Can Oatmeal Help Fatty Liver Disease?

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56 thoughts on “Can Oatmeal Help Fatty Liver Disease?

  1. At the end you mentioned refined grains, does it matter about how processed the oats are? Should one eat steel cut oats vs rolled oats or quick oats..?

  2. Apologies if this is the wrong "forum" but I don't see a more direct option.  Wondering if the good doctor would have run across any studies on the nutritional values of wild greens such as Dandelion, Lambsquarter, Honeysuckle, and of course Stinging Nettles (et al).  This is likely a bit "outside the norms" normally addressed here, but then did we not have a few videos on insect consumption?  Probably more Dandelion than Cricket and Grub eaters in the gallery here.  Thanks for your work!

  3. How about the studies that suggest low carb, with higher fat, eggs, protein can help the liver to get rid of fat? It seems its the fructose and carbs that contribute to fatty liver, as well as being obese, no exercise, alcohol etc

  4. Oatmeal is the only food that gives me heartburn. I've tested this time and time again. I like it, know it's healthy, but just can't eat it. I'm very sensitive to gluten, but tolerate other gluten-free grains like rice and quinoa just fine. Can anyone suggest another food that has beneficial properties similar to those found in oatmeal?

  5. Hi dr, my bilirubin is high (both direct and indirect) my doctor diagnosed it as Gilbert. Is there such thing as Gilbert syndrome or its just one of side effects of eating the wrong diet..I used to eat lots of meats and oil but now left it all a week ago

  6. My child loved oatmeal and wanted it for breakfast about 4 days out of 7. She had a lot of cavities. Then I found out that non-soaked oatmeal is very high in phytic acid and studies have shown that it causes tooth decay. We stopped letting her eat oatmeal except as a very occasional treat and her tooth decay was abrupted. Look at the Weston Price website if you want more information on this.

  7. And my professor says that carbs are bad and oatmeal SPIKES blood sugar super high. Eat some oatmeal professor!!!!

  8. Oatmeal makes me tired and sleepy all of the time. I have been eating one big bowl of oatmeal for the last year and a half and during that time I was always tired and sleepy. I learned from the YouTube channel vegetable police that he too became tired and sleepy while eating a lot of oatmeal. I did some research on this and yes, there are a lot of people who get brain fog from eating this grain. I found out that oatmeal has a lot of melotonin which makes you sleepy. Has anybody else discovered this?

  9. I eat cherrios damn near every day and it make a difference my trigycerides arent extremely crazy anymore.

  10. In the past, I gained weight and developed depressive disorder that I thought of not doing anything. I have never had an official diagnosis of fatty liver but after the improvements I`ve seen, I`m pretty sure that was it! I`ve followed this fatty liver treatment solution “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it) to the letter and now I feel so much better. It`s Life-saver!

  11. My entire life had a turn for the worst when the doctor informed me I had been suffering from fatty live in 2010. I actually thought it was the end of it and I felt powerless. I didn`t drink anymore and I am happy I tried the fatty liver treatment solution “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it) sooner. The results have already been extraordinary. My weight was Nineteen lbs less and my body is certainly much healthier than it ever was.

  12. My entire life had a turn for the worst when the physician told me I had been struggling with fatty live in 2010. I honestly thought it was the end of it and I felt powerless. I quit drinking and then discovered this fatty liver treatment method “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it). The results have already been extraordinary. I`ve dropped 19 lbs and never felt much healthier.

  13. After I was diagnosed with fatty liver in 2010 my entire life changed drastically. I frankly thought it was the end of it and I felt hopeless. I didn`t drink anymore and I`m happy I tried the fatty liver treatment method “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it) sooner. The results have already been extraordinary. I have lost Nineteen lbs and never felt much healthier.

  14. Question: I read an article that said there was a study involving children with cavities. The children who ate oatmeal in this study ended up with more cavities at the end than the control group. There was more in the article, but my question is this: I do not have any disease at this time (I'm 52). i have never had a cavity in my life. I don't want to start having cavities or disease. I love oatmeal (plain…no added sugar necessary), but I avoid it because I want to be healthy. But, I keep hearing about all the health benefits of oatmeal. What can I do to have oatmeal, but not get cavities? Have you seen the study regarding cavities & oatmeal? (It was specifically oatmeal in the study. The children who got healed of their cavities got added cod liver oil and butter, I think…not sure).

  15. Yes Oats are one of my staples and helped me lose 80 Lbs in 8 months..Thanks Dr. Greger for the work you do reviewing this stuff!!

  16. I experienced having fatty liver for five years. All the medical doctors ever wished to do was give me pills and all sorts of medicines. I felt like that was the last of me and I was very down. Then I found the fatty liver treatment method “Vοzοzο humu” (Google it) and started utilizing it. The results have been remarkable.

  17. I'm guessing that organic whole oats are very different than the best selling brand. The former is very gooey, which must be the geta-gluten this study refers to, while the latter is not gooey at all. Just guessing.

  18. I love goat meal with some mashed up banana..are frozen blueberries any good?..they seem expensive but since I recently stopped paying 10 dollars for an 18pk of beer which only lasted me 2 daus, the blueberries seem like a better deal from a sober and awaken point of view..its only been two weeks since I quit drinking but I am wanting to protect myself from liver disease..also I have an enlarged heart so I need to learn as much as possible before it's too late..whole grains?..the only reason I stopped whole grain rice is because it is said to have arsenic in it and also read that whole grain bread is harder to digest…but as I said, I want and need to learn.

  19. They found something interesting in mice studies which they give either alcohol or fructose to get them to develop a fatty liver,….. add 5% of saturated fat to their diet and they don't develop a fatty liver, suggesting that saturated fat protects against fatty liver disease.

    Now lets look at what happens with fiber. Your intestinal microbes convert part or the fiber into saturated short chain fatty acids, which could provide just enough saturated fat to protect the liver. Short chain saturated fat is actually a better energy source than the longer variation, which may mean less is needed to gain the same protection.

  20. I think you have great content, and you're probably a very nice person, but …. you really sound like a pompous arsehole when you read. It's incredibly frustrating to follow what you're saying – in fact, when the video ended, I was scratching my head and thinking, 'what the heck did he actually say there ?'. So try and read like a normal person, or get someone else (not a robot voice) to do it for you.

  21. O A T S ! – When I ate a shitty diet (prudent Western,) I still ate oat porridge every day – I believe it saved my life. WFPB all the way…GO VEGAN!

  22. Do i need to be concerned about the phytate content in oats? I tend to add uncooked oats to smoothies, but now worried I'm undoing all my mineral absorption. Reading conflicting things online… that oats have to be soaked, that soaking actually achieve minimal phytate reduction… What to do?

  23. What is the study about oatmeal and side effects of radiation on the skin how dare he bring up something and not provide backup

  24. Crap foods cause it too. For example a big mac, large fries and coke repeatedly help contribute to it. Eating a lot of processed and refined sugars, and excessive usage of animal products are a contributing factor. Things like oatmeal, brown rice, cabbage, spinach, carrots, almond milk, etc help to reverse things along with exercise. It's not an overnight matter. I've had to incrementally change things over time. I'm still struggling like a plateau with lifting weights, but things are way different compared to a year ago.

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