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It hurts. It hurts! I’m going! Come this way. Team Leader Oh. Let’s just call
it even with this. You don’t even know who the supplier is.
How can you call this even? I think the supplier
is her boyfriend. Next to the drug
dealer who got stabbed in Club Elite on April 25th, there
was another drug dealer who ran away. That’s her boyfriend. I checked her call history and they
were on the phone together this morning. This will help. You’re better than
Team Leader Seo. Since when have you known? Since earlier. Then why are you
saying it just now! First of all, you never asked. Secondly, I thought you wouldn’t believe
the words of the young goldfish heads. Return! Let’s go! If you’re just going to stand there,
why don’t you come in and put it on for me? Okay. How did this happen? Are you a detective? Are you asking because
you don’t know? Because the bruise is quite big. What were you hit with? Just put it on. Okay. Good job. Although you just put
on a relief patch. Sa-kyung. Tomorrow,
should we have dinner or something? I don’t want to. I don’t think I will
be able to digest. Hey. You have a bad peeping
habit, huh? Did you like it? What? It’s not like that… If I catch you
again, you’re dead. What’s this? Oh my, you weren’t sleeping. Just leave it and get out. I thought you were sleeping. I’m sorry. [Congratulations to the students
passing the civil service exam!] The three years I’ve lived
here, I had only one goal. To become a working
member of society. If you asked me
this was my dream, even though I couldn’t
readily reply, I still wanted to become one. Although tired,
today as a bit rewarding. In small way, I feel like I’ve
become a working member of society. Hold on! Even for a study dorm,
according to Article 2 of the Housing Lease
Protection Act… Look here,
if the objective is to reside, it’s treated as a residential
building under the law. I told you,
temporary residence doesn’t apply! Even if you signed a long-term contract,
if there’s no fixed date, it’s of no use! That doesn’t make sense! What is this about? The previous owner sold the study
dorm and ran off with our money. Then, what about our money? What about the
dorm fees we paid? They took it all and fled. Those people are new owners. But they’re saying
they don’t know about that and asking us to
vacate our rooms no matter what. Nonsense. I already paid 3-months’
rent in advance. I paid 6 months in advance. There are several people who paid
a year’s worth in advance as well. This will get
demolished in a week. So vacate your room by then.
Got it? You’ve come? Did you guys eat? Yes. Dae-goo, Dae-goo. Good morning. Hey, good morning! You came? Is your condition okay? Yes. Gather up. Gather up. This is your first case. Eun Dae-goo, Uh Soo-sun.
A stalking victim. Ji Gook, Park Tae-il, theft of
medicine at plastic surgery office. Regardless of the
importance of the case, pay close attention, broadly
research and investigate diligently. You guys are the
detectives in charge. Yes! For the next 3 days, I’ll be on a
business trip for Central Police Academy. If you encounter a
situation difficult to judge or need progress details,
make sure to report to the captain. Yes! You are not rookies anymore. There’s no rookie
for detectives. A rookie may make a mistake
but a detective may not. Why? Because one mistake can
lead to an irreversible result. So make sure you remember. Greed and overconfidence
is off limits. Especially, absolutely refrain
from acting individually. Understood? Yes! That’s all. Let’s handle our first case
well, Partner. Just focus on your driving. With a birdbrain capacity, it’s
impossible to do two simultaneous tasks. Are you going to keep on saying
“bird brain, bird brain”? People usually, at this point, signal and
get ready to switch lanes, Smelt Chicken. There’s only 50 meters left
before you need to make a left. Smelt-ch… Oh my,
you should’ve told me earlier. People don’t have
consideration for others. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. What happened? Did you find the previous owner? What are you doing? Don’t you know a cellphone use while
driving put other lives in danger? We’re waiting at
a light right now. It’s an important call.
Give it to me. Give it back! Yes, sorry.
The phone got cut off. You didn’t find them? Then what about us? This is nonsense. Why don’t those with
short-term leases have protection under the
Housing Lease Protection Act? Because we don’t have money,
we signed a short-term contract. They should protect
us even more! She’s using a cellphone
while driving! Fine her! [Notice of fine] Please have some. I’m Detective Uh Soo-sun. First, can you explain
how you have been stalked? It’s a guy I met last
October for a blind date. We met twice but I wasn’t interested
in him so I stopped contacting him. But even after that, he persistently
kept texting and calling me… He came in front of my house. He acts like a delusional person
saying he loves me and I am his. Particularly,
ever since I started dating someone I met on a blind date not too
long ago, the intensity has gotten worse. He told me that he’s going to come find
me at night when I’m not with anyone. He says he’s going to kill me. He threatens me and
verbally abuses me. It’s really disturbing
and difficult. Now just a telephone ring makes my hear
race and I’m think I’m going to go crazy. Have you secured any specific
evidence of threats or verbal abuse? Such as a video or audio recording
of threats or verbal abuse by him? No. Then for now, he can only be
punished for simple stalking. Stalking is only a misdemeanor, so even if we arrest him,
a penalty of $80 is all he’ll get. So for him to get proper punishment, we have to get him with
threats or trespassing. But to do that,
we need evidential proof. Stalking is a misdemeanor? Yes. I checked again before coming
here but it is a misdemeanor. That’s non sense. It really doesn’t make
sense, right? How could a stalking
that harasses people be a misdemeanor like
urinating on the street? What kind of law is this? It’s all a lie that our country’s
law protects its citizens, really! Then, contact us when
you obtain evidence. We’ll be leaving. Already? There’s nothing more
we can tell you. Wait, Detective Eun. Let’s take care of this case. We can secure the
evidence of threats. Will you do that for me? Detective Uh Soo-sun,
let’s talk outside first. Please think before you speak! If you don’t have any thinking
skills, just keep your mouth shut! Hey! Due to overproduction of Adrenaline,
I think you’ve completely lost your sense of judgment which was
already lacking on its own. Don’t go overboard. We just need to do our job
according to the manual. Isn’t this what we
are supposed to do? We are detectives in charge
for Yoon-jung’s case. It’s not that I don’t
know your elementary mentality wanting to receive
praises by solving your first case. It’s not that I want to receive
praises but I want to help her. Perhaps because
you’ve never been a victim and you probably don’t
know because you’re a guy, but… Anyway, I have no intention of being a
backup dancer to your meddling rhythm. So if you really want to do
it, then do it alone. Hey, you stupid joker and 18 count
crayon like jerk! Don’t you dare leave! I’m going to tell the Team Leader
about your secret illegal behavior! I saw you rummaging through
his desk this morning. Shall I call Team
Leader right now? Should I do it or not? If you cooperate with the investigation,
I can let it slide this once. You still don’t
understand the situation? Decide while I count to three. 1, 2, 3. Do you I will work
because you do this? Could I get a copy of the CCTV? This is the stalker’s SNS.
Check it out. Yoon-jung, here.
It’s this person, right? Yes. What we need most right now
is securing the evidence. We need a recording. The recording will be
done by our Detective Eun. Here is a recorder. I trust you with the recording. Some kind of meeting
has to take place… It’s him. Take the call. Don’t be nervous. Hello? Wow, this whole building
is one hospital? Indeed, the #1 plastic surgery powerhouse
in the world, the Republic of Korea. Let’s go inside, Detective Ji. Detective Ji? Shall we, Detective Park? Excuse me. This is for the liposuction. For a face consultation,
please check in over there. Me? What are you talking about now? Where in my face needs fixing? We’re here from the
Gangnam police station. Oh my, you’re detectives? Can’t you tell just by looking? Look, look. Where do you
think I need a consolation? I see you came because
of the medication theft. Please go up to the 12th floor. What kind of detective
is this handsome? I thought he was a model. Did that person get it
(plastic surgery) here, too? I want to fix it
to look like him. So while the doctor
and nurse briefly left the room,
you think the patient took the Propofol. Is that what you’re saying? Yes. At first, we thought we miscounted
but 60 of them disappeared within a month. Since the medication storage room is
a prohibited area except employee, I think a patient stole it while
we were attending other patients. For now,
we’ll have to get a copy of the CCTV footage from the medication
storage and the consolation room. Yes. Wait. This person… This person keeps coming in and out of
the exam room, only changing outfits. On this day,
was she the only patient? They are all different people. You’re lying. They all look the same. They have the same father. Tae-il. You came back? I told you not to do this. That temper of yours
hasn’t changed. Under any circumstances,
don’t act like you know me. It’s a favor I ask you.
And a warning. Let’s go.

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