Carry the stars on you with Angelina (lurex) yarn

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Silvery (angelina) yarns are defined as continuous fibers produced by combining a metallic component with a plastic component. After the silvery (angelina) yarns are tailed or twisted with different yarns , they acquire a very different look and task. Silvery (angelina) yarns go through a difficult process depending on the working conditions, but Gapsan Textile facilitates these difficult processes and speeds up production both in operation and in later stages. When considered for health, silver (angelina) threads collect negative electrical energy in the human body. In addition, the fineness and touch of the yarn is provided and allergies and itching are prevented. Silvery yarns used in: curtains, carpets, upholstery fabrics, women’s clothing, shoes, bags, knitting, weaving, knitwear and embroidery.

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