Cat Allergies

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Cat Allergies are very common and this is
not limited to people who have a cat in their house. This makes the cat a very potent allergen.
Before you begin to learn more how to deal with the allergy you need first to understand
what causes the allergy – really. The primary cat allergen is found in their
saliva called the Fel d 1. Since cats have impeccable grooming they love to bath themselves
in their saliva and this in turn make their fur and dander very potent for those who are
allergic to them. Cat’s dander is also very fine inhaling it deep in the lungs is very
easy. This causes major problems with people who have allergic asthma. Other cat allergens
include the albumin that is commonly found in cat’s urine, saliva and blood. Being allergic to cats is a pretty common
thing. 25% of people with allergies are allergic to cats. This makes it a potent problem for
many innocent allergic people walking through public places that were either visited by
a cat or simply the allergens were carried by people who walked through the same place.
Since cat fur and cat dander can easily cling on to clothing places where cats have not
been before also have traces of the allergens. Cat dander can be very common that itcan be
a component of house dust.Controlling the symptoms of cat allergy can be very simple.
The very first thing you can do is getting rid of your cat. Cat avoidance though is not a choice for many
cat owners. They rather suffer than part with their beloved pets. Allergy shots can be a
very good option but you have to understand that unless you get rid of your cat or cats
you will still run a higher chance of having the allergy symptoms. If getting rid of the
cats is not an option you can choose more subtle measures around the house. Cat allergies, can be controlled by making
sure you cat is neutered. You can also choose to bath the cat at least once a week. You
can remove the cat from your bedroom if he enjoyed that privilege before. This will make
sure you have a bubble of “safety” from the allergens. More about Cat Allergies on

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  1. if im around a cat or if i toutch my face after toutchinga cat i get puffy eyes and my face starts to welt then i itch and sneez i want to be around a cat but i cant

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