Cat Care & Sick Cats : Treating Flea Allergies in Cats

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Hi, I’m Diana Korten, and I’m here today with
Helen to talk about flea allergies in cats. Now, Helen actually has a terrible flea allergy
to cats, but we’ve got it really under control. When I first found her in the mean streets
of downtown Los Angeles she was covered in fleas; covered in hundreds of fleas, and her
skin was a mess. All in here she had terrible scabbing, all around her neck, all down her
back, most of the places where fleas inhabit a lot. She was just coated in scabs. It took
us a long time to figure out how to take care of this. The first thing to do of course is
to get rid of the fleas. What can happen is that the cat; once they have the scabs they,
the scabs themselves are itchy, so they itch the scabs, they they bite at their tail, they’re…
So, there’s a few things that you want to do. You you can take them to the Vet and have
them treated with antibiotics and anti-fungal ointments and salves. You can also adjust
their diet, because sometimes, cats that have flea allergies will also develop allergies
to particular foods, particular ingredients in foods; like corn or gluten, or… Anyway,
you can have your cat tested for what other panel of allergies they may have in addition
to the flea allergy, that may be contributing to the outbreak of the the sores and things
that they get. Another common allergy that accompanies flea allergies is plastic allergies,
and so what I’ve done with Helen; she has a leather collar, rather than a plastic collar
or a vinyl collar, because again, that seems to really make a difference for her in terms
of the scabbing and things that she gets around her neck. You have to remember, with flea
allergies is it doesn’t take an entire infestation to cause the cat to start scratching uncontrollably.
Really, just one or two fleas can cause it, because it’s the flea saliva that the cat
is actually allergic to, so once they get bitten they start having a reaction that,
and if they dig their claws into it then they they start getting the secondary infections
and all that kind of stuff. So, I have here just a little hydrocortisone salve. That’s
a little something that you can apply to any itchy spots. This this one is made particularly
for pets so that they won’t hurt them if they end up licking some of it off. Anyway, she
doesn’t really have any infections right now, but it is something that you can use. The
other thing that you want to be sure to do when you have a cat who has a flea allergy
is you want to be sure to keep their nails trimmed and short, because that’ll help reduce
the amount of tearing that happens when they scratch. The other thing that you can do if
the if the clipping of the nails isn’t enough to help protect the skin is you can put soft
claws on their, on the the paws. Those are the little plastic caps that you can glue
onto their paws. The truth is, if you can keep the cat indoors, keep the cat deflead,
keep fleas out of the environment, and manage the habitual scratching and biting that the
cat can develop from the irritation of the, that grew out of the initial flea bite, then
you can really manage it quite well, as you can see with Helen, who is really doing incredibly

21 thoughts on “Cat Care & Sick Cats : Treating Flea Allergies in Cats

  1. yes thank you so much my cat has it very bad i came back from my vacation ( my sister was watching her) n she has it so bad her fur is practially all gone and she has scabs on her neck my poor baby…but again thank u for the helpful tips

  2. Hmmm Dunno much about different types of cat … but I think Helen is too heavy for her kind. Time to downsize her.

  3. I've been battling flea allergy with my cat for six years now, and it's at the point now where I'm having to put her to sleep because she's now resistant to the treatments. She's off to take that final sleep tomorrow 🙁

    Keeping the fleas controlled gave her an extra five years (the first year was rough and we weren't sure we were going to get on top of it), but there comes a point where their distress adversely affects their quality of life.

  4. I wish I could do any of the things she suggests, my Sammy is a feral boy, having a terrible flea allergy reaction though I can only find evidence of any on his brother, who isn't bothered at all. But we don't drag him to the vet, too traumatic, I can't trim the claws, etc. wish I knew of a grt holistic and kind vet to call about these things. one bad experience after another here in LA.

  5. For cats with chronic allergies I recommend feeding Hill's Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original Dry Cat Food.

    It is actually a myth that corn and gluten cause allergies in cats. Corn has many antioxidant benefits. Corn has gathered a diverse reputation in the U.S. For some cats, orn is a "staple" food that provides the foundation for dry cat food, canned cat food or treats.

  6. I have 3 cats and I believe i have a relatively flee free home. I use Frontline and spray the room also. Even though i undertake all of the above one cats still suffers bites and the reaction to these bites which she experiences outside in the bushes in my garden. Two of the cats are fine but one has the most horrendous sores due to scratching and from her allergy. Well she did have until i started using sudocrem cream and i applied this quite liberally around her neck region. It acts as an antiseptic, moisturiser and soother to her sore regions. I would recommend this to those who have cats with allergies, it really does help.

  7. I dust my cat's neck with baking soda and she feels relief from her flea allergies in minutes. I also kill fleas with salt and baking soda on all my rugs. Leave on for 2 days then vacuum, repeat and no more fleas. Works much better than all the toxic chemicals the vets prescribe. I worked for a vet hospital for several years and all that topical stuff is poison and a lot of pets die from it.

  8. FLEA SPRAYS CAN KILL YOUR PET!!!!! Cats lick themselfs, and administrate the poison doing this….I use a Flea Com. ( at the pet section at Walmart ) gentle brush over the Cat or Dogs fur….will collect many fleas on pet!! make sure they dont jump off the comp, get a small dish with lysol floor cleaner and brush the fleas into the lysol. I do this, and its really works!…. ( empty, and be careful for the pet not to lick the cleaner )…Catlitter can cause fleas…so keep the box clean each and every day.

  9. Hi there. New subbie here. I put a good quality flea med on my cat. She keeps getting these bumps/little scabs on her. Oh you just answered my question. lol I was going to say that when I use the flea comb on her…I don't get any fleas off of her. She has only had literally about 20 fleas within a few months. So I guess she has the allergy then. I've had other cats with a ton fleas, but no scabs, and a very smooth coat /skin. I guess I will apply more flea med. and put some hydrocortisone cream on her. I tried some Neosporin…but I guess that didn't work. Thank you. Ttys.

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