Caffeine Allergy: Was Causing Me Depression & Fatigue

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– Do you start your day with a coffee? Well, you could be putting your business and your mindset at risk. I’ve lived in Melbourne most of my life. It has the best coffee in the world, and this is backed up according
to a survey by And like most other Melburnians,
I enjoyed my coffee. It’s part of a start-up
culture for entrepreneurs to rely on stimulants like coffee to get us through the day and provide us with the
momentum that we need to push through major
projects on little sleep. But for me, personally, it came at a cost. I lived with an agonizing fatigue that plagued me for years. And what was a once in
a week treat at a cafe, suddenly became a daily ritual
after experiencing jet lag. And I began to suffer with depression, dizziness, and extreme fatigue that would cause me to take
two naps during the day just to get through it. It was completely and
utterly debilitating. What did I do to try and fix this issue? Well, I poured more coffee on it, thinking if I drank more, it would give me another boost of energy, to only get that boost and
hit those crashing lows. I was stuck in a cycle,
like many of us are. When more than seven doctors couldn’t work out what was going wrong, I experimented on myself, and after three years of
painstakingly removing foods from my diet, I discovered, to my dismay, that I’m highly allergic to caffeine. And I know I’m not the only one. But even if you don’t have an allergy, there are serious health
risks that may cost you more than just your business and a breakdown. There are a whole lot of
studies linking caffeine to high blood pressure,
insomnia, headaches, indigestion, heart attacks, anxiety and many more conditions you probably wouldn’t
first associate it with. Remember, after all, caffeine is a drug. The personally shocking
revelation I discovered was that one to two cups of coffee per day was enough for me to experience anxiety. And instead of realizing it was caffeine, I blamed my business, which almost cost me a
lifetime’s worth of work because I was ready to throw
it all in at one point. Which made no sense to me at the time. The blame was completely misplaced as was my anxiety and fears because of a simple
stimulant like caffeine that we don’t have a second thought. Now, it might not impact on
you as much as it does me, and I hope not, but do you know what caffeine
is really doing to you, your sleep, your ability to focus and sustain your energy
throughout the day? If you don’t, I dare you to
take this easy challenge. Keep a diary for the next week, and observe the ebbs and
flows of your energy. Track your reactions, sleepless night, anxiety,
increased heart rate, that you mistakenly
blame as work pressure. Caffeine wasn’t only
killing me psychologically, it was killing my business
and as entrepreneurs, you know, that we all have a propensity to guzzle down coffee to keep us going. The question is, what’s
the real cost to you? I challenge you to find out. (mid-tempo lively music)

22 thoughts on “Caffeine Allergy: Was Causing Me Depression & Fatigue

  1. It's funny, I came to the same conclusion after also trying to eliminate harmfull foods from my diet. I tried everything, I even lived vegan-gluten free for a long time, nothing helped!

    But the one thing I never deleted out of my diet was caffeine. I'm so happy I found it out, just like you!

  2. THIS IS MY DAILY LIFE! Every time I consume coffee or Red Bull, the energy lasts briefly, but the negative side effects hit me within 15 min. and are significant.

    What can people like we take as an alternative to energize the body and stimulate the mind? I need an "upper" to get my graduate assignments and work done.

    Thank you in advance!

  3. I also am allergic to caffeine. For me my Eustachian tubes will clog up completely, exhausted and I can hear myself breathing. Caffeine, nicotine, heroine, one time buzz then constantly chase it. Caffeine wrecks your adrenal glands and natural energy leaving you and your body wanting more more more.

  4. I can totally relate! I'm super sensitive to coffee/caffeine. I only drink one cup a day and I feel great for about thirty minutes then the rest of the day I suffer with dizziness, lightheadedness , anxiety etc. And sadly, I love coffee…. But I know I need to quit to heal myself. Did your dizziness go away immediately after quitting or did it take some time? The dizziness is the worst part and I hope it goes first for me! 😬😊

  5. This is totally true. I didn't know why I was feeling so anxious, sweating like crazy, feeling nauseous and having no energy left at the end of the day. The weird thing is I can drink 1 liter of green tea and feel totally ok, but 1 tiny cup of coffee makes me sick. I'm glad I figured it out and I can't believe most people use it daily.

  6. I’ve finally realized what has caused my anxiety over all these years… It was caffeine. I always thought changing my diet was the answer, and it was! But it wasn’t food, it was caffeine!

  7. Great video Ben. I, myself also suffering from the side effect of coffee. I used to be a non frequent coffee drinker until i run a coffee shop with my friends. At the beginning i and them spent pretty amount of time tasting coffee before we opened the shop. Although, i can say I’m not addicted to coffee. Several days or so of not drinking caffeinated drinks seem fine to me. However, i start to realize that it leaves me a daily feeling of fatigue and depression. With enough sleep and not too much work, i still feel tired and sleepy throughout the day. I find out that my hobbies that used to be enjoyable become boring. I feel constantly down. I get so nervous over a small thing and overthink. Since I feel tired most of the time, procrastination start to come into my life. It really ruins many things to my business and work. I feel like I’m trapped in a cycle of it. And now, I’m trying to get my old self back.

  8. I havent had coffee for 4 days and my anxiety is gone. My mood has also improved and I feel more focused. Will probably never drink it again.

  9. Even if I have a coffee first thing in the morning, I'm still awake till about 3am. I hate it because I love coffee and hate seeing everyone else drink it and not have to worry about not falling asleep.

  10. Omg……I’m going through this now. Thank you for this video. It’s making me very sick. What is interesting is that five doctors all dismissed any connection between my chronic condition and drinking coffee. Even after I said, I’ve stopped and I’m feeling better, they all would not believe the connection.

  11. I think I may be experiencing this. I notice extreme periods of fatigue, brain fog and depression. I’m also a big coffee drinker.

  12. Started constantly drinking Coffee a year ago for a while. I chronically felt angry, anzious, unmotivated, depressed, anxious, had no self esteem and felt like pure trash. I could not focus, was not productive and felt very scatter brained. I even lost my Job. I felt suicidal. Enough was enough, and within a few weeks of not having coffe, my mental focus clarity and energy started coming and back and I didn't feel as negative all the time.

  13. I had the same story for 30 years….doctors don't depression is gone.I sleep well and no more panic attack.

  14. It's not allergy, it just rises your blood pressure. I'm an occasional drinker (once a year, maybe?) and I feel the blood pressure and heart beat rate rising.

  15. I've felt this fatigue as well. And the depression. It's bone deep and leaves you completely unable to function. I was at the point where I would sleep 8 hours and immediately want to go back to sleep for 8 more.

    I look back on my life, and remember a few weeks early in my teens when I felt this deep powerful fatigue that I never understood. I had just starting drinking caffeine at that point. Once I got into my career in EMS I realized that I was drinking coffee each weekend, ending up brutally tired and then recovering through the week only to repeat the cycle. I also found out that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners caused me extreme brain fog which left me locked in my own head almost unable to have a normal conversation.

    My question to you is, is there a substitute? As I said I work in EMS. At times I can be up for the better part of 48 hours. Is it possible it is specifically caffeine and maybe I could substitute ginseng instead??

    Or is it a low functioning adrenal where any stimulant will cause similar problems?

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