Can Hello Fresh Work For Food Allergies? [CC]

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Hi everybody, welcome back! I’m gonna start
this video by saying I am absolutely not sponsored by Hello Fresh [Upbeat intro music] I have
just wanted to film a montage for a while and I figured it might as well be a useful one.
So here we are. Today’s video is gonna be about how good is a food subscription box
for people with allergies. If you’re new here, my name’s Max, I’m allergic to cold, and I’m also allergic to a bunch of foods. I also have chronic illnesses that affect
how I can prepare food. I have purchased one box of Hello Fresh. Um, it cost £20, and
it’s a £20 weekly subscription uh, and you get to pick your foods, pick your recipes,
and then they deliver that food to you in a box, um and it’s all of the ingredients
and then the recipes and you go and you cook and then you eat. So as somebody with food
allergies, I wondered how suitable it would be for me. I picked the recipes. I picked
them based on- I bought one that I- is very close to something I would normally eat so
it was like pasta and a sauce. and then I bought one that was interesting and foods
and stuff that I definitely liked, similar kind of style but with slightly different
foods. It was butternut squash steaks with butter bean mash and… Some other stuff-
we’ll get on to that in a moment. And then I picked one that was completely outside of
anything I would ever normally eat. It was a vegetarian laksa, it was so good. My god.
It had peppers in it and it had noodles, it was like a soupy based thing, it was beautiful!
The food side of it, like the recipe side was absolutely amazing. I think this can apply
to the other food subscription brands, but I am basing this on Hello Fresh because that’s
the only one I’ve eaten. Uh, so yeah. Let’s dive into it. [Upbeat montage music] Is it
good value for money? It is no secret that I am very poor, right now. I don’t have a
lot of money and £20 a week for food is way more than I would normally spend and that
would buy me the entire week’s worth of food, whereas this box bought- it was three- three
meals for two people, so that was like dinner for six nights if I kept leftovers. Objectively
it is good value for money because you’re getting fresh ingredients. In my budget, if
you’re surviving on really not very much money, it isn’t the best value for money. BUT. If
you have a job, and are earning more than 6 grand a year, I would- yeah. If I was earning
more money I would totally do this because it’s challenging me to eat foods that I wouldn’t
normally eat, and you’re getting really nice quality ingredients. It’s not like the value
home brand value range stuff. This is like proper good. Is it good for those with chronic
pain, chronic illness, uh, spoonies, all of that? Yes and no. I- with the butternut squash
steaks. I had to cut the butternut squash myself and I nearly lost fingers, it hurt
a lot, I sprained my wrist, all of these are little problems, like I’m just being- I- My
body is delicate and for people who have a bit more robust joints, probably fine. But
for me I did struggle with the physical preparing of it, so that is something to consider. And
I definitely did need to have the spoons to cook because they weren’t all just like quick
throw it in a pan, some of them had steps. If I was to order it again, I would look at
the recipes a little more in depth, whereas this time I just looked at what they were,
uh, and a quick glance at the ingredients, and I just went “Yep, cool.” More on the food
allergy side of it, it is very good because you get all of the ingredients separately,
or almost all of them. So it’s not like ready packed stuff that all you have to do is stick
in the oven. So if there’s like one thing you can’t eat, the entire meal isn’t ruined.
You are still wasting food, but you’re wasting less food. So I live with three other people
and anything that I couldn’t eat from the box was offered to them. So it wasn’t wasted
food completely, but it was food that I was paying for that I wasn’t eating. I don’t mind
other people eating that for free because I am a feeder. You can omit anything you’re
allergic to, anything that you don’t like, um, if you are following the FODMAP diet,
you can omit anything there, but the more you omit, the less value for money that you’re
getting, is that makes sense? That being said, if you are following the FODMAP diet, this
might not be the solution for you. Just because a lot of the- a lot of the recipes had high
FODMAP things in them, and they were kind of a necessary part of the meal. and again
you could swap them out but you’d be swapping a lot of things out, so that’s not- that’s
kind of not the point of the box. Everything had ingredients on it. um, so there was like
spice blends, there was um, one of them had creme fraiche which I will talk about in a
second. Um, and they all had like ingredients on them, anything that wasn’t just one thing
like a butternut squash or a potato. It was fully listed and it was- it was great. It’s
very good for leftovers. Um, they weren’t kidding when they said “Oh yeah, you can get
it for two people and you will actually get two people’s worth of food out of it” It was
good and it kept well. Um, I think the only one that didn’t have leftovers was the butternut
squash steaks. I demolished it all in one sitting, which is very rare for me because
I get bloated so easily, but it was- it was so tasty. Another good side of it is that
you are controlling the quantities. So with the laksa, there was supposed to be mushrooms
in it. I’m not really a mushroom fan, but I decided that in the spirit of trying new
things I would include the mushrooms but I didn’t put all of them in there. You don’t
have to out all of the spice in it if you don’t like spicy food, you don’t have to put
all the mushrooms in if you don’t like mushrooms that much. the ingredients that you get, they
are not guaranteed to stay in date for the entire week. So with the creme fraiche that
I mentioned, that bit was completely omitted from my meal because I wanted to eat that
one at the end of the week because my energy for the first part of the week was just so
low that I didn’t have the physical ability to prepare the butternut squash, so I put
it off and I put it off, but the creme fraiche went out of date in like the first three days
and there was not control in that because I’m not selecting the ingredients, they are
selected for me so there is a time constraint on some of the meals and if you don’t always
have the spoons to cook, and prepare food, that’s more wasted food. This isn’t really
to do with the box, this is to do with the app. Um, so on a particular day of the week,
I think a Wednesday, you had to select your recipes for the next week by that time. I
clicked vegetarian and nothing really happened. They were- the recipes that were shown to
me still contained meat and they weren’t last, they were like… they were just kind of slotted
in with the vegetarian stuff so there was a couple of times where I was like ooh this
sounds really nice and then I was like oh it’s got meat in it. There’s definitely a
chance that you could accidentally order a meat dish by accident and it wasn’t clear
whether they were including that because they then included a meat substitute or whether
you would have to do that yourself and then you’re paying for meat and contributing to
that industry but then also not using the meat and that is more food waste. Which also leads
me on to my next downside- which is some of the meals have an extra cost. If you are paying
more for something, and then you’re not going to be able to eat the more expensive ingredient,
that’s not- that’s really not good value for money. Especially if you didn’t mean to order
a meat dish. If you’re having to omit a lot of foods it doesn’t really balance out, but
you know, you do you. Overall it was a really good experience, if I could afford to, I would
probably continue doing it, I don’t think I would do it every week. Um, that’s just
a lot of money for not that much food, but it is good overall. I really enjoyed the food,
I would definitely pay less for just the recipes and then I could go out and get the food for
a much more affordable price, with better dates on it and I could buy things that I’m
not gonna be allergic to… Hopefully. Would I recommend it for somebody with food allergies?
Um… Yes, if you have the time to go through all of the recipes and pick ones that you’re
not gonna be omitting a lot of food out of, or you don’t mind omitting lots of food, or
if you have the money to do that and buy replacements. I think it’s definitely worth a go. I’m glad
I tried it and I’m glad I still have the recipes but I probably won’t continue with it in the
future. Would I recommend it for chronically ill people? Again, not really sure because
there is no option to have prepackaged pre-chopped things for if you really can’t uh, prepare
stuff yourself so like a butternut squash, if they’d have said “Do you need it sliced?”
Yes. Yes I do. Um, it was… Dangerous. I didn’t film that part, but… It was good
overall but I think that there is a… They have not tailored it very well to chronically
ill vegetarians with lots of food allergies. I hope you have enjoyed the montage part of
it, whether I’ll do another one, I don’t know. But, since starting filming things I have
been experimenting with styles and lighting and places to sit and types of videos, so
I’ve wanted to do that for a while and yeah. Let me know what you think, and should I do
more? Because I like experimenting with things while I have the time to do so. Don’t forget
to like this video, especially if there’s anything I’ve said that has helped you. Drop
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