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Here is Chinazo, attached to a breathing machine that she is dependent on for her ailment. Displayed on the table in front of her is the medication she has to take daily. Her mother cries out to the man of God, for God to locate her daughter. Man of God, please, help my daughter! We are from South Africa. She has got a problem in breathing because of asthma and allergic rhinitis. She has been having this for four years. Every time the weather changes, she gets a blockage in her chest and breathing. She has to take medication every day. She cannot go out without taking medication. Most of the time, she goes to casualty so that she can get oxygen. The SCOAN Sunday Service It has affected her in the way that every time she is sick, she can’t go to school. She cannot go out and visit because we need to make sure that we give her medication all the time. When she goes out to visit, she can’t sleep over. Prophet T.B. Joshua Ministering Prayer
And Healing In Jesus’ Name My name is Chi Chi. Oh, how are you? I’m fine. Jesus loves you so much. Please, heal me! I’ve had enough of this medication. I want to be healed, in Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen. The SCOAN Sunday Service Listen to what my little one says. You said what? Please, heal me! Jesus will heal you. He loves you so much. He is concerned about you. He is concerned about your health. Jesus is concerned about your health – how you are doing. He does not want you to have asthma. He loves you so much. Yes, I love Him too. You love Him too? Please, heal me! I am begging you, please, heal me! I don’t want this medication. I want to be healed, in Jesus’ name we have prayed. The SCOAN Sunday Service Healing In Jesus’ Name Healed In Jesus’ Name The SCOAN Sunday Service She said she wants to speak to me. She doesn’t want anybody to know. So, I just said, “Ok”. I will not tell you because she said nobody should know. So when I leave here, I will see you. I understand. Okay? I will see you. Okay? Thank you. Healed In Jesus’ Name Thank You, Jesus! I am free, in the name of Jesus! Thank You! Healed In Jesus’ Name I can breathe again, in the name of Jesus! TESTIMONY CONTINUES Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) People of God, Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) It is good to be in the presence of the Lord. My name is Mbali Ibe. This is my daughter Chinazo. My older daughter and my darling husband Vitalis. We came to The SCOAN because of the problem she was experiencing. She had a problem of short breath, allergic rhinitis due to asthma. It was so bad, in such a way that in many cases, we would have to take her to casualty at least twice or three times a week. When she went to school, she had to play in a certain area. She couldn’t play with everybody else because when she played where there was dust or grass, it was a problem. As a normal child, a child should be left to play and run anywhere they please to. But with her, it was a different story. She would play because you could not stop her from playing with other children. But at the end of the day, it would be a problem. When we gave her medication, it would relieve her for a while. After that, we would have to take her to see a doctor or casualty. They would always change medication for her; they would always give her different drugs. They would always give her stronger medication. But I give all the glory to God because today, she is no longer the same. She is healed. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus Christ! So, we saw the documentary and we can see all the table full of the medication and the machine. Just to give us a clearer picture. Tell us – how often did she use all these things? The medication that you see here is half of what she took. She had to take her medication every day – three times a day. Seven days a week, three times a day. If she missed one of the pumps, tablets or sirups, then she would not sleep that night. So she could not live without taking medication She was dependent on this medication. When she went to school, you would have to make sure you did not forget to give her medication. When she came back from school, you would make sure she took medication. So she was basically dependent on this medication. She could not do without medication before. Wow. And without all of this, there was nothing else the doctors could do about this condition of asthma and rhinitis? We had been to different doctors and specialists. They told us that asthma is not curable. The only thing they could do for her is to treat it. They would just give her treatment. When she grew older, she might outgrow it. They couldn’t tell us when but they were not sure if she could outgrow it. But they said, in many instances, children outgrow it when they are older. So she was supposed to take this medication until that time came, if it was going to come. Wow. So you came here last week to The SCOAN and we saw the touching clip of how the man of God prayed for your daughter and family. Tell us – what happened and what has been happening since then? When we came here on Sunday, by the grace of God, the man of God located us and she was prayed for. Since that day, we have never experienced any cough, shortage of breath or anything like that that we used to experience before. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus, the King of Glory! Louder and louder! Miss Chinazo Ibe & Family
Healing Testimony So since then, she has not used the machine, any of the breathing equipment or any of the medication that she previously had to use several times every day, is that right? Yes, we have never touched that medication ever since that Sunday. We have never used the machine. And we are never going to use them ever again. Amen! Put your hands together for Jesus Christ! Miss Chinazo Ibe & Family
Healing Testimony I think, as a mother, when your little one is sick or is experiencing such attacks, in many cases, it is difficult for you to sleep. It is difficult for you to ask people to take her for checkups. It will affect the whole family because everything that depends on her health, it has to be done by you or the father. So, in many instances, you will find that instead of going to work or doing your business, you cannot because you have to look after her or take her for checkups as she has to see one specialist or the other. She could not go to school. She had to stay home. It is very painful to see your child living like that. It is not a good feeling. I thank God and give Him the glory that now, the situation has changed. Financially, it will affect you. You will feel it because if you buy one pump like this – people who come from my country will know – if you buy a pump like this because if you go to a private doctor, they will give you a prescription and you will go and buy this medication on your own. A pump like this is about 650 rands – that is for one pump. Monthly, you would have to make a budget of about 2000 to 3000 rands for medication because she could not stay without medication. You had to make sure she got the medication. So we had to make a budget for it. So it would affect you as you could not do certain things for them. When it came to their school fees, you had to make sure you provided for her medication and school fees but financially, it was a burden to us. And ever since the man of God prayed for your daughter, tell us your testimony. I’m overjoyed. I don’t know where to start because my scars have been turned into stars. Since from that Sunday, I cannot express how I’m feeling. If I could open my heart for you to know how joyful it is, how grateful we are, how God has shown us that He is love, I’m grateful, I’m happy, I give all the glory to God. With this testimony, I know that we will come back with bigger testimonies! Amen! Put your hands together for Christ Jesus, the Miracle Worker! Madam, before we move on, we would like to hear – we are so touched by your testimony – what is your word of advice to people watching you around the world whose daughter or child might go through a similar difficult sickness or hard problems? My advice to everybody is: Jesus Christ, by His resurrection, has shown us that He is worthy of our faith. He has shown us that we can depend on Him and Him alone. He has shown us that He wants to dwell in our hearts and be the Landlord of our hearts. Because the prayers I have been praying, this one, when we came here to The SCOAN, I said, “God, take more of me and give me more of You”. I thanked Him for her healing before we even stepped into this church because I knew that once we got in here – this vicinity because this is the holy ground – everything would be over. Now, the problem that we have as Christians: We want to believe that when the evangelist or the man of God did not see you, you are not okay. Believe before you even come inside this church that your problems are over. Because God looks at your heart and surely, the man of God will locate you when you open your heart with faith, when you believe that you have received already. Thank You, Jesus! “Thank You, Jesus!” is a response from a happy heart. Put your hands together for Jesus! Truly, who else is worthy of our applause, thanks, praise and lifetime. It is none other than Jesus Christ, the King of Glory. Now, we would like to hear a word from Chi Chi herself, now that she has received this miracle. Our sister, tell us – what is your name and how old are you? I’m five years old. Wow. And what is your name? Chinazo. And where are you from? From South Africa. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for her! So, last week, we saw you telling Prophet T.B. Joshua something. Can you tell us – what did you tell him? I said, “Please, T.B. Joshua, heal me! Please heal me!” And what did you say about all this medication that you have been using? I said, “I have enough of this medication. Please heal me! I had enough of this medication. Jesus Christus, please heal me! I forgive You. Amen”. Wow. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Can you tell us – how did you feel when you were discussing with the man of God and when he prayed for you? I was shaking but the man of God prayed for me and now I’m healed. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus! So, if you were to see the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, now, physically, what would you do and what would you say? I’m no longer taking medication, I’m no longer coughing, I’m no longer bleeding and I’m no longer sneezing. Thank You, Jesus, for healing me! Thank you! Go on! Put your hands together and encourage her! Hallelujah! We are listening to this wonderful testimony of Chi Chi who came all the way from South Africa who received prayer last week from Prophet T.B. Joshua and was healed from the problem of allergic rhinitis and asthma which she had suffered from for the past four years. We have seen the medication, the machines and what she had been dependent on. Every day of her life, she had to use these things several times a day in order just to survive. Otherwise, she would get shortness of breath, she would be coughing and ultimately, her breathing would seize until she was treated and even at times rushed to casualty, to the emergency rooms of hospitals to receive oxygen. So she is here in our midst today and she is testifying how God Almighty has completely healed her from this horrible problem in her life and we thank God Almighty that she is here today – a living testimony for the glory of God. We want to ask you a question now. Can you tell us – if you were to see T.B. Joshua standing in front of you now, what would you say to him and what would you do? I would just say, “I’m no longer coughing! Thank You, Jesus! I’m no longer sneezing, I’m no longer bleeding, I’m no longer taking medication! Hallelujah! So you are no longer taking medication, you are no longer coughing, you can breathe fine, is that right? Yes. Wow. We would like you to demonstrate for us, for the people of God. Can you show us how you can breathe strongly now? I can breathe now. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus! I love you, T.B. Joshua. Miss Chinazo Ibe & Family
Healing Testimony Since you were healed last week, tell us – what has this week been like? How are you breathing now? Tell us the difference. I sleep very well and no more coughing whilst I’m sleeping. Hallelujah! Let’s put our hands together for Jesus! She said that now she can sleep very well, she breathes easily, she can run up and down and she doesn’t get short of breath. Who else can do it except Jesus Christ, the Miracle Worker! Put your hands together for Him! Wow. Thank you very much for saying your wonderful testimony in our midst. We just want to ask you one last question. Can you show us how you are feeling now. Miss Chinazo Ibe & Family
Healing Testimony Are you happy now? Yes. Thank You, Jesus! Hallelujah! Lastly, let us hear a word from the father because we know he has joined them in going through this tough situation as a parent to see this happening to your child and we thank God Almighty for what the Lord has done in their lives. Sir, you are welcome. Tell us your name and where you are from. Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) Good Morning, Church! Our names are Mr and Mrs Ibe Vitalis. The problem that brought us here to The SCOAN was inability to breathe well, sometimes she bled and in the night she coughed too much. This problem had been a burden to us as parents. Since you came to The SCOAN last week and she received prayer, can you tell us what has been happening with her at home? What are the differences? It is beyond because since we came here… For over four years, every night, every day, she must take her medication. It was a must! But since we came here, it is amazing up-to-date! At night, I wake up to look at her. She sleeps as if … it is beyond explaining! She is okay! Perfectly! Everything is normal! We thank Jesus for that. Hallelujah! Put your hands together for Jesus Christ! So you mean, before, you would always be waking up in the night to go and check on her, to see how she is doing? Before, her cought would wake you up. Her cough would wake us up. And when the cough started – at times, even if it was 1 in the morning, one of us would rush to hospital for oxygen. We tried all these machines but it was still too much. You would have to take her to (hospital). Sometimes, at night, the cough would wake us up. But since the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua last week, have you had any experience like that? Since last week, nothing like cough at night. She sleeps, she plays. Even peanuts – we didn’t give her peanuts before because when she ate peanuts, you were looking for a problem. But now, she says, “Daddy, I want peanuts!” I will buy and she will eat. I will be looking at her with one eye but nothing – nothing like cough. Hallelujah! God is good! Put your hands together for Jesus Christ! Thank you very much, sir. Lastly, what is your advice to people watching you all over the world? My advice is this: Parents, put your trust in God. Whatever challenge your family is going through, know that God has the final say. You must pray, you must fast. Depend on God and hope on God. At the right time, He will see you through. Thank You, Jesus. Amen. Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ once again! We thank God Almighty for the wonderful healing and miracle He has done in your family. And we encourage you – miracles and all of God’s blessings are in His Word. So continue to make God’s Word the standard for your life and this shall remain permanent, in Jesus’ name. Amen. TT: Mel Flowers 30/06/2018

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