CBD Oil cured Food Allergies (Mast cell activation disorder)

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These days, most people in the world, for
at least once in their life, get an allergic reaction to foods, medicines or other external
factor from the environment. Some are lucky with mild allergies that they
have only several times in their whole life. Some are even luckier going through this life
eating whatever they want without any reaction. But to a certain number of individuals in
this world, including Sarah in this interview, food allergy is a nightmare and eating could
be sometimes not a joy but a miserable experience. This video is for such unfortunate people. Food allergy is a substantial and evolving
public health issue, recently emerging over the last ten to fifteen years and at moment
is on the rise which has no sign to stop. Many scientists believe that the number of
people with food allergies is rising, as is the number of foods to which they are allergic
to. This video is going to share with you Sarah’s
food allergy story and how she discovered her underlying mast cell activation disorder
as well as how she tried to manage her condition daily with CBD oil so that she can survive
her difficult days to move ahead. Hi Sarah, nice to meet you and thank you for
your time being with us today to share your inspiring story with mast cell activation
order which seems to be a new epidemic worldwide while too little useful information could
be found. Hi, you are welcome. If you are watching this video and have the
intention to watch it until the end, I believe either you or your loved ones are desperate
with food allergies. May I ask you some questions friends? Have you or your loved ones been suffering
from near-constant inflammation such as sinusitis or arthritis or eczema? Have you or they got sudden food allergies? I mean you ate a food a month ago with no
problem but now, a month later, every time you eat this food, you got pain and inflamed
with no caution signs. Have you or they got the ok-to-eat food list
that is narrowed down and down to a point that it seems like there is nothing left for
you to eat anymore? They are all relevant to each other and to
a health issue I am going to talk about. Now let me start my story. You know guys, on the darkest days of my food
allergy story, I could only drink water. Fasting seemed so easy for me then since this
world had nothing to offer me for eating. Believe me, I even prepared myself for death
because how could men live on Earth without eating? I had been fighting with chronic sinusitis
for over twenty years. The strongest antibiotics, steroids, and 3
sinus surgeries did no help. Since I was eight, my body gradually increased
allergy to certain foods. There are different ways our body reacts to
allergens, which means for the same allergen, I may suffer from sinusitis while you may
suffer from eczema. My allergic reaction is acute sinusitis, always
like this up to now. My superstar allergens since then up to the
age of 27 are chicken (especially organic chicken), some types of seafood, cow milk,
beef, and fermented foods. This is not the worst part of my story. The nightmare actually came 2 years ago. After the 2 sinus operations that were said
to save my chronic sinusitis, one beautiful day I woke up and I could not tolerate any
food from animal including all types of meat, fish, egg or milk including even goat milk. If I ate them, I got my most terrible sinusitis
ever. Have you got any blood testing? No, I haven’t. Because thanks to all the doctors who every
time I came to with a question about the relation between my sinusitis after eating certain
food, always told me either it was a coincidence or a scientific mystery that would be soon
discovered. So, this is why when my weird sudden intolerance
appeared, I was convinced by myself that it would be a waste of time to visit more doctors
who underestimate the role of foods in illness development. Then what did you do to survive that dramatic
change? Unable to eat animal protein would turn my
life upside down. I would say that when we find no way to escape
from something, at least we accept it for a while. I positively considered this forced elimination
as a chance to change my life style. Being a vegetarian, why not? Being a vegetarian was only the beginning
of this tough journey. I may have no story to tell you today if over
the past 2 years since I started eating vegan diet, the plant-based foods that I could eat
has been shortened too. I researched many sources for my condition
and I blamed either histamine intolerance or leaky gut. So, I tried the histamine treatment plan with
Diamine oxidase or D-A-O enzyme to be short, and low histamine food diet as well as a plan
for leaky gut such as taking L-glutamine, collagen and supplements that are said to
help such disorders. At the beginning of such histamine intolerance
treatment plan with D-A-O enzyme and low histamine food diet, I got better and therefore I thought
that I was recovered. Nonetheless, after some weeks, even the foods
that are low in histamine led to an allergic reaction. I also tried water fasting for many days,
losing a lot of weight. The condition first seemed to be improved
during the fasting but after that, eating made me sick again due to the inflammation
it caused. As I told you before, there were days not
eating was my blessing because nothing on Earth could make me feel so good like not
eating or fasting. As a result, I convinced myself that I would
die soon if there were not any miracle. How did you discover your underlying mast
cell activation disorder? Then God woke me up. First of all, I realized that if my body reacted
to almost any food including even the ones low in histamine, it is not the problem of
histamine intolerance otherwise I would have been fine when I followed the histamine intolerance
healing plan. I thought my immunity cells may be releasing
other inflammation chemicals other than just histamine. My immunity seemed to go insane because its
cells lost the ability to realize foods that they accepted before. At this point, God drew my attention to what
is called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. I guess its name could tell you something
right? Yeah, they are activated in a situation that
they should not be or I would say they are over-active and our body doesn’t need such
activeness. Ok, I got it. And finally, how did you make your condition
become controllable? Well, I need your imagination. Imagine that you have a friend that is for
some reason going crazy and fight anyone getting close to him. Now your challenge is getting close to him
to shake his hand. What do you have to do? I guess we should first calm my friend down,
shouldn’t we? That’s true. Our mast cells are the same. The more they are over-active, the more we
have to stabilize them so that we could be fine digesting our foods. I think this is the key for food allergy epidemic
worldwide. The most effective and safest mast cell stabilizer
I have found up to now is CBD Oil (from hemp plant). There is a long way ahead for me, you and
even scientists to fully understand this whole plant product whose medical benefits should
be absolutely appreciated by human. You don’t have to believe me. If you have such kind of chronic food allergies,
or better if you know that you have mast cell activation disorder, try CBD Oil yourself
to know what I mean. The day that CBD Oil helped me eat foods that
I had avoided for a long time, I almost broke in tears because there seemed to be no word
I could use to express my thankfulness to God above for hearing my prayer. How do you use CBD Oil to stabilize your mast
cell activation disorder? My own experience has proved that CBD Oil
works best with food. It could cause annoying effects if I take
it on an empty stomach. The emptier the stomach is, the more annoying
the effects would be. I took CBD oil either with the oil drops or
the oil in pills. Everybody has their own dosage of this supplement. For me, a 50-kilogram female, I take around
5 to 7 drops of CBD Oil (5%). I have a question then, as far as I see, supplements
for allergies are usually taken before meals so that we can enjoy meals with no symptom. If you take CBD oil after meal, you may have
the reaction before. What do you say about this? Let me make myself clear, I said that I take
the oil with food, not after meal. The most effective way to take CBD Oil I have
observed myself is eating some safe food first, then the oil second and the meal that can
cause reaction last. For example, I eat a piece of sandwich which
I usually don’t have reaction to, and then I take the oil or the oil in pills before
I eat my favorite fish noodles which usually causes me inflamed without the oil. Have you noticed any side effects of CBD oil
from Hemp plant? Yes, I do. Believe or not, even miracles have price. Similarly, CBD Oil has negative sides too. Its greatest negative effect is causing itchy
scalp. So, if you suffer from such negative side
of CBD oil, you can purchase L-Lysine and take 1000 mg to 2000 mg of L-Lysine an hour
before the meal. Now the biggest question of today is: Can
CBD Oil completely cure Mast cell activation Disorder? To be very honest, for me up to now, it seems
that CBD oil could only help us to manage the condition so that we can have a kind of
near normal life and do things that matter. But please do not be disappointed, even though
my mast cell activation disorder has not really gone away completely, I have clearly felt
the intensity of my allergic reaction or my inflammation is going down. After all, with CBD Oil, my life quality has
been improved a lot. Do you have any special note for ones who
are going to take CBD Oil soon after watching this video? Yes, certainly dear. Most of the ones who are going to take CBD
Oil soon after watching this video will absolutely find out that it really works, which can be
a problem by itself. Why? Because they would get too excited and make
some mistakes. Let me tell you about some possible mistakes
people can make with CBD Oil. The first mistake is: The relief would easily
convince themselves that their illness has gone and they start to eat whatever they like,
including the ones that are extremely allergic, which would make them break the usual workable
dosage. For instance, avocados are very high in histamine
and I avoided them during I was following a low histamine diet. But now with CBD Oil, I thought that I could
eat whatever on Earth and so I started to eat a big bowl of avocados. Soon after that, I found out that the dosage
of CBD Oil I took could not calm my mast cells anymore and inflammation is unstoppable. As a consequence, I got panic and took another
5 drops of CBD oil that in fact should not be taken many hours after the previous dose. In other words, I made a mess. So, my advice is, take note of the foods that
are too allergic to your mast cells that even with CBD Oil, they still cause you annoying
reaction, then stay away those foods or at least stop eating them for some months before
reintroducing into your diet again with small amount. The second mistake is with the powerful help
of CBD Oil, people can forget that they also have to follow a long-term plan to bring their
immunity to normal by eating healthy, doing exercise and supplementing themselves with
important vitamins and minerals. Scientific reports highlighted one of very
possible causes of this health issue is the lack of some important minerals, especially
Magnesium and Calcium. So at the moment, I am taking 400 mg of Magnesium
daily, eating high calcium foods plus 1 hour of yoga and sunbathing every morning. Thank you very much for your valuable sharing. And thank you guys for being with us for the
whole video too. I hope you will soon recover from your mast
cell activation disorder. Good bye.

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