Can You Beat Modern Warfare 2 Without Taking Any Damage?

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Modern Warfare 2 is often considered to be
one of the best Call of Duty games of all time. It’s not perfect, the multiplayer can be
incredibly unbalanced, Spec Ops is certainly there, and it has a campaign. That’s all I got. Can You Beat Modern Warfare 2 Without Taking
Any Damage? The campaign begins with credits and a sort
of recap of what happened last time. There was a guy missing an arm and I think
somebody got shot, seems kinda violent for a kids game so that’s probably not what
happened. I assumed the role of Private Joseph Allen
and took part in a tutorial that is supposed to be me showing some folks how to use a gun
properly, but it just sounds weird, these locals don’t have to press A to stand up. I briefly thought I could ruin everything
by wasting the entire military’s supply of grenades, they respawn infinity, I settled
for a 360 noscope, interrupted a basketball game, grabbed baby’s first machine gun,
and ran through the pit. I was perfect, I made no mistakes, I certainly
didn’t mess up the part where you had to sprint. I ran it 2 more times for fun, settled on
the easiest difficulty, multiplayer guy said his catch phrase, and the real campaign begins. If you take damage here you’re a moron,
the enemies are on a bridge and are basically just there to give you something to shoot
without having to think about it. Then things went downhill faster than just
about any other challenge I’ve done. On-rails sections are common, but in the very
beginning of the game? Come on, this isn’t fair. Well, there’s some time now, I can explain
how this run works. It’s probably what you thought it would
be. If I take any damage, I reload the last checkpoint. This results in me throwing myself at a situation
until I eventually get through it without taking any damage. This is the first real instance where you
can take damage from an enemy and… it’s an ambush of epic proportions. Dozens upon dozens of enemies with RPGs all
over the place. Drive onward and there’s more RPG people
in buildings and there are trucks with machine guns and a platoon of soldiers running down
the street and it’s a whole ordeal. I went through this a bunch of different times,
because I’m not a quitter, but with the number of enemies that are all over the place,
I just don’t think it’s possible to get through this without taking damage. I even watched a speed run to see if they
somehow skip this part, but they don’t. So you cannot beat Modern Warfare 2 without
taking any damage, but I’m gonna keep doing anyway. Bullets fly and kick up a dust storm at the
worst possible time, my inhaler is bad at the base. An RPD can be a suitable replacement in a
pinch if you want to threaten your asthma into submission instead of dealing with it
the proper way. I almost immediately swapped that RPD out
for an FAL. I followed Sergeant Foley and the boys into
History and promptly blew everyone in the classroom away, we passed through a few alleyways,
and General Shepherd commandeered my body for his own personal uses. He’s no Rolf but he’s got a solid voice. Next up is Cliffhanger, probably the 2nd most
recognizable mission in the game behind that other one. The one that’s a real-time simulation of
getting your bags checked at the airport. The first portion of Cliffhanger is easy,
just climb the wall with your picks. For some reason I thought I remembered being
hit by ice in this mission when you’re about to fall. Macintosh jumps real good, I did a bunch of
practice swings, lost my grip in the ice, regained my composure, scaled the wall, pulled
out my guns, and began the infiltration mission. He goes to get coffee and leaves the fun stuff
to me. Ladders can be dangerous, they don’t exist
in Fallout so I don’t have much experience with them. All you’re doing is sneaking your way through
the white sand storm towards your objective, I accidentally alerted a few of the guards
when I was close enough to touch one of their noses, which promoted me to put bullets in
their car for safe keeping. The big ol’ thermal tank you from going
to far to the south, meet back up with MacTavish, shoot some guy in the leg as he’s being
stabbed in the upper body, grab the ACS, and MacTavish is compromised. I couldn’t remember how this situation played
out. The first time I did nothing and let MacTavish
get executed. The 2nd time I tossed a flash bang right as
they opened fire and he was executed. The 3rd time I missed a grenade throw, blew
myself up, and he was executed. The 4th time I opened fire and he was executed. The 5th time I changed things up and held
a flashing right before they executed him. The 6th time I believed them when they told
me to come out with my hands up and MacTavish, of course, was executed. The 7th time I detonated the explosion and
massacred everyone except for MacTavish. As you would expect, winter soldier people
weren’t happy that we just killed all their friends and blew up their transport. They sent snowmobiles armed with humans after
us, I didn’t look both ways and got ran over, no big deal. We slid down the hill without any sleds, that’s
dangerous, almost as dangerous as getting ran over by a snowmobile a second time. With everyone dead, we could take to the snow
and begin our escape. We had our own snowmobiles, we’re friends
but not those kind of friends. This was harder than you’d think. As far as shooting goes, I don’t know if
any portion of any game is as forgiving as this. If there’s someone in front of you and you
can see the on the screen, firing the gun will pretty much always kill them. But the helicopter shots are difficult to
dodge and there are a lot of enemies coming after you. It almost feels like to comes down to luck
as to whether you take damage or not. The stars aligned, I got the checkpoint, descended
down the mountain at illegal speeds, arrived at the chopper, and the airplane mission is
next. There’s some stuff happening, uh, you know,
this is, this is Call of Duty. What really stood out to me was how slowly
I walked. That was annoying, it was almost as annoying
as all the people screaming. The lack of children in this mission was surprising,
probably just a simple mistake. Fighting through the mall cops and airport
security took longer than it needed to. The Riot Shield guys took a fair amount of
damage and even blasting them with a grenade launcher didn’t take them out in a single
shot. What I found to work best was lying on the
ground and shooting at people’s ankles, their feet aren’t completely protected by
the riot shields and the other guys are drawing their attention away from me. I found myself a Spas-12 inside, I didn’t
get to use it for very long or on anybody because chief-bad guy Makarov shot me in the
head like a coward. And to add insult to injury, he drove away
in an ambulance. I took damage from that shot, believe it or
not. Scripted damage doesn’t necessarily count,
so it’s onto Takedown for this guy. Make sure you get down to avoid being shot
and don’t shoot any civilians or bad things will happen. I tactically blew out the kneecap of Rojas’s
right hand man, there’s some implied torture, and I went with Royce and Meat to track down
Rojas himself. This mission was rough. There were, I don’t know what they’re
called, members of the local militia all over the place. And for once I do mean that literally. There’s not just a few of them in the area,
they’re hiding out in buildings, behind corners, peaking out of windows, on rooftops
250 feet away. There really isn’t any clear cut subway
cold cut combo strategy. You just need to go slow, fully examine the
area before proceeding, pump ungodly amounts of bullets into the people just trying to
defend their community. It almost felt like no matter how many people
I killed, there was always more coming to take their place. Sometimes I got a checkpoint right in the
middle of an open area. Other times it felt like it made more sense
to just run like a madman and pray to satan that you don’t get hit. A german shepherd grabbed my arm and wanted
to play, I couldn’t bear to hit a dog so I just let him have his fun. The next time I saw him I didn’t hit him,
got myself a checkpoint in a building, tried a couple times to take out everyone in my
way, it was too much of a pain in the ass so I took a few shots and ran through their
gunfire without being struck by any bullets like Jesus did in World War 2. Several times I died I did trying to get through
the next little area. Upside was, I got myself just about the best
weapon I could possibly have: an RPD with an ACOG scope. Kills enemies in 2-3 shots, a solid zoom,
and an imperial kiloton of ammunition to go along with it. I kept advancing about as carefully as I could. This area legit probably had a dozen people
in it on different rooftops surrounding me, killing them all wasn’t an option. Eventually I got another checkpoint, had made
my way towards the upper level of the favela, took damage a bunch of times, and we did it,
Soap tackled Rojas off a rooftop onto a car and we had our man. Oh yeah, both Meat and Royce died. It is revealed during a cutscene that Russians
have breached the borders of the continental United States and are attempting to destroy
our beloved highway potholes with their machine guns and fancy planes. Guess what, more bullshit. You have to get out of this Jeep and run to
cover. Conveniently, you don’t have enough time
to get far enough away from the car to not take damage. Numbers is hard, Elmo’s number game and
whatnot. I thought maybe I could just hide out in the
dog house to avoid the full-scale invasion of this nation, when that didn’t work, I
shattered someone’s windows for fun, and followed behind the guy with the Follow word
pinned to his helmet. It took me a minute to figure out how to throw
a smoke grenade to avoid the BTR machine. This alleyway took me a couple tries too. It shouldn’t have been difficult, but the
Scar kind of annoying to use. I swapped it out for an FAL, made my way into
the gas station in search of snacks, but there was no time, our dinner reservation was for
1 o’clock. The enemy attempted to take back the Red Lobster. Now you’d think that with a Sniper rifle
with a thermal scope this would be easy, and it really was, but the M21 wasn’t as practical
as I thought it would be. Back across the street, I found a big gun
and a computer. The Predator missile was extraordinarily useful. There’s nothing like reigning down death
on targets with no hope of being able to fight back. God I love America. I’d been hearing whispers about this “Raptor”
character for the last few minutes, no idea who it was, part of me hoped they meant Reptar
and that maybe by protecting him I’d get front row tickets to Reptar on Ice. That didn’t happen. I got an achievement though, I consider that
a fair tradeoff. Lots more enemies died, Overlord commended
me on my ability to blow people up without mercy, I ran across the street again, someone
tried their best to fire an RPG, I took out a couple helicopter, met up with everyone
at the convoy, and The Hornet’s Nest was next. This mission picks up where Takedown ended
and as you can probably imagine, that’s not a good thing. I’m fighting alongside Ghost and MacTavish
through the favela until we get to a point where Nikolai can rescue us. This mission was difficult for the same reason
Takedown was difficult. The small upside is that there are NPCs who
can’t die here to share the burden of all this murder. The Dragonuv I had ran out after the first
section, upside is the FAL is a solid weapon provided you don’t miss every shot you take
like I did. This part took a little while. A significant number of people up ahead, then
down the street to the left are a lot more. After a couple minutes I got around the back
side of a building where I found a Model 1887, the only shotgun with more range than a sniper
rifle, then picked up another RPD with an ACOG and nobody could ever hope to stop me. Some people did, but I consider them cheaters. This was another section that sucked big time. In a surprising twist, I made the most progress
once I started using a UMP. Then came the part where we push through the
market. Again, bad times. A couple times I tried popping out from behind
cover and taking out whatever target I saw, it wasn’t very effective. Spraying randomly into a crowd of people with
an automatic weapon cleared out a few areas more easily. Very slowly, progress was made. A Pave Low showed up then fucked off immediately
because there wasn’t enough space to land. The boys and I went for a run along the rooftops,
I forgot to jump and thought I fell to my death. Turns out you’re not supposed to make that
jump. You can’t get into the building without
taking damage. I tried several times. This is just another one of those sections
where damage is unavoidable. You have no weapons and only 30 seconds to
make it to the chopper so you can’t try to sneak your way passed enemies. A speed runner got through it without being
shot, but that was a former world record run, I can’t be expected to do something at that
level just to avoid taking damage. After leaping onto the ladder, Exodus was
next. We’re in North Virginia defending the Stryker. They came about as close as anyone ever has
in this game to mentioning my name. They said half of Mitten Squad. I once again got ran over after I forgot to
look both ways, spent several lives trying to get to the other side of the street without
getting shot, then eventually did it. We trampled the absolute fuck out of some
yards on this street. All those dead bodies are going to kill the
grass. This mission is mostly suburban warfare, just
making your way down the street, killing everything in your path, the honey badger does its own
thing cause it aint give a shit. Nothing about Exodus was very difficult. It was just a plain ‘ol Call of Duty mission. No frills, no gills, no nonsense. That said, it was very atmospheric seeing
helicopters and planes flying overhead. Not a whole lot is worth talking about, I
took damage a handful of times, mostly when making my way through large houses. Our end-goal was destroying two anti-air turrets,
then moving on to 4677 Brookemere road to secure a valuable target. He was nowhere to be found, his teddy bear
had been left behind. That boring mission was over, next up is The
Only Easy Day dot dot dot Was Yesterday. This mission starts off easy, a couple stealth
kills with silenced weapons, blow open a door, kill the right person, throw a grenade into
the water to alert the enemies and fail the mission, shoot a hostage in the head, try
attacking from the other side, successfully rescue the first batch of hostages, notice
that everyone took off their flippers, rescue more hostages, lay a trap for the Russians,
detonate, and magically your suppressors disappear. I don’t know if it was just me being weird
and my eyes playing tricks on me, but it seemed like the M4’s Red Dot sight zoomed in a
lot more than it should have. We shot and exploded our way through the middle-ish
level of the oil rig, with all the gas leaks and such going on that was surely the best
option we had and was not at all dangerous. Around here I became incredibly aware of what
it was I was doing, how I was just sorta looking left to right and shooting everything I saw. Like most existential crises, it went away
after I killed somebody. The game presented an Intervention with a
thermal sight just before a checkpoint. I, of course, didn’t use it. The enemy had smoke, but I had an automatic
shotgun. I dare you to come up with any scenario that
an automatic shotgun can’t solve. I’ve got one, a room full of hostages, C4,
and explosive barrels. That’s probably the only one though. We boarded a bird the looked awfully small
for all of our manliness, I tried to friendly fire, and The Gulag is next. The birds have multiplied and we’re assaulting
a Russian prison. The outer assault is hardly even an assault,
it’s more like a slaughter. Inside reminded me of that one mission from
Wolfenstein The New Order, cuz it’s a circular prison thing. Anyway, this had no right being as time consuming
as it was. I just kept taking damage over and over and
over again. Even when I sat back and picked off peasants
from a distance, I still got hit. Some time later, I used the worst night vision
goggles in the world, hid from the violence inside a cement cell, and we found the armory. There were a lotta cool toys here. This being a no damage run, I opted for the
safest weapons available: dual M9’s. If you have the option to dual-wield pistols,
you don’t not dual-wield pistols. See I took damage when I picked up the riot
shield, that’s a sign. It took some effort, but we made it down to
the lower level where the power had been cut off. I saved ammo for the pistols by blinding myself
and firing wildly into the white light. If you’re ever dying and happen to have
a gun on you, I’d suggest trying it out for yourself. See what happens. Then I thought I took damage, it wasn’t
damage, it was a friendly plane blasting a JFK sized hole into the prison building. We passed through a couple corridors, my pistols
ran their course, and we spent 10 minutes in the prison showers if you know what I mean. Someone got fucked and that someone was me,
get what I’m sayin. My body took a pounding. Men blasted me. My fluids were all over the place. I think that’s all I got. Oh, I was told to detonate from behind. This video’s 100% gonna get demonetized. They had riot shields which are always a pain
in the ass to deal with. It was annoying because it took so long, not
because it was that difficult. I fell through a hole and bounced off MacTavish’s
head and we found Prisoner 627, none other than Fisher Price himself. During the escape I took damage from explosions
bringing down the building. It wasn’t coming from any specific direction
so it couldn’t be avoided. We got tugged real good out of the prison
and Of Their Own Accord is next. The invasion of Washington DC has taken a
turn for the worst. We’re losing. After leaving a surprise for someone napping,
I met up with Sergeant Foley, ran outside, and took the fight to the White House. I took damage and accidentally restarted the
mission, way to go me, snagged the Sniper Rifle, and was back just in time for round
2. Getting inside was easy enough, getting through
all the enemy forces inside wasn’t a cake walk, but it wasn’t impossible either. Some helicopters flew by, they were lucky
I couldn’t tell if they were friendly or not, or I’d have blasted them out of the
sky with my shotgun. On the fifth floor, I hugged a grenade to
take someone to hell with me, cleared out the Russians, blew open the chest cavities
of a few people with a heavy sniper rifle, and and I was told to use a Javelin to take
out helicopters and other mechanical nonsense. This took a few minutes. It seemed every time I got one or two things
destroyed I took damage from something I couldn’t see. I had to take a shot, run behind cover, wait
for it to piss off, then pop out to take a shot at something else. In the end, I saved the day, took a ride in
a chopper with an explosive chaingun, got blasted out of the sky, was given a gun with
almost no ammo and was told to hold the position. Then a flash of white and the mission is over. That’s the end of Act 2, up next is Contingency. This is the sneaky winter stealth mission
of Modern Warfare 2. Taking out people with silenced weapons is
child’s play. Avoiding the fire of the BTRs was frustrating,
multiple seconds were wasted trying to run into the woods without being shot or without
being crushed by a falling tree. More stealth kills, a Predator Missile, and
we arrive at the town. You’re given the Predator Missile for a
reason, a lot of things must die here. In general, it’s kinda manageable. There wasn’t anything about it that was
inherently challenging, just go slow, don’t run out into the open, use the missile whenever
possible, and you can press onward after some time passes. Then you do it again at one of their bases. You can kill most people with the Predator
missile if you sit back and wait for it to come back online. This isn’t Scooby-Doo takes on the might
of the Russian army, you’re not gonna get through here without a lot of death. Good news is, the number of casualties is
about to get a whole lot bigger. Captain Price got into the submarine and launched
nuclear missile. If Big Bird wasn’t trying to evade nation-wide
manhunt, he’d be proud of what Price just did. Back at the capital of America, Second Sun
is next. The flash happened again, and I went to fucking
space. I sat there for a while doing nothing because
I thought it was a cutscene. Not long after looking to the right, I saw
the pretty yellow dot explode, sending the dark cloud barreling towards me, which knocked
me into another dimension. It was like an EMP or something, Price apparently
got his 18 kill streak. Maybe it’s just me, but I always found it
extremely satisfying to use a gun with a Red Dot sight without the dot. I’m not sure why. We worked our way through a couple office
buildings, I used my pistol for a bit because it’s a fun weapon to use, we spawn killed
those guys from Borderlands who just got off the bus, we got to the President’s bunker
underneath the McDonald’s, and Whiskey Hotel was next. This was another one of those missions that
was really really not a good time. Those pesky Russians have taken over the White
House, also known as Whiskey Hotel, I didn’t know those were the same thing until I looked
it up. The Russians have turrets and sniper and soldiers
all over the place. There are a few spots in the ground where
you can duck and cover from the turrets, but generally if you’re out in the open for
more than 15 feet or so you’re gonna get shot. Trying to sprint through this without really
shooting anyone isn’t an option. I found out after a while that you can take
out the turrets with a powerful enough gun, which helps a lot but doesn’t necessarily
make it easy. The pussies hard-scoping with their snipers
were making my life difficult. It took me a solid 15 minutes to just get
passed the White House. Entering the West Wing was a bit of a hassle. Buncha meanies weren’t playing fair by letting
me shoot them first. I’m supposed to get a handicap otherwise
I won’t have a chance at winning. Once we were inside, it wasn’t too bad for
the most part. This area, I think it’s the Briefing Room
or something, gave me some trouble for a few minutes for the same reason just about any
other section did. After I almost accidentally restarted the
mission, I rolled up my sleeves, took off my special helmet, and got the job done like
only a pro Call of Duty player can. I got up to the roof, waves my green flare
all over the place, the daylight broke through the clouds over the District of Columbia,
and that was the end of the American portion of the campaign. We’re getting close to the end now. All the pieces are falling into place, hopefully
some snot-nosed little bastard doesn’t flip the board when he’s losing. My next mission? Loose Ends: Neutralize Vladimir Makarov. Or neuter him, I suppose either would get
the job done. Mines were hidden in the ground and predictably
you can’t really avoid them. Going prone seems to avoid the damage from
them, but air mines are being fired pretty much anywhere the smoke isn’t. Clearing an area when everyone is in smoke
requires some finagling and ingenuity. Inside the safehouse, several doors were breached,
the bad men went bye-bye, and almost every weapon in the game was at my disposal. It was hard to pick two guns to use for the
assault. I went with a Barrett .50 caliber rifle and
a P90 that I’m 90% sure had a silencer on it when I picked it up. It was gone when I used it, so I swapped it
out for a Striker gun, the same kind Luigi carried onto the field in Super Mario Strikers,
cleared the room, and began preparing for the enemy assault. The Barrett became worthless almost immediately,
so I ditched it in favor of an M240. Then I swapped that for an L86 with a scope. The L86 with Thermal in Modern Warfare 3 was
my shit, and this was about as close to that as I could get. Holding off everyone wasn’t much of a challenge. Escaping to the landing zone? Yeah, that was some otherworldly shit. Enemies from behind, enemies in front, no
where to go on the left or right, stuck right in the middle of hell. Add in some mortars too for good measure. I tried just about everything I could think
of to get through this. Flashbang everything in front and Striker
them all, spray and pray with the L86, run past them, flash-bang and run past, none of
it seemed to work. Then the stars aligned and I got to the landing
zone. Ghost carried me to safety like something
out of a Disney movie, a chopper blasted the Russians, I gave the DSM to Shepherd, and
got a nice shot in the gut for my troubles. Some soldiers played jump rope with my body,
Ghost and I were dropped into a hole, lit on fire, and that was that. Price and MacTavish are the only ones left. The Enemy of My Enemy, the Boneyard, what
a complete and total clusterfuck of a mission. This isn’t the last mission, but it really
feels like everything has been building to this. I would go so far as to call this unpleasant. In theory, there’s nothing terrible going
on, it’s not like there are invulnerable BTRs or window mounted turrets to content
with. It’s just a fuck-ton of people all trying
to kill you in large open spaces where they have all sorts of different pieces of cover
to peak out from behind. You just have to go incredibly slowly, always
looking at different objects to see if there’s a leg or an arm or something sticking out. When it sounds like the shooting in the vicinity
has ceased, you can creep forward and hope you didn’t miss anyone. The silenced M21 you’re given from the start
helps out a lot. In time, you’ll get through it with at least
a little of your sanity left in place. It took me a solid 45 minutes to get to the
Jeep with Price. Then, another on-rails section. You know how these go by now. Enemies in front, enemies behind, enemies
in a helicopter, enemies on the side. It felt impossible to take them all out without
being shot once. Aiming in a moving vehicle, even with the
gun that’s effectively a laser, is difficult. I tried several times but gave up, drove the
jeep into Nikolai’s plane, he dropped us off in the desert, and with a silenced Vector
and a silenced Intervention, Price and I began our suicide mission, Just Like Old Times. Stealth sections are as easy as they’ve
ever been, we bungee-jumped down a cliff, made a few guys go limp, espionage’d our
way through a cave, once again the horrible night vision made its presence known, Shepherd
became aware that we were in the area, I foolishly dropped my ACR for a Riot Shield, and combat
got real. They used my own Riot Shield tactic against
me. I really hate Riot Shields when they’re
being used by someone who isn’t me. They’re just annoying to deal with. Several deaths later, I ran back for my ACR
and waited for Price to do all the work. That’s good teamwork right there. We ran outside to escape an explosion, Shepherd
through caution to the wind, and we ran back inside to escape a 2nd explosion. He sent what forces remained to stop us. But because this is a video game, they never
stood a chance. We’re in the endgame now. Literally. That’s the name of the mission. And what better way to go out than with yet
another fucking driving section. These are stupid. Whether you get by without taking damage is
basically a crapshoot. Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. There’s nothing fun about it. We, I, got a checkpoint just before exiting
a small cavern out into an open area. A bunch of boats shooting from different directions,
enough of them that you can’t possibly take them all out, plus a helicopter that exists
only to be a pain in the ass. There are some passageways on the side where
you can avoid some of the fire, but they’re tight holes and when you’re in them you
don’t have the opportunity to take out the other boats. So you either avoid their shots for a time
then deal with them all or stay out in the open and try to take out some of them. It’s a shitshow regardless of which choice
you make. I deemed it impossible and accidentally got
a checkpoint sooner than I thought I would. We rode down the river, a boat overturned,
I hit a rock, Price took out the Pave Low with his mind, we fell down the waterfall,
and I washed up in the beach. All that’s left is to kill Shepherd. He bounced my face off a car and stuck a blade
in my chest. As I drifted in and out of consciousness,
Price and Shepherd battled to the death. I knew what had to be done, I had to give
Shepherd his knife back. I ripped it from my sternum, chucked it into
Shepherd’s eye hole, Nikolai arrived just in the knick of time, and I did not beat Modern
Warfare 2 Without Taking Any Damage.

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  10. 22:22 linked this cause I couldn’t find it linked “betrayal” this plot twist felt some way when I played this in 2009 man I was 12 geez where has time went……..

  11. I love it when you make a can you beat …. videos and they are not fallout ones.

    But tbh the fallout ones are not bad but the others are just better

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