Calcium Deficiency: 6 Warning Signs and Top Calcium-Rich Foods

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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of natural
medicine and founder of Today, we’ll be talking about the warning
signs that you have a calcium deficiency and the top calcium-rich foods you need to be
getting in your diet today. So we’re going to dive right in and talk about
some of the surprising calcium-rich foods plus warning signs you’re calcium deficient
and how to overcome a calcium deficiency. So for starters, listen, here are symptoms
that you have a calcium deficiency. Number one, brittle bones and fractures. If you know somebody or you yourself, has
broken bones fairly easily, that could be a big warning sign that you have a calcium
deficiency. Now, osteoporosis, if you have osteoporosis,
that means you have a calcium deficiency. Blood clotting problems, especially if you
tend to get bruising and it stays for a long time or you can tell you kind of get these
age spots or skin issues, that could be a warning sign. Weakness and fatigue, child growth delays,
heart problems, these are all warning signs that you have a calcium deficiency. Now, here are benefits in general of having
optimal levels of calcium in your body. Number one, supports muscle and nerve function. So think about it, your brain controls every
organ in your body, working for your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your bowels
to move. Calcium supports your brain and nervous system,
so it’s very, very important for that reason. Diabetic prevention. Calcium has been shown to prevent diabetes
in medical studies, been shown to be crucial for the dental health of your mouth and gums. Also, weight loss support. A lot of people don’t realize how beneficial
and how necessary calcium is, being one of the most abundant minerals in your body. Let’s now talk about the most calcium-rich
food you should be getting in your diet every single day. Number one is kale. We call kale the king of the vegetable kingdom. It’s high in vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin,
so it’s great for your eyes, but also it’s one of the most calcium-rich foods, super
greens, out there. I love doing kale as a kale salad or sautéed
kale with some garlic and coconut oil and sea salt. Number two, sardines. Sardines are an omega-3-rich superfood, which
we know, omega-3s reduce inflammation. Sardines are high in omega-3s, they’re high
in protein, but also very, very high in calcium. This is one of the ultimate foods for healing
the body. Number three is kefir. So kefir, one of the great things about kefir
. . . now again, I don’t recommend conventional cow’s milk. Conventional cow’s milk today is loaded with
hormones, steroids, antibiotics, other medications. It’s pasteurized. It’s homogenized. It’s toxic to the body. But if you can go out to a farmer’s market
or buy certified organic goat’s milk kefir, all those probiotics . . . in fact, it’s probably
the most probiotic-rich superfood in the word. The good news is, is that kefir, you’re going
to absorb even more of the calcium because of all of the probiotics. So kefir, I would include yoghurt there as
well, an incredible calcium-rich superfood. Number four here, we’ve talked about raw milk. Has it been pasteurized or homogenized, which
actually will damage a lot of the enzymes which can affect absorption. Number five here, white beans. White beans are actually very high in calcium. So especially if you’re on a vegan diet, white
beans are one of the superfoods you want to be adding into your diet. Number six, raw milk cheese. Now, I love doing raw sheep and goat cheeses. I love Manchego. I love P’tit Basque. I love doing . . . different brands of even
raw goat cheddar are very good. Raw milk cheese is a very good place to get
your calcium. Number seven is okra. Now, okra has a little bit of a slimy substance,
but this stuff is delicious, especially when made with stewed tomatoes. Okra is also very good for the health of your
bowel movements. So if you have that issue, too, okra is good. Number eight, collard greens. Collard greens are up there with kale in terms
of its overall nutrient density. So doing collard greens, another calcium-rich
superfood. Almonds, this one might surprise you. Almonds, in terms of the nut family, and nuts
and seeds have the highest levels of calcium, so you can also oftentimes do an almond milk. If you’re allergic or sensitive to dairy,
doing almonds or almond milk instead can be a good replacement, and you’re going to get
some calcium. Number 10, natto. Natto is fermented soy. Now, we don’t recommend or I don’t recommend
conventional soy because of all the phytoestrogens. The good news is, is natto, which is an ancient
Japanese superfood dish, very high in probiotics like Bacillus subtilis, also though very high
levels of calcium. So natto is part of the Japanese diet. And really, Japanese have more centenarians
per person than anywhere else in the world. Number 11 is we know goat cheese is a better
option than most cow’s milk cheese. So throwing a little goat cheese on a kale
salad can be a good option. And then mustard greens, similar to collard
greens, spinach, and kale, also very high in calcium. And you want to focus on getting these foods
as much as possible on your diet every single day. Now I want to mention this. Calcium supplements warning. If you’re doing a by-itself calcium supplement,
it may increase your risk of a heart attack, increase your fracture risk, and artery disease. Well, how is that possible? Here is the reason why. When you take calcium, you need to take it
with the other cofactors that support absorption, including vitamin K, vitamin D, and magnesium. Okay? So remember, in order to absorb calcium, you
need vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K. Well, the good news is in food form, you’re
getting many of these other nutrients. In sardines, you’re getting vitamin D. In
raw cheese, you’re getting vitamin K2. That’s why you want to be consuming that whole
list of foods on that board to really lift up your calcium levels. But again, taking an isolated calcium supplement
will actually do you more harm than good. Most of it’s made of something called calcium
carbonate, which essentially is ground mineral rock, and your body can’t absorb it. In fact, according to clinical studies, your
body will only absorb about less than 30% of calcium carbonate. The rest of it can actually get lodged in
your arteries, causing arterial plaque and “calcification” of your arteries. So again, when buying a calcium supplement,
make sure it also has vitamin D, vitamin K, and magnesium as part of it there as well. So the good news is even though there are
all these calcium symptoms, you can overcome them when you’re getting more of these calcium-rich
foods in your diet every single day. Well hey, guys, if you want to learn more
about natural and ancient remedies to heal your body and other minerals like magnesium
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