Caring for the Community | Meet Dr. Shanthi King

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>>My name is Dr. Shanthi
King, and I’m a pediatrician. I decided to become a doctor
because of pretty much that’s what I’ve wanted
to do since I was a child. I’ve always enjoyed working
with families and children. I enjoy all the stages and
development of childhood. I feel that every stage comes
with its joys and challenges. And I also enjoyed the
preventative medicine aspect of pediatrics, which is a big
role in the lives of families. I try to incorporate the
entire family in pediatrics. So you’re dealing with not only the child but also helping the parent with whatever issues they may be having because it is a lifestyle
approach and a family approach. I enjoy the relationships that developed with the families. I enjoy that I see them pretty much from the day they’re born
to some of my patients going off to different schools, college. I’ve worked in a variety of
different pediatric settings, from primary care to urgent care. I enjoy what I do. It provides me great satisfaction. My name is Dr. Shanthi King. I’m a pediatrician with Johns
Hopkins Community Physicians, and it would be my pleasure to
be your child’s pediatrician. (upbeat music)

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