3 thoughts on “Cathryn Nagler│Food Allergies and the Gut Microbiome

  1. Most food allergies come from foods that are used in the manufacture of confectionery and other processed foods. For example, chocolate/biscuit factories have huge machines that daily process large amounts of dairy, nuts, wheat and even eggs (usually powdered). The proteins from these foods stick to the machines. When the machines are cleaned, chemicals are used, traces of which remain on the machines (because nobody's going to immerse the whole machine in vat after vat of water to make sure every bit of chemical has been removed). The next time food is processed in the machines, traces of these cleaning chemicals go into the processed food. People eat this food together with the chemical which their T-cells recognise as hazardous. Over time, as they keep eating the contaminated food, their T-cells start to recognise not only the chemicals as hazardous but also the food that came with them, e.g. nuts, seeds, dairy, wheat, eggs, etc. It's the same for people who use shampoos, soaps or other products that have both chemicals as well as almond oil or coconut oil or avocado extract in them. The body will become intolerant of these foods over time.

    The way to fix the problem is to re-introduce the foodstuff back into the gut with the aid of a food the person is highly tolerant of in conjunction with a bit of clean dirt or other probiotic element that can act as a chaperone. So for example, if you're allergic to almonds, you have to eat a tiny bit of almond in conjunction with another food your body likes as well as a high amount of good bacteria, such as that found in pro-biotics or soil. Your body, which has been wary of the almonds on their own, will be more ready to accept them in the company of compounds it trusts and that are good for it. Think of it like a lover who has broken your heart. If they show up at your door surrounded by all your close friends and family begging you to just hear them out for a few minutes and your family was saying the same, you are more likely to relent than if they showed up by themselves. Over time, with this treatment, the allergy could be cured.

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