Canine Jugular Venipuncture

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Hi, I’m Jill I’m a technician at Dove and today we’re going to do a jugular venipuncture on Mudge she’s here for some recheck blood work so we’re going to get it from her jugular because we need a quantity of blood getting it from her peripheral veins may not supply enough blood to the sample that we need the times that you don’t want to use a jugular draw is when you don’t know the coagulopathy status of a dog if they are clotting properly or not you also don’t want to do it if you have any head trauma in the dog for Mudge we’re going to shave a little square on her neck we can visualize the vein well I’ll put some alcohol on it so I can see it rise up and then I’ll use my syringe here in order to get the blood so there’s two methods to do the jugular venipuncture you can either lie the dog down on their side and have the assistant hold the legs a little bit further back with their neck extended so you can get at the vein alternatively you can have the dog sitting upright and your assistant is going to hold the dog under the neck to keep its head steady and you will hear in the jugular furrow is where you push in and to hold off the vein and you can see it rise up and a little trick the jugular vein usually runs right where the fur kind of spirals around there makes for a very bad haircut and generally we don’t need to clip the fur but it’s just so that you can see it a little bit better okay so i’m holding off here in the jugular furrow you can palpate the vein right there look you want to make sure your skin is pulled down if it’s too bunched up then it’s hard to visualize so you can pull down a little bit with the skin then you introduce the needle in and pull back on the syringe hold off before you pull the needle out and your assistant can hold so you want your assistant to hold off on the vein long enough for the vein to properly clot it’s hard to put a wrap around it and you don’t want it to constrict them so it’s best just to hold off long enough you want to push in in the direction to not too close to the center because when you’re pushing on their trachea so I will take a look here and it looks good the vein is nice there’s no hematoma and you’re all done thank you Mudge and that’s how we do jugular venipuncture at Dove.

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  1. Thanks for all the learning tutorials.
    I’m not saying it’s improper, just asking the rationale for not wearing gloves during a blood draw? Thank you.

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