Can Coffee Raise Cholesterol?

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Hey guys I’m Dr. Jason Barker with the
Natural Athlete’s Clinic and I want to talk to you about coffee and cholesterol
today. So we know that coffee is a pretty healthy drink and it’s been found to
prevent conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, even pancreatic
cancer. And there’s a few other conditions out there too that it has a
preventive effect on them. However coffee will raise your
cholesterol depending on how it’s brewed. So there’s a compound in the oils that
are produced as part of the brewing process called cafestol. And what
cafestol does is it allows your body to produce more cholesterol. So we do
have our own internal mechanisms for producing cholesterol. We need it for
health, but that cafestol messes with that production and leads to an increase
in cholesterol by about 6 to 8 percent if you’re drinking about two or more
cups of unfiltered coffee every day. So when I say unfiltered, I mean things like
french press coffee or espresso. And yes it’s goes through a metal filter however
that metal filter does not capture those oils like a paper filter does. So of
course the fix for this is using a paper filter when you brew your coffee. So a
regular old drip coffee or if you kind of miss or like that french press flavor,
you can do something like a pour over coffee where you’ll put the grounds in a
little paper filter and pour the hot water over it. It makes a similar cup of
coffee. And there’s a couple of other different ways of brewing it that way
too. But really quickly to summarize is just that you just need a paper filter
in there and you can watch your cholesterol come down by again about 6
to 8 percent. It’s pretty interesting to watch. I do that in clinic
with people who we’ve seen their cholesterol climb up and they’re doing
all the right things and there’s no good reason for it. Then we’ll take a look at how you’re
brewing your coffee and that may give you a good answer.
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