Can antibiotics help with asthma?

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Can antibiotics make your asthma
symptoms better? Unfortunately antibiotics can’t help with your asthma
symptoms asthma is caused by inflammation in the Airways of the lungs
because this inflammation isn’t caused by bacteria it can’t be treated by
antibiotics in some cases your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics if they
think a chest infection is making your asthma symptoms worse it might seem like
the antibiotics have helped or cured your asthma but they haven’t they’ve
actually treated the chest infection So how do you know if you need antibiotics?
Well most chest infections, coughs and colds are caused by viruses and
unfortunately viruses can’t be treated with antibiotics. It can be difficult for
doctors to tell the difference between viruses and bacterial infections it’s a
good idea to make an appointment with your doctor if you’re experiencing any
of the following your high temperature gets worse after a few days your phlegm changes colour from clear to yellow or green you’re not feeling better after
three weeks if you’re worried about your symptoms or medicines you can call the Asthma UK helpline

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