Can an Allergic Reaction Damage My Brain or Lungs? – David Feldman, MD – Emergency Medicine

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– Can an allergic reaction cause damage to the brain and lungs? It certainly can and we term this end organ damage. So, anytime you have an allergic
reaction that progresses to anaphylaxis which is
whole body allergic reaction, the histamine and all the mediators become so out of balance that
the body is not able to control blood vessel constriction and then develop oxygen to the organs, like the brain or lungs. And then it gets overwhelmed with fluid that follows
all these modulators. You certainly can get
damage to these organs. Especially when you get to the
extreme of anaphylactic shock and a patient gets hypotensive or has very low blood pressure. You don’t get blood which
carries important mediators or carriers for oxygen to these tissues. You can get definitely organ damage and even organ cell death
which can be permanent.

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