23 thoughts on “CBD Oil for Anxiety – UNEXPECTED Effects and Benefits

  1. Please do the proper research before you try CBD. Consult a medical professional to see if this CBD is right for you. Get $40 off PhenoPen with coupon "expression40" http://bit.ly/2NLLk7m

  2. I’m a big pot head. But I wanted to try cbd oil sober to see the effects. No high but I feel like I’m ready for a big nap. Eyes heavy. Relaxed. No cough, I 100% recommend cbd oil to anyone who’s not too keen on thc.

  3. Have people tried like cbd pods like ignite cbd, like not CBD oil? Or is ignite cbd pods cbd oil as well? Or is oil better? Looking to get a new cbd pen as my previous cbd disposable pen is now empty. Sorry trying to do my research and get some help on this topic

  4. I’ve been using CBD flower for about 6months. I was getting to a point where I knew I was getting into a dangerous depressed state, but I didn’t want to be put on any pills. I can tell you that CBD has done wonders for me! I whole heartedly indorse CBD!

  5. I’m so anxious rn I took some CBD and I feel sleepy but I feel like my anxiety is just making things worse so much, I feel shaky rn and I wanna sleep but when I put my head down everything feels dizzy and crazy.

  6. I have terrible anxiety. I am strongly against smoking but recently I've been researching CBD and found that the vapes might actually work. I don't want to seem like a hypocrite if I get one, but I'm kinda considering anything other than meds to help with anxiety and depression..

  7. Also it can make your mind clear. Personally I took the oil tincture, the type you swallow, for my first cbd experience. My mind went blank and I spaced out

  8. Full spectrum? So it has trace amounts of thc ? Drug test worries I'd say I just found hemp flower and still cant smoke it wtf lol all the enjoyment of my youth legal and still cant do it I feel like someone in timeout

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