Can We Prevent Allergies?

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I went to college with a guy who was allergic
to peanut butter. I always felt bad he will never know the glory of a PB&J sandwich. If
only there was a way to prevent allergies… Hey guys Julia here for DNews. Can we really
prevent allergies? A new study from New England Journal of Medicine suggests yes… maybe.
The researchers found that babies who ate peanuts could reduce their risk of developing
an allergy by 80%. This goes against what i’ve heard is the
current wisdom, that babies shouldn’t eat peanuts until at least a year old. 15 years
ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics told parents to make sure their kids avoid peanuts.
But they retracted that advice in 2008, and said there was too little evidence to support
it. However researchers noticed a lower rate of peanut allergy in Israeli children, who
ate peanuts regularly. They wondered if early consumption of peanuts had anything to do
with it. In the large study, researchers followed 600
infants between 4 and 11 months old. Some were told to avoid peanuts completely others
were told to eat 6 grams of peanut protein a week. They found that in the group that
avoided peanuts, 14 of out of every 100 kids would develop an allergy, but in the group
that eat peanuts regularly only 2 out of 100 would. The researchers however did not include infants
that already showed signs of a strong allergy to peanuts. So don’t go too overboard with
feeding little johnny peanuts to get rid him of his allergies. Talk to your doctor before
you try anything. But maybe you should make him wash some dishes. Another recent study published in the journal
Pediatrics, found that kids who grew up in a house where dishes were hand-washed, not
where they were sterilized in a dishwasher, had fewer allergies. The kids also reportedly
had reduced rates of related illnesses like eczema, asthma, and hay fever. Not ready to give up your dishwasher just
yet? Maybe you should look into getting a pet! Children who had two or more dogs or
cats had a reduction, up to 77 percent, of risk of allergies, according to a study published
in the Journal of the American Medical Association. These kids were also less allergic to other
things like dust and ragweed. So what’s going on? Well there’s a hypothesis
that we’re too clean. It’s called the hygiene hypothesis. The idea is that humans
moving to a more sterile environment led to the rise of certain diseases, like asthma.
Basically your body is always trolling for invaders. Trying to keep out infections and
bad bacteria. But if our environment is too clean, there’s less for the body to attack,
so it turns on benign things, like peanuts. It seems early exposure to potential allergens
actually prevents the allergy from developing. Early exposure trains your immune system and
not having these experiences might lead the immune system to overreact later in life,
hence nasty allergies. But we shouldn’t exactly throw out our dishwashers
and cover ourselves in dirt. Before the invention of proper hygiene techniques a lot of people
died from microbes, infections, parasites. Yeah, it was not a good time.. So it’s not
a bad thing at all we keep things clean. But maybe we might just have taken cleanliness
too far. To learn what’s going on when you’re allergic
to something, check out Tara’s video: And we’ve got a link in the description
below if you wanna watch that full episode. So what do you think? Would lose your dishwasher
if it meant fewer allergies? Let us know in the comments below. While you’re at it you
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100 thoughts on “Can We Prevent Allergies?

  1. In my day, kids were tough and not coddled by their parents to grow up to be liberal cybaby sissies, and guess what? Nobody had ever even heard of nut allergies!

  2. Where does this leave parents who have peanut allergies? Arguably, their children are more likely to develop these allergies (correct me if I am wrong), and exposing them to peanuts could be pretty problematic on their part….

  3. Moderation in everything. If you're going to Yang your entire environment, then Yin is going to end up inside you (in this case, in the form of allergies) because it has nowhere else to go.

  4. Well for me it's a bit different I have been around the countryside all my life my dishes were all washed by hand I had 7 dogs 4cats 3ponys 2goats 19chickens 4ferrets 3parrots and a fucking tortoise all when I was growing up and I have Bad hay fever I am allergic to everyone of my animals and I have asthma that was so bad that I was in hospital 3 time, I still have extreme hay fever I don't have much problems with asthma anymore, my little brother isn't allergic to anything but how come I am so allergic to every thing even doe I grow up in the same environment and my bro never even touched the animals except the dogs..

  5. I AM THE EXCEPTION. I have hay fever, nut allergies, dust allergies, mould allergies and eczema. And also a possible pet allergy (I find it hard to breath when my dog sleeps on my bed).
    I grew up in a house where my mum always hand washed the dishes, I've always had between 2-4 cats and dogs at any time and played outside a lot as a young child. 
    Wahoo for defying science :).

  6. The best solution to be not alergic to things is to become an Indian 😀 I'm an Indian (NRI), and I never had any allergies and I never heard of any of my relatives or parents friends had one 😀

  7. I am allergic to all cats and dogs and sun cream (even the special one) and cream.
    The cat and dog allergy is so sensitive so I get in school to because of the hair. It's torture can go near a cat or dogs

  8. has Dnews done a video about Cancer? unfortunately my dad died last year of stage IV cancer 🙁

    and I'd like to know more about cancer

  9. Yeah uh… My little brother was born with a HOUSEHOLDS full of dogs and still found out he was allergic to long haired animals…. And he developed eggzima when around them… So yeah….

  10. did this channel forget the difference between correlation and causation ? of course households which had 2 or more pets will have less kids with pet allergies — because if the kids had allergies – the parents either wouldnt have gotten the pets – or would have gotten rid of them. same goes for peanuts. households who eat peanuts are less likely to have food allergies for peanuts — otherwise they would have stopped the first time a allergy came up and almost killed their kid.

  11. just go outside more. we evolved to be out there, not in office buildings and apartments. I'm sure it's like anything else with the body. muscles are only strong if you work them. the immune system is probably similar.

  12. Im from europe and i didn't ever hear of someone being allegic to peanuts
    is this an american thing?

  13. I'm not going to claim with 100% certainty that I know everything because I am by no means a doctor, allergist, or scientist. But I believe there are most likely multiple factors that go into this whole allergy epidemic thing. I do think that being too hygienic plays some role in a lot of cases but I also think that genes play a part in it too, because even some people who aren't all that hygienic develop allergies, and also myself and just about everyone else I've met who has allergies also has family members with allergies too.

  14. I would never get rid of my dishwasher! The pets in the house probably do a good enough job of making sure the house is never too sterile.

  15. They covered this on House years ago when they were talking about how countries where they have less proper hygiene had far fewer instances of autoimmune diseases.

  16. lol people that live in a household that do the dishes by hand are less likely to have hay-fever xD thats quite funny 

  17. I miss Tara. Julia's great too, I just miss seeing Tara too.

    But yeah, we take clean a bit too far these days.

  18. I have two dogs and I'm watching over two others right now. But when plants start pollinating (ragweed, oak, and pine specifically), I need medicine. I'd like to see some more research done for these studies.

  19. I'm allergic to over 700 things in just house hold items every single food I have either a ranking of 1-2 in allergies rating I'm allergic to all plants all vegetables all fruit all animals all nuts and all food I take hardcore allergy medicine but I still have problems with my allergies which includes peanuts but when I was little I ate peanuts a lot but it just made me have horrible stomach aches then soon through up but I'm older I still have all my allergies which got even worse over time :[

  20. Euell Gibbons the great wild edible plant expert wrote that eating small amounts of young poison ivy plants will make you immune to poison ivy. … I personally know people that can sleep in a bed of poison ivy and have no ill effects,. ..

  21. I don't have a dishwasher. Never had one growing up either. Don't think I ever will either. No point unless u have an army living in your house.

  22. Except that none of these apply to me. I was fed all sorts of things all my life, the dishes were hand washed and had pets. The only reason i realised what half my alergies was, was because of being sick all the time and doing testing to discover the culperate. (when i was younger my own and later through imunologists) I fact, many of my alergies are too the things i was fed most frequently as a child. So… either i'm an outlier (my whole family as the same can be said of my sister and brother). Or this isn't the case and requires more research.

  23. I can't promise it'd work for everyone but I managed to get rid of my life-long allergies to dust, cat, dog and pollen (and in spite of what this video covers, there have always been cats in my life from day 1)
    For me it was too much omega 6 in my diet: as long as I avoid eating too much with 'vegetable oil/fat' or 'sunflower oil' or 'peanut oil' in them then my allergies stay completely dormant.

  24. I used to be able to eat peanuts when I was little. Now if I eat it I have a so strong reaction that I could suffocate. Guess I one of the few.

  25. Let kids be kids get dirty eat whatever they want.
    Let their bodies get used to fight bacterias#!!
    I hate over protecting parents!!!!!!!!

  26. Your legs and body are designed for walking and sprinting. Yet, you live your everyday in an office and use a motorized vehicle. Suddenly one day you decide to go out and sprint to get in shape and, surprise! a few meters away and you are already dying from exhaustion, or even got a sunstroke. Why? Because you barely use your legs! They're not in shape nor prepared to be used that way even if they are designed for it!

    Think about your immune system as a working muscle and there you go. You cannot expect it to work perfectly if you barely use it at all. Obviously there are limits, like a muscle, but in general you should let it work! Hygiene is important but, if there's not a fatal bacteria spreading in the air, is not vital.

    PS: The "muscle" thing is just a metaphor, not a strict comparison.

  27. My house has never been dust free I've owned and regularly handled 3 dogs and too many rabbits in my life, I was a scout so hygiene was forgotten within the first 6 hours and I have the most broad case of oral allergy syndrome my immunologist has ever encountered. The only thing I don't have going for me is that I didn't put things in my mouth as a baby… 

  28. I use to have a little kitty when I was young but suddenly my brother and I became allergic to her and we had to get rid of her :'( Wtf
    I want a cat

  29. I knew it, all these bitches have allergies because they pick and choose their food, they are supposed to eat every type of food.

  30. So the thing is , the kid are growing in an environment exceedingly "clean" and this causes a lot of problems .

  31. I dislike dishwashers for a different reason. The way it makes your dishes feel after a while, am I the only one? Hand washed dishes feel nice and smooth, dishwasher washed dishes feel weird.

  32. Nobody in our neighborhood got polio because we swam raw sewage! You know, just to cool off. Polio never had a chance against our immune system.
    – George Carlin

  33. Mmmm….i don't have any allergie but i never ate a PBJ…whatever sandwitch,maybe that's why i don't have allergies ,because i grow up without that garbage food?(there wasn't any,,modern'' food in my contury in those times ,we been eating what my parents were cultivating)

  34. Didn't have a dishwasher until I was 19. Also had cats AND dogs AND a parrot when I was a child. Eventually we got a 2nd  bird. We usually had at least 1 cat at a time. Usually 3 or more animals in our home that I played with.
    And I dealt with allergies since elementary school. So…. yeah…

  35. I have no alergies. Had to do the dishes by hand when I was a kid. I would not give up my dishwasher now. I hated doing them so much. Just stop using 99.9999 germ killer soap and I think things will get a lot better.

  36. while  you are pregnant  eat all the tipes food aviable, at least  in small quantity, peanuts, nuts, soy , milk, eggs , fish , shrimps (emphasis onthe comon allergens) . it may also reduce risk of allergy in the  newborn , since the inmune systen in that growth stage is  more receptive to recognize "safe" substances, someone should  make an study on it.

  37. Mmm… I don't know with this one. I grew up in the a small town in Mexico, close by mountains, I have done house chores, and hand wash dishes from a very young age. I was never allergic to something. But I got a dog more than a year and a half, and he since I moved to college he sleeps in my bed, and every time I go home he sleep with me out of habit. I got a "rash"  this past summer and since then I developed an allergy to dust and strong smells, like lavender air-wick or burning food. So… I don't know what happen there. 

  38. If you can't eat Peanut butter try Peabutter I got some for my brother and tried it first and its 98 percent the same experience an he loved it, it was a very cool big brother thing to do for him, I don't think he will forget it.

  39. Yes it IS bad we keep things too clean. I get it REALLY sucks if your kids gets whooping cough, it causes me severe anxiety to just IMAGINE my kid enduring that, but this isn't the 15th century. We have modern medicine and nutrition and clean drinking water. Its GOOD for your kid to get a little sick… often. Eat dirt, eat bugs, roll around in the mud, get a little too cold, fall down, share the ice cream with the dog, etc. Some percentage of people will hit a bad lottery of bad genetics or really bad bugs or misdiagnosis and a kid will end up with brain damage or dead, but whats the statistical likelihood of that relative to a car accident? Lets keep dangers in perspective, otherwise you're just being OCD.

  40. One way to deal with hayfever allergies is to use a tablespoon of LOCAL honey every day. Use it to sweeten your coffee or a glass of tea.
    It contains micro amounts of the local pollens that give you your allergies when in high concentrations in much smaller doses. That allows your body to raise an immunity.

  41. It's weird but still great seeing more studies with these kinds of results coming out… when I was a kid, the world was pretty much coated in triclosan, hand sanitizer, and Microban. With those kinds of numbers it's no surprise that allergy medication has nearly zero demand in developing nations.

  42. Died from microbes, infections and parasites? Bad thing? So Natural Selection is a bad thing? Maybe if humans where more dirty or if the stupid super clean hygiene development too longer then we would have stronger humans with less allergies and people less susceptible to diseases.

  43. Molybdenum makes 4 amino acids that break down food and allergens. It gets rid of pollen,  some foods allergies and sensitivities to smells and chemicals. Most people are deficient in this nutrient because our soil is depleted. We need more of it than ever because of the large chains we have to digest with GMO foods.  The theory in this video also makes since because for many years were had the advice to stop feeding babies certain foods and allergies keep rising. so osseously we are taught the wrong advice and they are completely wrong. 


  45. I'm allergic to peanuts, but didn't try them till I was 5 or so. I'm also allergic to dogs and cats, even having grown up with 2 dogs, and seeing my best friend often with 2 dogs and 2 cats. I can't handle dogs with straw-like hair or cats. I have had 8 dogs in my life, and 2 dogs still live with me, but still have allergies with certain breeds.

  46. Yeah because all the babies that had peanut allergies died from it. Leaving only mainly a populace left that wasn't allergic. Feeding the babies was a bad idea all along. !!!!!!!!!!

  47. I had 2 cats for 4 years in my house before my sister and I got allergic to them and had to get rid of them, we also don't have a dishwasher, are house is mostly original from it 1951 construction so it has no insulation or air barrier that stop outside air from coming in, and we still got allergic to animal and me to dust too, so even with all that was said you can still get allergies.

  48. ONLY Dnews would stop doing the dishes to prevent allergies… nono, wait, ONLY MURICANS… its like trying to prevent kids having sex with religion… IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY!

  49. The dishwasher theory is bullshit. Me and my siblings have no allergies and my parents have been using the dishwasher since we were babies.

  50. Lol. I don't have allergies. People in the spring say "ugh, I hate allergies, there so annoying". Me: "What are these allergies you speak of?"

  51. So this is not based for me im 22 I washed dished my whole life I played outside I got dirty I ate everything. but still im.allergic to sodium msg pollen cheese food colourants cats. i get heavy hayfever. so yeah.
    i suck

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