(CC) How to Pronounce tramadol/ acetaminophen (Ultracet) Backbuilding Pharmacology

By Adem Lewis / in , , /

tramadol with acetaminophen brand Ultracet translation ‘tra’ as in track ‘ma’ as in pajama ‘dol’ as in doll ‘a’ as in comma ‘ce’ as in ceiling ‘ta’ as in data ‘mi’ as in mint ‘no’ as in cannon ‘phen’ as in hyphen Backbuilding tra’ ma dol dol ma dol tra’ ma dol A ce ta mi’ no phen phen no phen mi’ no phen ta mi’ no phen ce ta mi’ no phen a ce ta mi’ no phen Tramadol with acetaminphen is a mix-opioid receptor analgesic and non-narcotic analgesic combination. tramdol with acetaminophen

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