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– Hi, I’m Parris. – And I’m Roxanna. – And do you think this company noticed that you were sick recently? I’m not sure, but they contacted us Roxanna has a cold, and said, “Would you like to try out
these masks that we make? “They are much higher
quality than the inexpensive “masks that you find in the drug store. “These are reusable, they
will filter out pollution, “particulate matter. “They will filter out
viruses and bacteria. “They have silver threads lined “through it to kill viruses and bacteria.” Sounds pretty exciting. – Yes! – We’d like to see how they fit, how well we can breathe with them, and how fashionable they are. They’re from the Cambridge Mask Company. (guitar music)
♫ Epic Review Guys ♫ – [Parris] Thank you to the folks at the Cambridge Mask Company for sending us these to try out. They sell them in pounds, from England. They’re not available on
Amazon, just from their website, which we’ll link to down below this video. But, I think that’s about
$25 U.S. for a mask. They come in different
sizes, because it’s important that they fit correctly,
and one of the more interesting things are all
the designs that they have. Roxanna, you saw on their
website the different designs, what did you think? – I thought that was so amazing! Like, oh, my gosh! – Alright! Let’s try the two out that they sent to us,
and see how amazing we look! My model is the Churchill,
it’s an extra large, and what’s yours? – Mine is the full Cambridge. – And it’s a medium size. – Mhmm! – Okay. There’s an actual valve on the front, so it looks like, from what I remember of the old Army/Navy
surplus, you could go and buy a gas mask, of course they have a big canister on the end. But still have that valvey thing. This is a big user manual
that comes with it! Oh, it’s in different languages. Okay. You should read that. Okay. This is the inside, and the outside. I got super hero villain thing going on, and for the ears, I’m thinking. So mine is standard black. I can kind of see light
through the valve part, but there’s some mesh so
it’s not a straight through. I guess that’s what
provides the filtration. Can I hold yours up, take a look? And, Roxanna has a baby blue. You see how you can see the
light through there, kind of? – Oh yeah! – Read through the instructions, I read them in English,
Roxanna read them in Korean. – Yes! And I found a word! I sounded it out, then I
realized I knew what it was! Okay, so, I was here,
and it’s (fake cough). It’s basically saying ‘mask’ in English. But here it’s ma-soo-kuh. Ma-soo-kuh. – It’s an English word that they write with the Hangul syllabary, so it’s an English word that says Ma-soo-ku, but it’s mask,
so you would know it, and people in Korea know it. – I know! I’m so proud of myself! – Roxanna is a big K-Pop fan
now, and she’s learning Korean. And if they have air
pollution problems in Seoul when you go there, you
may need one of these. We did notice that they
include the instructions in a number of languages,
and they seem to mention China a lot, so there’s a lot of pollution problems in China. The way this works, it is washable, but it’s not everlasting. I did read that dependent on how polluted the air is that you’re in, you do have to get rid of it after a certain amount of time. If you’re off the charts, terrible air, you can get 90 hours of use out of this. If the air is just so-so bad, you can get 240 hours, and that’s
the total amount of time. So if wear it just and hour a day, going to work or something,
it could still last you six months or something, easily. They said when it gets
difficult to breathe through it, it means that, and I thought just this was the filter, it’s not true. This has to do with letting the humidity out or something, but,
the filtering material is all over the mask. It’s all the filter. And, it will fill up with
tiny pollution particles, which will block the
air flow, so eventually, it’ll be hard to breathe through. When it gets to that point, then you need to get rid of it, and get a new one. You ready to try it on? – Yes! – Now this part goes
up, it’s the nose piece, and it’s a little bit, see
how you can bend it and it stays in position? – Wait, which part? – The part that looks like a nose. – Oh. – I think it’s there.
– Like that? – You have two noses.
– They both look like it. – Well, ones more ‘nosey’ than they other. One of them has the piece that when you bend it, it stays, and the
other one doesn’t have that. Here, oh yeah, I feel it right there. See, you bend it, and it stays. – So…
– This one doesn’t. That’s the part that goes on your nose, ’cause you’re gonna press it down, to form a seal on your nose. Your mask might actually be
a little bit small for you. – I was thinking that too. – Yeah, I think you needed a large. ‘Cause it’s based on your weight. Sorry, your ears still attached okay? – Mhmm. – So you make sure it fits all around. You squeeze the nose bit so it’s snug. And then, breathe, and see
whether you can or not. How’s that working out for you? – It’s working pretty well, I think. – Mine’s the extra large. I think I needed extra large. The beard, it has a little bit of, it’s not quite as tight around my face. – This, I mean, it’s kind of
hard to talk and stuff with it, but–
– Look (breathing heavily). You see the whole thing suck in? – Yes! – It’s burning my eyes! My own breath is burning my eyes! – It’s like–
– I guess only I hear myself breathing you don’t hear me breathing. – I can hear you breathing. – Oh, really? – Yeah.
– Oh. Okay. – But like, oh my gosh, hear me too! (breathing lightly) – Yeah, I see it moving. – That means it’s a tight seal. – [Paris] Yeah.
– That means the air isn’t going out anywhere else. – Right, you’re pulling the air through the filter of the mask itself. (breathing deeply) – But I like I really like it. I mean, it’s kinda hard to–
– It’s soft. – Talk with, because it’s right around your chin right there. – Yeah, I see that. – The thing, though, also, is like, this is much easier, the air, like, I’m not heating up everything. – Yeah–
– My face like I– – I expected it would make us really hot– – Yeah!
– And I don’t feel that. – Yeah, same, I was kinda
nervous, I was like, am I gonna just end up
with, like, sweat covering everything right there and stuff? But, like, no, it’s like
I’m not even getting any, heat stuck in there. – And we’re in Texas, it’s hot here. Here’s just a sampling
of the models they have. The Princess Charlotte! So colorful, and with patterns. The ones we have are pretty simple. But nice, and fashionable,
I guess you could say. So you’ve worn it for several minutes now, do you feel you could wear this for an hour or two during the day? – If I didn’t have to talk, yes. – Ah.
– Totally. – So, if you live somewhere
that has a lot of pollution, if you are worried about
catching someone’s cold, I suppose if you have issues
yourself, health-wise, that you have to be very careful with not picking up viruses or
bacteria while you’re out, this might be a very good option. I believe it meets some certifications for that type of mask. They said the technology
for this was developed originally, for the protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare. So it doesn’t filter everything out. But it’s certainly a much more serious mask than those little paper
ones you see people wearing. If you’re interested
in the Cambridge Mask, we’ll have links to them
down below this video. Thanks again, for sending
these out to us to try out. It’s something nice, I’m
thinking to have, like, in the glove box of the car. They do give you a nice metal
tin with it, so you can store it, and then just take
it out when you need it. It’s not something you necessarily have to keep on you all the time. But I think it’d be nice
to have them in the car, if I ended up out somewhere and
it’s very dusty or something like that, I would
definitely use one of these. I’ll be back soon, with another review. You can keep checking back for that, or you can click that
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when our videos go up! See you on the next review. ♫ What does the fox buy,
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