CDC Tips From Former Smokers – Ellie: “It was Terrifying to Get an Asthma Attack”

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I started working in bars
when I was 28 years old, and I really enjoyed it,
and I was very successful. Um, when I was in my mid-30s, I had my first asthma attack. And it got progressively worse. Having been a nonsmoker
all my life, having my first asthma attack and realizing it was triggered
by secondhand smoke was a terrifying and upsetting
experience. Every night I went into the bar
and was surrounded by smoke, I could feel
my lungs getting tighter. It was getting to the point
after a number of years that I knew
I couldn’t do it anymore — I couldn’t be around the smoke or I was going to die
or something bad was going to happen to me —
I mean, really. And when you get a good server,
a good bartender, it’s because they love
what they do, and if they can’t do it
because of a health issue or because they’re being
surrounded by smoke, and they have to find
another job, it’s not fair. Nobody should be forced
to not do what they love because there’s smoke.

10 thoughts on “CDC Tips From Former Smokers – Ellie: “It was Terrifying to Get an Asthma Attack”

  1. This is very sad. I have asthma, and my Mother's smoked my whole life, so I know just the feeling. It's terrible. I'm sorry this happened. I hope most smokers will begin to refrain from using cigarettes after these videos. And to non-smokers? Do not even come in contact. Second hand smoke is even worse than smoking itself.

  2. Hi Ellie it was nice meeting you in NYC and playing pool with you guys and riding the storm out with Hurricane Sandy. Was fun sharing laughs and talking about the events of our lives. Bless you for making a stand and sharing your experiance strength and hope with others!

  3. Thanks so much, Michael. It was wonderful meeting you as well. Your commercial is so powerful and moving; it really touched me. Bless you as well for sharing your story….I wish you all the best.

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  5. They should not let people smoke inside Casino, too! We go there to play, not to breath that stupid poisoning smoke in!

  6. Smoking in public buildings like restaurants or bars is rarely allowed anymore by law today although there's still
    some places that will allow it, i think it all goes back to the saying treat others the way you like to be treated
    nobody else want to smell or breath in somebody's bad habit  

  7. It's hard not to come into contact with secondhand smoke when there's at least one smoker at every crosswalk, at every bus stop, next to the entrance of every building, and walking up and down every public sidewalk with a lit cigarette in the hand closest to you as they walk by. I find myself holding my breath most of the day, most days whenever I go out in public and I still get as much secondhand smoke in my lungs in a day as I would if I took a good puff of a cigarette myself directly. I counted the number of smokers whose secondhand smoke I came into contact with just going across one street to the store next to my apartment. Within the 15 minutes it took me to do that, I walked by 8 smokers and their clouds of secondhand smoke, which I could not avoid at all and most of which I could not hold my breath long enough to avoid breathing in.
    It's aggravating. I feel like I should be taking the names down of everyone that exposes me to their secondhand smoke so I can sue them all for the medical costs I'll incur when I get cancer in 30 or 40 years from exposure to their smoke, and the funeral costs to my family when I die from it. It infuriates me when I think of that. It should not be hazardous to my health to go outside. But currently, with all the smokers that live in my city, it is.

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