CBD – Cannabis Swag

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Hey everybody welcome to another episode
of Fired Up TV the I am David “Big Daddy” Addi from Fired up Promotions where we
IGNITE your marketing and FIRE you up On today’s episode of Fired Up TV we are
going to talk about CBD products now CBD products are all the rage and for those
who don’t know CBD is the ingredient in cannabis that keeps you relaxed without
the high I have two products here today that contain CBD first we have a CBD
infused lip balm now it’s actually really cool because it’s a metallic
finish on this and got the logo dead center pretty nice size so people can
see your brand and your logo and we also have this CBD infused lotion now this is
really nice because you get a full colored decal around the lotion bottle
and I’ve actually heard people use this for pain relief so instead of just
putting on like some Icy Hot people will put this lotion on a joint or any part
of their body that hurts them and they instantly feel relief these products are
perfect for a chiropractor a wellness coach or a gym or anybody that wants
something really cool and hot that people are talking about so let us know
would you rub this lotion on your back don’t forget to subscribe thanks for

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