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Hello and welcome at FIXISO today we are going to talk about the new update AMD ADRENALIN 2020 let’s see what’s new with this update or maybe better said new software, because it looks different actually very different from the previous version the first view will show you in the top left side the last game played and how many FPS you had average the time you’ve played and also a button that alows you to start the game from here in GAMING you’ll find all your installed games also you can start directly from here you can also change the visual setting of the game from here we can chose from three profiles we have STANDARD EPORSTS, and GAMING (IT HAS A FREEZE PROBLEM) i’m using GAMING, because GAMING… *CURRENTLY GAMING PROFILE HAS A BUG THAT FREEZE YOU GAME, USE ESPORTS OR STANDARD* to make more changes, you can go to advanced and here you’ll have more options we also have some small informations about you video card and probably you’ll get some advises from the software just to have a better gaming experience and not to forget that, AMD mentioned that this software improves your gameplay in average with 12% but i think that depends on the game you play but in principle i think 12% or higher improve performace it will apply for older games like 1-2 years old in Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC it’s been launched for about one month now and while playing i didn’t feel the difference maybe some light improvements but just small changes ok… let’s pass the gaming button you have the hole list of games installed you can go and change your graphics also you have the advices over here STREAMING i didn’t really used streaming but i think it’s the same like the old version in PERFORMACE, here is more interesting just because this tab will give you more details about you current system, about you graphic card speed of processor, temperature all about your video memory and processor another things if you’ll go to ADVISORS here… i got Advices for RDR2 just how to improve your game to run better i will not do them, they are regarding you visuals and fps in general different options and modifications this is great to have because you have the option in optimazing your system, so you can run different games with less ressources or with a system that is a little on the old side another interesting thing at AMD ADRENALIN 2020 they added a browser to their software it intersting, because now you could use this browser to look for different stuff but in the same time you can compare you performace in game i don’t know it a new interesting thing this is it… NOOOO…. let’s not forget, the most important thing if you’ve checked the channel you know that i have a FIX video for AMD ADRENALIN CAPTURE VIDEO CAPTURE WITHOUT SOUND while you try to record and have no sound i had a FIX over in my video for that my FIX was to change some values in Registy and that will give the sound back well, i did entered in Registry and UNDID everything that i previouse done but i also did modified the value in all the ways possible just to make sure the sound still works and i’m happy to say that this new Update has fixed that bug i think this bug fix its the most important thing finally AMD has fixed the bug of Video Capture Without Sound with that i want to tank you for watching leave me a comment and let me know if this update also fixed your video capture whitoutsound because i know that my previouse fix didn’t work for everyone but i will want to know if this did… well LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and all the best.

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