Can Food Allergies Resolve After The Candida Crusher Program?

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Hi there, Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thanks for coming back to my channel. We always appreciate people that are viewers
and even more so, we appreciate subscribers so thanks for checking us out. We are talking today about food allergies
and Candida, Candida cleansing. So here’s a question I’ve got from a subscriber. Can food allergies resolve themselves after
completing the Candida Crusher program? I see so many people who have intolerances
and allergies towards food. Now, these are two different types of things
we have discussed previously. Where food allergies are an immune mediated
allergic response and of course, food intolerance is a non-immune mediated so this has a lot
more to do with enzyme control in the body and possibly also lack of sufficient beneficial
bacteria. But you can well imagine as the gut resolves,
when the good bacteria come back, when the bad bacteria subside, when the yeast are eradicated
or cleansed from the gut or brought right down to a small number, when they are kept
in check, this is going to dramatically improve the brush border or that intestinal lining
of the small bowel and then in most cases, you will find a lot of these responses, whether
they are allergic reactions or food intolerances, they just subside. They die right down. Many people have told be over the years that
they can finally start enjoying the foods that they couldn’t for so long because they
had reactions to those foods. Whether those foods were immune mediated or
non-immune mediated, they could still begin to enjoy those foods on an increasing basis. And then eventually, I started to work out,
it’s got to do really with healing the lining of the gut. Getting rid of these pathogens, clearing that
gut right out from yeast. So it’s important, very important, that you
assist the gut first. I’m a huge fan of stool testing for this reason
as we can clearly identify what the heck is going on in the gut then we can set about
correcting that and then watch what happens to the diet. Many times people should be able to then enjoy
foods that they previously couldn’t because their gut was healed. So to answer the question, do food allergies
resolve, in many cases they do. In some instances, it can be a little bit
more of a powerful, stronger immune response that you have inherited from one or either
of your parents and it could be more difficult to mediate a powerful response. But in many cases, a lot of these reactions
just disappear. That’s what happens with the Candida Crusher
Cleanse, people. If it is done properly, the results are quite
astounding. Thanks for tuning it. Thanks for the question.

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  1. Hi Erik! Thank you for your great videos! I'm a long time fan of your channel and could heal candida, food intolerances and eczema, making my own protocol from your tips! I even started my youtube channel in english and french to spread the word globaly 🙂 greetings from France!

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