’s 2020 Family Car of the Year

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There are two types of parents, those who
upon having their second or third kid really embrace minivans and those who
cringe at the thought and instead search for something different. For you rebels
our Family Car of the Year, the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas, is an SUV that offers
minivan levels of comfort, room and utility without the uncool minivan
stigma. The Atlas is a large family hauler that debuted for 2018 and quickly
won us over with its cavernous interior, long list of creature comforts and it’s
a road trip all-star. Inside there’s ample room for seven occupants in three
rows of seats and there isn’t a bad one in the house. The available second row
bench also has ample room to fit three car seats across. Something some
competitors can’t do. And although it’s big, the Atlas doesn’t drive like it. This
plus-size package gives all the high riding benefits of an SUV but with the
car-like nimbleness of something much smaller. Even the third row is roomy
enough for adults and getting back there is easier than in most SUVs. The Atlas
also has a ton of cargo room behind that third row meaning you can carry your
family and a good amount of stuff at the same time. The Atlas is a comfortable,
quiet and capable people hauler and depending on whom you ask it might even
make you look cool. And that’s why we named the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas’s Family Car of the Year.

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  1. LOL…really? Guess they don't take reliability or build quality into account. The Atlas is roomy and well laid out for families, but it will be in the shop half the time. One of VW's least reliable products, which is saying a lot, since almost all VW products are unreliable. Also, the interior is really cheap even on the loaded trims, especially compared to the Telluride and Palisade. It's also the second most expensive vehicle in class, behind the crappy Explorer. Lastly, it is hideously underpowered. About the slowest vehicle in class, with poor fuel economy to boot. really doesn't have a whole lot of credibility when it comes to accurate car reviews, and this video just reinforces that fact.

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