Can a salt cave session relieve asthma and allergies?

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most people would say too much salt is bad for your health but here at the montauk salt cave they’re flipping the script on salt one session at a time hey I’m Shannon Coppola and I own the montauk salt cave here at the location here in Montauk New York and we have locations in Huntington in New York City we’re all about getting salty just kind of releasing and relaxing and letting go the first session was definitely a breathing feeling I thought well the sinus is clear did I just look at that it feels great typical Saki session is you’re literally in this room you’re surrounded with eight tons of pink Himalayan salt and you’re absorbing all eighty-four minerals which is called speleothems and then coupled with that is halo therapy where we pump in pharmaceutical grade salt and all of the salt is antiviral antibacterial antifungal antimicrobial and anti inflammatory our inspiration was our Sun so Oliver when he was born he had severe breathing issues we treated him for asthma we treated him for allergies we had the adenoids removed we had tonsils removed we did everything under the Sun to kind of get this cough at bay and nothing really worked so he took him to a salt room not a key but a room and he slept for the first time at four and a half years old so my husband I were both like wait maybe this is a placebo so he and I my husband and I both suffer with Lyme disease always had eczema we all went before coming back home to Montauk and we all felt a million times better so here we are so we built this and Oliver comes at least once a week and he’s been unmedicated he’ll be 9 in July and he’s a happy healthy little boy you feel how your feet are sinking into the sand salt I definitely do feel more grounded yeah if you’re in a very busy busy life and you don’t sit in silence just give it a chance to just come and be for this little period of time it’s set up for you that’s the beauty of it you don’t have to create it you can just come and be with it and see [Music]

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