Can wheat allergy be cured? | क्या गेहूँ की एलर्जी ठीक हो सकती है?

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Good afternoon sir! What is your name and where have you come from? My name is Rohit and I have come from Shimla. I was suffering from a wheat allergy. I was having this problem since 2011 and was not getting any treatment of this condition anywhere. I had few symptoms earlier, some digestion related problems. What are the symptoms of wheat allergy? Ma’am symptoms were like food was not digesting and I used to have a burning sensation in the chest. Many problems were before and after having meals. I got an endoscopy done where they told me that I have a wheat allergy. After that doctors told me that there is no treatment for this condition. After that, I surfed on the internet. While searching I got the address of Planet Ayurveda. When did you start this treatment? Ma’am I have got this problem in 2011. For 4-5 years I was in this problem and I didn’t get any treatment. In 2016 I got to know about here. I came here and took guidance from sir. Vikram sir guided me in a very good way and then I started taking medicines. I had my treatment from here for one year. For diet, he told me that I have to not take wheat only otherwise I can have anything. After completing my treatment for almost one year I was completely fine. Earlier I was having many problems. Food was not digested properly. At that time I cannot have anything from outside as all the products have wheat. Flour or white flour. Now I don’t have any of these problems. Now one and half year has already passed. I can have things easily. Ok! So one and half year has been since you are cured? Yes! I have been cured. Now I don’t have any of these problems. Which medicines Dr. prescribed you? Ma’am Dr. prescribed me Pitta balance, Allergy care capsules, Digestion support and other than this Praval Panchamrit tablet. So these medicines he prescribed. I took these medicines timely as he guided me. So it was really good. Dr. treated me very well. He told me that this problem will be treated successfully. Any tests you have gone for? Yes ma’am I went for TTG test before coming here, it was not normal. After that, as Dr. told me, and as I keep visiting here continuously, my level of wheat allergy came to normal. So now I am completely fine and very happy. Staff over here guided very well and that was very supportive. As I come from Shimla and it is really far. So they assured me and couriered medicines if I was not able to visit. Sir what message do you want to give to our viewers? For the viewers, I want to say that, I suggest everyone. Like everyone who knows me, people around me who knew that I had this problem and they ask me about my well-being. As now I am completely well. I tell them that there is a clinic in Chandigarh, Planet Ayurveda. You must go over there. Even I had some relatives they have the same problem. They were not able to come now but later or soon they will visit here. I tell everyone and I will be telling in future too. Thank you so much, sir! Thank you!

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  1. I am allergic to gluten lactose proteins nuts maida milk products. Undergoing Homeopathy medicines for five years, but no improvement.

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