Can Allergies cause fatigue?

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Hi i’m doctor Amber Golshani and
just within this last week i’ve been seeing a rash of fatigued patients people who are my current patients,
so i know their normal level of health and of energy and all of a sudden and they’ve
been telling me they are waking up feeling more tired or maybe even a few of them
have had a dull headache and just feeling like they don’t have their normal energy
to get and through the day.Now what I suspect is happening is that they’re
having allergy induced fatigue. Most people would think “oh allergies
um itchy eyes, runny nose sneezing and those are the more common symptoms. But fatigue can also be uh… symptom of allergies. Now in
allergies your body, your immune system is having an overreaction to
these particles in the air that you’re inhaling or ingesting. And your immune systems freaking out
because of it. So, what happes is that these immune cells release certain hormones and they’re called cytokins, which are hormone-like, and these hormones go throughout
the body and have effects on different tissues. And some of these effects are thought to
cause feelings of depression and fatigue So what can we do to stop your
immune system from freaking out from the these harmless particles any air. One of the ways we can help it out is to take vitamin c. Vitamin c is
known to have anti histamine effects. Histamine is one of these hormone-like
substances that’s released in allergies and is also known to reduce the effects of some of the
other uh… inflammatory cytokine hormone-
like substances. So you can take about one thousand
milligrams of vitamin c every two hours until you reach bowel
tolerance-bowel tolerance? what’s that you may be saying? Well, bowel tolerance is um, diarrhea. So, if you take too much for you, then that you may develop diarrhea. Now I
will say that it usually takes a lot and I have rarely seen patients reach this
level if they’re taking a thousand milligrams uh… every hour or two. Now, you will reach this more quickly if you’re taking
more than that at once- taking 2,000 mg- I don’t recommend
taking two thousand milligrams or anything like that at the same time because you will reach that bowel tolerance much
more quickly. So, stick with a 1,000 mgs and
take it, take it frequently throughout the day. um… and you should notice a reduction in your fatigue. So that’s sort of the first “band-aid” approach. Now the second
approach would be to find out why your immune system is freaking out in the
first place. And usually that’s because of food intolerance- which are
different in food allergies and I will update and do another video
next week about food intolerances. And basically, if you can control the food that’s coming in and stop your body from overreacting to
that, then your body won’t be as likely to
overreact, when it gets exposed to dander or dust, or mold or pollen. So, for right now start with the vitamin c and if you
know that you have food intolerances or food allergies, start by eliminating
those and then third thing, say tuned next week, I’ll update with another video. All right, go forth, be well and let me know how
you doing! Bye!

24 thoughts on “Can Allergies cause fatigue?

  1. As relevant today as it was one month ago when I recorded this. Pollen counts are going up here in the mid-Atlantic. How are you managing allergy-related fatigue?

  2. Thank you for posting this, Dr. Golshani! Can allergy-induced fatigue also result from seasonal allergies? I believe I am experiencing seasonal allergies because my lungs are a little tight now that the trees are all blooming — my car is absolutely covered in pollen. But in addition to the lung tightness, I'm absolutely exhausted! I can hardly drag myself out of bed these last couple days. I don't have a fever, and I otherwise feel fine. I will try vitamin C and see if that helps!

  3. Hello efreder77! Yes, seasonal allergies can absolutely cause fatigue! How did you fair this season? Did vitamin C help?

  4. thanks for the tips on the vit c. I am dead tired and recently started taking allergy drops under my tongue from my allergist. I also have food sensitivity. I want to feel better but get anxiety and extreme fatigue so I really think the enviromental alleries plus food issues are a huge problem. I am so dead tired that its silly..I exercise too! I am going to watch the rest of your videos. I am desperate to have energy and feel normal.
    Kerry Daniels

  5. Thanks Amber Golshani. Very good video! – I have Birch (Betula allergy). I have influenza like-symptoms (I is worst in April in Sweden /Denmark) when going outside . Male, 34 years of age. Using Livostin (for the eyes and nose), and asthma inhalator (Bricanyl® Turbuhale 2 times 0,25 mg terbutalinsulfat = 0,5 mg.).  The amount of Birch pollen is about 2000 -3000 particles per cubic meter at the moment. Therefore I have 2 questions please…

  6. And the question I wrote about earlier is: 1) Is it normal to be exhausted and having Influenza-like symptoms in my situation)  2) Would you recommend a pollen-mask.  Thanks a lot one more time. And thank you for helping people. Appreciate your help.Best regards Timugin.

  7. Wow! Just what I needed! I would have never thougt that I would have had allergies…I cant say I have but its worth a try finding out. Im super tired even thought Ive lowered stress levels…better food and exercise. ..I feel like in a fog in my head…hard to concentrate and red eyes that dont itch…like almost having a flu that doesnt brake out. I started with my vit c a few days ago and seen a bit of improvment but not the 1000mg. Ill sure try that TODAY! Thank you so much for the info and tips. New subbie! 😉

  8. Thank u so much Dr for posting this video vit c is really helping me in my allergies m taking them three times a day after food many blessings to you

  9. Hi Amber.
    Interesting video! I have read that too much vitamin C can give you kidney stones, though!
    what are your thoughts on that?

  10. hello Dr iam suffering from post nasal drip (allergic rhinitis) for couples of year please tell me what should i do to eliminate PND

  11. well thankful i am not alone, i thought i was dying….i would feel good for a while , then bam for no reason i feel like i got hit by a train with brain fog and fatigue. i eat glutien free and dairy free and got all the allergy testing done but i have not taken extra vitamin C , although i do take a good multi-vitamin

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