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Thanks for checking out my video again. Another
case history for you today. This is going to be case history number nine. This is a
48-year-old lady called Wendy. In fact, Wendy used to be our babysitter many years ago.
Wendy’s a very lovely lady, but I found her to be one of those what I call “supersensitive”
people. Sensitive to everything in her environment, every single thing. I’m going to read a little
bit out of my book and then I’m going to give you some explanation about the case.
Wendy was a woman in her 40s that used to be our babysitter 10 years ago. She called
me up with urgency one evening to tell me that a gas heater in our lounge was making
her physically sick and I had to rush home. She had all the windows wide open and felt
physically ill. When I spoke with her further about this, it became apparent that she was
supersensitive to any household cleansers, aerosols, perfumes, colognes, and felt absolutely
terrible near cigarette smoke. She could only drink water that was bottled in glass and
her diet was limited to a handful of foods. This lady had a bowel problem that she’d been
trying to control for many, many years and had a long history of oral contraceptive pill
use. Twenty years ago, Wendy returned from India
with a bad case of diarrhea. Her doctor placed her on several rounds of antibiotics and she’s
not been well since. After several months on the Candida Crusher program, Wendy’s diet
had become far less restrictive and she was hardly reacting to her environment at all.
And now Wendy can even drink tap water and low and behold, she can even drink wine, which
was inconceivable many years ago. Can you relate to Wendy? Are you a person
who’s traveled, maybe developed some kind of diarrhea or bowel problem after a party
or a vacation in the Caribbean or the Pacific or wherever you’ve been to? Have you had a
gut problem and noticed that your health’s gone downhill over the years? You’ve become
increasingly reactive to foods, maybe inhaling allergens, environmental toxins and things
like that. Maybe you’ve got parasites or Candida internally.
Antibiotics often are a waste of time because they just increase the toxic burden. They
eradicate beneficial bacteria and allow parasites to thrive even more. In most cases, I’ve found
antibiotics completely useless for a lot of gut related problems. I’ve performed well
over 1,000 stool tests and I can tell you, I’m amazed when the panels come back to see
what level of deficiencies people have with beneficial bacteria and how many parasites
they really have in their digestive system. It’s phenomenal.
Some of my patients have been sick for 10, 15, or 20 years after a trip and they’ve never
been well. Some are on sickness benefits. Some have been divorced. They can’t tolerate
life anymore. When you’ve got a bowel problem and you’re going to the toilet 10 times a
day, it’s not much fun. You lose your confidence. You can’t go out anywhere. You get pain in
the gut. You get a lot of bloating, a lot of gas. You may have lost a lot of weight
or gained a lot of weight. It’s a very embarrassing thing to have a bowel problem. It’s not something
you really want to talk about. I can help you out. If you want to spend some
time with me, you can certainly book into see me online through Skype and I can talk
you through this. This sort of patient responds extremely well to Canxida, the antifungal
dietary supplement I manufactured a while ago now. I’ve had many, many, many patients
in a lot of countries around the world really benefiting from Canxida. It’s fantastic for
people like Wendy. You start on one tablet, you build up to three tablets a day, and in
no time at all, you’re going to nail a lot of these parasites. Read my book on the fermented
and cultured foods. It gives you a good explanation on how to really increase a lot of beneficials
in your digestive system as well. I hope you found this video of benefit to
you if you’ve got a gut problem. Thanks for tuning in.

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