Caroline Caperton, MD, MSPH – Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

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I came to allergy as a specialty. I’ve
always suffered from allergies as a child and I grew up in a small town in
Thibodaux, Louisiana and we didn’t have a specialist in town. The closest one was
in New Orleans so I remember driving to see such specialists as a child and
remembering this is a very far way to go to get allergy shots or to have my
parents drive me every day to do that and if there were a specialist that were
in an area where people needed it but didn’t have to drive so far to get it I
thought access to care was certainly something I would hope to pursue later
in my career. My specific allergy focus within my
specialty mainly tends to deal with skin and eczema as well as contact dermatitis
because I believe that’s one of the first manifestations of allergy. As we
grow we then monitor those children for the progression of asthma wheezing when
they have a cold, inability to tolerate certain food protein such as peanut or
milk. When you catch those children early and you intervene you can prevent
disease progression over time. I had always hoped to pursue an
education kind of nationally and/or globally and to get all the education
that I could to bring enrichment to the people that raised me. I’ve always felt a
certain responsibility and obligation and desire to come back and serve the
people who helped to raise me and make me who I am. There’s wonderful people
here in Louisiana that deserve to have world-class care and they have it at
Willis-Knighton and I am blessed and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be a
part of that. I would like prospective new patients to
know that I have an obligation to my current patients but I welcome new
patients with open arms. When you come with your family member as my patient I
hope to learn everything that I can about you, your cultural preferences, the
treatments that you’ve had before and maybe didn’t work for you and what we
can do together to work on a great solution for your family member. Outside of the clinic in my free time I
like to focus on wellness and one of the ways in which I do that all growing up
is we had a fitness center that was focused on youth development as well as
swimming sports and team camaraderie. I think that team-building and being
part of a group that’s larger than yourself
while working on wellness while focused on the community those are something
that I have always done growing up and I love doing now. Willis-Knighton has several
wonderful wellness centers which allow us to be a part of that and the
saltwater pools are something that I love to dip my toe in. you

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