply not care about that? Am I as guilty as a gunman if I intend to spook my buddy – or perhaps an enemy – but end up killing him because he had an extremely rare heart condition?
    Either you're retarded or trolling. Either way, I don't feel like explaining this very simple concept in greater detail any more, so either start saying something even remotely intelligent or I'll consider this argument over.

  13. That's attempted murder and those bullies should be made to serve time in a hard core prison for a couple of weeks to scare the shit out of them, like when they had that "scared straight" program! Sure taught a lot of future criminals to change their corrupt ways before they grew into future assholes and lawbreakers! Show them what it's like in the inside of prison even stage a fake rape scene to give them that real feel of life on the inside, especially if they're young pretty things!

  14. I wasn't thinking in terms of black and white dumbass. I however didn't say that all who do this kind of shit should be judged via the 1st degree. Come at me with a strawman argument again, I dare you.

  15. I assumed you agreed with the person I was talking to, and therefore assumed that you agreed they should all be considered murderers, because the alternative would be that you're just wasting my fucking time for no goddamn reason.
    Now give me a counter argument or fuck off.

  16. "and the fact is that a lot of the bullies parents are also abusive idiots & that's where the kids get some of their behaviour from."

    Idiot. I used to be a bully. My parents were never abusive towards me. It was fun to rule over those wimpy kids with my fists. I It's their fault for letting themselves get bullied. Parents need to teach their kids to stop being such pussies.

  17. When I was a kid, a young kid came to our school with such a severe peanut allergy that we couldn't have peanut butter in the building. It sucked, and I'm glad no one ever did that to him, because people wee planning to at one point.

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  19. I know this may be a bit nit picky but I am slightly angry about how light regular bullying was portrayed in this video, words kill just as much as an allergy or a knife, it just takes longer. If kids could raidiate each other and not see the effects till they got cancer in their 30s would it be taken as lightly as this?

  20. knowing the dumbass parents who need to get disciplined for not disciplining their children, would probably end up in an a fight or violent argument.

  21. I behave around children as I would among adults. I cannot bring me down to a children level, therefore I dislike and hate any situation than requires me to be that way. I decided I hate any kid, as long as that kid is in my personal space. I also decided I never want kids of my own.

    I understand that some of them behave badly, some of them are quite ok, and still don't care to be near them. Once you learn the language, you can walk, look me up, until then fuck off!

  22. they need some serious beating, that what it is. and a lot of chores trough out the day, so that they are to tired to think about stupid things they should do to others.

  23. they are allergic to peanuts? LOL srsly?

    and anyone who looks at them wrong is a "bully"

    "he called me fat! i am going to kill myself"

    what a generation of pussies

    thanks left wing socialist educators and suffocating helicopter moms

    give 'em all a peanut butter sandwich and let Darwin sort them out

  24. for the gods' sake, a 14 year old lesbian

    what did daddy do to you?

    maybe if you shut the fuck up about it you wouldn't get hate mail

  25. I've never really gotten to be with my dad. I haven't seen my dad since I was two years old. And I don't ge ate mail anymore!

  26. so that's the problem

    listen, kid, 14 is too young to be defining yourself sexually

    keep your pants on and focus on school.

    you have plenty of years to get entangled in emotionally damaging relationships that ruin your life

    just love yourself, that's all you really need

  27. I completely agree with this. In fact, I think in certain cases, where the child acts particularly cruel or violent, they should send people from the state to investigate the child's living conditions. Catch it all early.


    well, sexual feelings

    if you like girls, that's great. but give yourself four or five years and then figure that out

    the best piece of advice i can give you, and my kid hears it all the time, is don't get tangled up in relationships

    i know, i'm an oooold adult who doesn't understand but i do.

    here's an eHug. now go be a kid while you can

  29. Thanks. Yeah, I'm no really looking to be in a relationship for a while. I'm trying to enjoy being young as I am now for as long as possible.

  30. NO!!! 14 is NOT too young to defining yourself sexually!!! especially if you have feelings for someone! Don't lose the chance to be with someone you love! I'm gay and when I was around that age I was a coward and didn't show my feelings for a guy i liked and now I assume that I never will have him. I do have another boyfriend now that i really love, but years of pain could have been spared….

  31. And I knew when i was 11 that i was into guys, but did first admit it to my self years later.. I hade sex the first time when i was about 12 and it has never bothered me in any way… I say, You go girl ;P. English it not my native language, sorry if it's a little bad…

  32. HaHa I know the feeling, but two of the straight guys i had crushes on when i was younger (and didn't try to flirt with) turned out to be gay and bisexuall. But I really understand if you dont want to take the risk by telling girls, you think are straight , that you like them… which country are you from? US?

  33. This is tragic and requires urgent interventions. This is nothing to smile or giggle about. Serious consequences need to be announced e.g high fines, and/or jail time. For some, parents may have to do that time.

  34. No, i meant how bullies be smart by poisoning their prey, instead of beating the shit out of them or shove a pencil up their ass.

    And plz take the time too google "Sarcasm" -.-

  35. You could of been serious how do I know? It's hard to know a sarcastic from a non-sarcastic comment on YouTube unless it's more obvious. Sorry for the confusion though.

  36. Fucking bullies I hope they all go 2 hell and they r forced 2 suck the devils dick and then there lungs fill up with semen and the die 😐

  37. Start ganging up on bullies, there are way more kids getting picked on then bullies picking on kids…Gang up, and beat the poop out of them! I guarantee that bully is not going to fuck with you again.

  38. First time it happens, hefty warning, second time, suspension, third time, legal recourse. Im talking assault fucking charges. This isnt some shit where you are giving someone a wedgie. Physical assaults should be charged. This shit can kill someone. KILL SOMEONE. It is one of the few times where a kid bringing in a gun to school is sadly nearly justified. If administrators ignores it, a kid sadly is legitimately defending their LIVES. The whole situation is horrific.

  39. First time it happens, hefty warning, second time, suspension, third time, legal recourse. Im talking assault fucking charges. This isnt some shit where you are giving someone a wedgie. Physical assaults should be charged. This shit can kill someone. KILL SOMEONE. It is one of the few times where a kid bringing in a gun to school is sadly nearly justified. If administrators ignores it, a kid sadly is legitimately defending their LIVES. The whole situation is horrific.

  40. First time it happens, hefty warning, second time, suspension, third time, legal recourse. Im talking assault fucking charges. This isnt some shit where you are giving someone a wedgie. Physical assaults should be charged. This shit can kill someone. KILL SOMEONE. It is one of the few times where a kid bringing in a gun to school may save their lives. If administrators ignores it, a kid sadly is legitimately defending their LIVES. The whole situation is horrific.

  41. This is not bullying; this is attempted murder. If this ever happens, the "bully" should be tried in a court of law.


  43. Good lord! As if American schools were bad enough when handling bullying! Now they're using food for God's sake! FOOD is what they're using as an excuse to pick on others! Hell, the fact that bullies are using food allergy as a method of harassment is not only insulting, IT'S ACTUALLY DANGEROUS! Like, they could actually KILL someone by weaponizing food that kids are allergic to.

  44. We are witnessing the wussification of America. There has always been bullies. It's just that when I was coming up, we fought back. Are kids really this passive now or is it just being publicized more? Most bullies are cowards, You stand up to them, they back off.

  45. This is some PC bullshit!  Are kids running around forcing milk down peoples throats and throwing peanut butter?  Give me a break, more child worship and over-sensitivity.  

  46. I don't want to write out my life story, but I will say that bullying was horrid for me in school despite varying economic levels since I went to four different schools. I would definitely say it's not worse now, just different. My sister is twelve years younger and it was bad for her too, but in a different way. Much more emotional abuse since she dealt with the beginnings of internet interactions.

  47. It dosen't have to be food allergy related bullying that's attempted murder. Bullying itself is attempted murder since that it can drive people into suicide.

  48. When I was is 7th grade twine guy put penury on my head I was at a table with my friends my friends knew I was allergic to nuts and so I flat out pushed the guy and he went away AND I GOT IN TROUBLE I'm like wtf

  49. Maybe if people didn't teach their children to be so unacceptably passive, you wouldn't even need to HEAR about such ridiculous, liberal joker nonsense. There's no excuse for anyone to let this happen to themself unless they're in a wheelchair. Don't act like these things haven't gone on for hundreds of thousands of years on multiple levels, regardless of adult or child.

  50. This is technically attempted murder.But then again all forms are attempted murder because sometimes it leads to the bullied individual to possibly go and attempted suicide.

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