California Children Are Contaminated

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22 thoughts on “California Children Are Contaminated

  1. I would be interested to know what the impact of the sorts of confinement dairy operations popular in the US has on the final product versus the pasture fed dairy cows from the small raw operations the FDA is always trying to shut down.

  2. Of coarse plants are primary, but these studies presume an urban bias.  Those of us in the country who raise their own organic meat and eggs and drink clean well water would test differently.  Bioaccumulation accepted, I think the indictment is at the corporate, industrial food model, not all meat per se, but the ocean is definitely both radioactive and toxic.

  3. If you're an adult and have only been a vegan for a short time, in comparison to your entire life span, how would you suggest cleansing the toxins you've already accumulated?? Thank You, in advance.

  4. Oh my god 🙁  This is worse than i thought!! Wow. Now i defenitely would like to raise my children vegan….

  5. Helpful information. It's so unfortunate to see how genetically modified foods are affecting the development and growth of our children. This generation is much sicker than the ones before and there's really no reason for it. 

  6. what about gmo's, pesticides, unchanged soil depriving plants of nutrients… even if I went all vegan how can I avoid all these things? people are scarfing down things like tomatoes with gmo's from stores and they're becoming infertile…  and before you ask no I don't have a garden area to make my own vegies

  7. It seems that stopping the poisoning of the population would take precedent over ANYTHING the government (of any country) is doing. Duh. You have to look out for yourself cause Big Brother, Big Pharma,and the FDA sure aren't going to, those MF"S!! Thanks Dr. Greger.

  8. I think both people who prefer to eat meat and vegans have a common enemy ; large Industrial concerns and corporations. besides food,  we are getting toxins from water,air environment and vaccines.etc. I understand the bio accumulation in livestock however by eating  more fruit and vegetables  we will start to bio accumulate we are not safe either way. I think a way out is to buy organic , support local farms and home grown gardens. remember consumers support large corporations and so does our government not "us" (people concerned about health).

  9. Lead in dairy?  I wasn't surprised to hear about the arsenic coming from poultry though.  So glad I'm vegan. Thanks for the info.

  10. I saw a new milk ad too now I think some bs like milk is life and they mention protein in it as well. I wish someone with a shitload of money would pay for an anti dairy commercial

  11. Do you think this explains people that would revote in gov moonbeam?  I've wondered for a long time.


  12. What is a good plant-based meal? At my college there is fast food restaurants with meat-based meals everywhere. Its super convenient. What can I do?

  13. Pesticides and other wonderful environmental toxins are everywhere..basically we're all screwed, I guess, thanks to stupid careless people.  How nice.  Try to avoid these pollutants but don't be surprised if your efforts are in vain.

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